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Could you believe that you can get a partner using the free trial? Well, we’ll tell you how. The dating space comes with a set of mixed feelings; you are unsure if you will find a match but still go on to use the medium. Plus, the uncertainty of paying for subscriptions and missing a date can make you think otherwise.

What if we told you that there are many chances of finding a match without paying a single coin? This benefit is what you get when using free trial period. How does this work? What should you do to benefit from this option? Read on to find out.

Matchmaking sites are excellent options to use when looking for love. Unlike traditional dating, you need to create a profile and submit some details that will inform your ideal partner. The good thing is that you will find people of all ages. Plus, the chances of finding a mate are subject to your profile. You’re likely to attract people with similar attributes and preferences.

There are many things you should know about before signing up. However, we will only focus on how to use’s free trial. And the good news is that you can find love without paying for the subscription.

Why use 3-day trial plan?

Most dating sites are not free, and if they are, you are unlikely to use the sites’ exclusive features that should aid you in your search for love. However, offers a three-day free trial plan. This provision doesn’t limit your access to the app’s exclusive functions. The good news is that you will still find love as a free member. So, if you are on a budget and still want to test waters, you should use the free plan.

How to use the free 3-day plan

To access the free trial, you need to acquire its membership. You are then eligible for the free service for the first three days.

Like we said before, you must have a good profile when looking for someone on the site. For instance, you need to add important details that will describe you. These include your gender, the gender of the partner you are looking for, and maybe the age bracket of your preference. In addition, your email address is required for you to confirm your free membership on

So, how should you build your profile?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a good profile if you intend to succeed on the website. This basic step is what makes you stand out among many other subscribers. This makes it easier for one to be identified and attract compatible matches. That said, here are some of the things you can think of when composing a unique profile:

  • State clearly what your intentions are. Are you looking for a long-term or casual relationship?
  • Your identity – think of a unique and descriptive name you would wish to use on your profile.
  • Your gender and whether you are looking for male or female hookups. At this point, think about what makes an ideal relationship for you.
  • Your profile picture – upload a picture that best captures your physical appearance.
  • Your biography – additional description about your life expressed in just a few words. Think of what will attract a potential hookup – the information should be interesting.
  • Your details like a phone number and your location.
  • Likes and dislikes – things of your preference and those that piss you off.
  • Hobbies and interests – what would you prefer doing in your leisure time.
  • Personal questions and attitudes – these are questions of interest you would wish to know about your match. For example, do they have kids?
  • Lastly, you need to update brief information about yourself. Let your profile be engaging so that you can attract more matches. Upload a few high-quality photos of yourself. Avoid blurry pictures, those with your family or friends, too sexual, and those that don’t portray your appearance. Let them look a little bit professional yet attractive. Ideally, you should be real.

Once you build a profile, you can use the free trial promo code to purchase paid plan or use the website for the first three days of membership for free.

Making Use of the Free trial plan

So, you have made your way on; what’s next? How can you enjoy the benefits of using this great website? Consider the following:

  1. Narrow your searching to potential matches

The free trial allows you to browse through profiles and find people you find attractive. You can then send likes to them to show interest. Note that the people you send likes to form a list of your preferences. So, spend your first three days finding people who match the description of your ideal partner.

Sending likes to some members builds up a favorite list; you can visit this section to see who you think is attractive. Of course, the recipient will also be notified about your interest; they might reciprocate or not. Either way, the only thing that matters at this point is that you are building compatible matches during the 3 days free trial period.

After composing a list of matches, it’s time to contact them. This is the most important time to make an impression on your potential hookup. You could send bulk messages if you don’t want to keep writing the same introductory texts over and over.

While most people send generic messages like “hi” and “how are you?”, think of a message that will hook your recipient. And since first impressions matter, we suggest that you come up with a less seductive message.

The best way to spark a conversation is by looking at someone’s profile, noting the vivid details, then coming up with a message that will intrigue the reader. You can even think of a question that still has something to do with the user’s profile.

At this point, be hopeful that someone will respond to your message. If this happens, you will succeed in using the free trial without credit card transactions.

