Mate1 Review 2020

Mate1 Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The international website with a user-friendly interface and modern design.
  • Easy registration.
  • The mobile application is available for iOS and Android-based smartphones.
  • This site has advanced search functionalities.
  • Various online tools for comfortable communication online.
  • The huge user database (more than 31 million registered applicants).
  • Absolutely free for female users.
  • Willing male users can try a free trial before purchasing a membership.
  • High-level safety.
  • The Mate1 website has not been available for Europeans since 2017.
  • Male users should pay for a range of services provided by the Mate1 site.
  • Women cannot update their profiles. Premium accounts can be created by male users only.
  • The design of the desktop version is unsophisticated.

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Internet surfers have plenty of capabilities for communication online nowadays – Mate1 is one of the most popular dating platforms that deserve users’ attention. This website has a perfect rating in modern cyberspace thanks to its set of functions and well-thought concept for virtual interactions. Users can advance both romantic purposes and temporary hookup activities there.

Reputation and History of Mate1

Reputation and History of Mate1

Mate1 is one of the oldest websites for dating purposes. The platform was founded in 2004. It means that some old-timer attendants have been using it for more than 16 years. Both serious and intimate relationships are built online with the help of the international website. During the long period of the Mate1 project existence, numerous changes took place. Nevertheless, the desktop version design is not profoundly altered.

Some users are satisfied with the website interface; others consider it unsophisticated. At the same time, the functionality of the Mate1 platform is growing, and new features are preferred by the audience. The regulatory standards, according to the age restrictions, haven’t changed as well. Each willing Internet surfer can create a personal account if they are over 18 years old.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Newcomers embark on a voyage of Mate1 discovery with registration. It is worth noticing that all the willing ladies can create an account without any difficulties. The website offers absolutely free registration for female users. The registration process is the same both for men and women. But male users should purchase paid services for unlimited communication activities. Women are allowed to navigate the website free of limitations round the clock. That is why the user database of Mate1 is mostly female – about 60% of profiles are owned by representatives of the fair sex.

The website interface invites first-time visitors and registered users with a blue-colored design and intuitive menu. Personal information, criteria for partners’ searching, and other parameters are presented leftward. Most newbies notice comfortable navigation from the first day of the registration. By the way, the signup procedure is also easy-to-pass and takes not more than several minutes.

Signup Process. Is It Easy Here?

Registration requires nothing complicated. If someone wants to create a Mate1 account, the basic data should be specified. Obligatory information for registration is the following:

  • User’s date of birth
  • Location
  • Sex
  • Relationship status

Other details are optional. The account verification takes place via email. It is worth noting that Mate1 is not available for European-based users anymore. Nevertheless, creators of the dating website say that everything is possible in the future. They do not disaffirm the possibility of restoring access for European users in some time. Moreover, according to the latest statistics, a lot of interested people in Mate1 services are located in Germany, Spain, Poland, and Great Britain.

Right after registration is completed, any user can improve their profile with the help of additional data. The website informs the owner of the profile about the progress. For example, if you added your profile photo and specified your interests, education, horoscope sign, you would complete your profile by 55%. Among popular details, your potential partners can pay attention to are:

  • Hair color
  • Occupation
  • Eye color
  • Religion

The more users tell about themselves and lay cards on the table about their plans, perfect matches, purposes of communication, the more targeted audience will contact such close-won Mate1 consumers.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Are the Accounts Real Here?

In comparison with other dating sites, Mate1 does not offer special badges that confirm that the profile is real. Nevertheless, developers assure that all the accounts are real. Of course, sometimes freak and spam profiles can be found. People create fake accounts to make money for some casual services.

If you face such activities on the website, representatives of the Mate1 customer service recommend contacting them immediately. To avoid falling into the trap of double-dealers, follow these recommendations, and communicate risk-free with real users:

  1. Most of the Mate1 users prefer to mention their Facebook accounts in their profile online form. Follow the link and take a closer look at all the offered information.
  2. If the account is a fake one, you will see a lack of photos, absence of contact information, and other signs that prove the fact that this personality is not real. Do not provide suspicious people any personal information.
  3. If you think that even photos presented in the portfolio are stolen, ask your sideways online talker in 1-to-1 chat to share real-time photos. This request can make freaks afraid.

Website and Mobile Version

In comparison with other dating websites, Mate1 has a mobile application for pocket screens. It has a similar design to the desktop version. At the same time, the mobile application is more modern with its intuitive interface. All the leftward menu items are presented at the top of the mobile homepage. The newsfeed with the list of notifications (bells & whistles) about all the activities on the user’s page is also available on the homepage.

Most of the registered Mate1 attendants say that application for smartphones does not contain anything extra and useless. The team of developers promises that the function set of the desktop version and mobile app will be updated regularly. The Mate1 website is considered as the international platform with endless interactive multimedia capabilities. To stay among flagship sites, it should be developed constantly.

Special Features

Special Features

Besides general features for partner searching and online communication, there are other supplementary options to take into consideration:

  1. Voice Recording – users can create personalized voice messages to please the person they have affection for. One more purpose of the available voice-recording technology is to add the attractive detail on your main page of the account. You can tell other users about your interests, about your aims on the Mate1 website, or about your ideal partner. All your potential friends, soulmates, and hookup partners will listen to the voice message and learn about you more.
  2. Flirts – you can send winks (like likes and compliments on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks). Somebody can send these winks as well. Press the profile of this user and start chatting with the object of your affection.
  3. Smart Filter – this assortment is also called Advanced. Use special criteria for the perfect-match result. Besides gender, age, location, each willing user can search for the best partner with the help of additional information such as hobbies, horoscope sign, lifestyle, and other aspects.
  4. Live Chat – both text and video chats are available. Users can find the most suitable way of one-to-one communication. It is the best variant for real-time interaction online.
  5. Next to You – with the help of geolocation, Mate1 provides registered ones with information about new users located not far from them. You can see all newcomers and old-timers on the top-ranking website and after some time of chatting meet with them in real-time.
  6