Remember, this is a chance like no other, so you have to put your best foot forward. We suggest that you plan on how you will use your trial period. Otherwise, it will be pointless to sign up and waste your first three days on the website.

How does the free trial code work?

While using this app guarantees the chances of finding a match, your search won’t be that straightforward. So, after registration, you should look at an affordable plan from the three months, six months, and one-year options. Next, enter your credit card information. The reason for entering your full credit card information is because you are getting access to a fully paid account for three days.

But you might ask why? This is because doing so allows you to communicate with your potential matches. Plus, you will have unlimited access to profiles; there will be no restrictions. Your credit card details are essential in accessing premium members’ benefits.

But what if the deal does sound too good to be true? Or say you no longer find interesting within your three-day trial plan? Then, you can easily cancel the subscription to avoid incurring extra charges. After all, you want an app that caters to your dating needs.

Advantages of using 3days free trial promo

Although free membership limits you from interacting with the potential matches on the site, you will get the following benefits at no cost:

  • Create an attractive profile;
  • Look through profiles and see who interests you;
  • Upload and view photos;
  • Send likes and bookmark profiles;
  • Connect with millions of other users.

But if you find reasons to try the free 3 day trial offer, then you will absolutely love being a premium member. By purchasing the paid plan, you can enjoy the additional bonuses available on For instance, the six-month premium membership of as little as $11.99 per month has more benefits, including the six-month guarantee that you are bound to find a match within this period. Otherwise, you’ll have the next premium period free of charge.

Should you still use the three day match trial?

Maybe or maybe not! After researching the trial period, we found the 72-hour free excellent. At least we captured the attention of some members and went on dates.

What’s the trick? You only need to make the most of the three free days you will be on the cost-free membership. Plus, many members accessing the website increase your chances of finding love.

And if you are looking for something meaningful, then go ahead and sign up for the website’s premium plans. However, it will be best to tell you that it will take some time to plan for a date and even meet unless you are looking for something casual.

We recommend sticking around on the website for a while with the available benefits, especially under the premium plan. The good thing is that the premium options are low-priced; six months cost approximately $55. In addition, if you get a free Match trial promo code, you might save some dollars.


This article can be resourceful for those who are contemplating the free Match trial. With the above strategies, you can make the most out of this renowned matchmaking app. Sign up on the website, choose a trial plan and try connecting with people you find interesting.

Note that this is where you make the best from the app; go through profiles carefully and send likes and messages to people you like. Then, think of a way to hook your potential partner before the 72 hours trial plan elapses and you’re restricted from using free of charge.


Is free?

Joining is free. You can also use the website without paying additional charges for the first three days. Under the free trial plan, you can find potential dates by viewing profiles and bookmarking them. If the recipient responds, you would have succeeded without paying. You can pay to use the site fully; has moderate prices. The subscription plans are quite inexpensive; a one-month payment of the 12-month standard plan is as low as 7.99 USD. Compared to other dating sites, is affordable. And you can still meet your significant other using this website.

How can I use Match com trial?

First, you need to sign up on the platform and submit some of your correct information as guided by the prompts. Next, think of having a profile that can catch a member’s attention. Most people feel attracted to users with in-depth profiles.

Then, activate a free-day trial, check through the site’s profiles, and see who makes an excellent match for you. Build nice conversations and try to arrange a few dates.

Is free worth my time?

You can turn down friendly deals, but not the free trial. It is time to find love, and you should not let any chance slide. So, if you are unsure about this offer, we confidently guarantee that it is worth your time. Besides, we have benefited from it – you have our word to grab this offer. And if your search for a partner is yet to bear fruit, we suggest that you consider upgrading. Well, it unlocks features that you cannot access as a free member. Thus, increasing the chances of finding a partner.

Should I pay for

The answer depends on how fruitful your search is. Say, for instance, you got someone interesting while using the free plan, and your relationship seems thrilling. Chances are, you might not even want to use the app anymore. On the flip side, your free trial ends, but you are yet to find a partner. Then, you are likely to pay for to continue using the site. Another scenario would be where you are only looking for acquaintances, friends, and social networks. Then, paying for is worth every penny. So, if you haven’t been successful using the 3 days free trial, try paid option, and you might succeed.

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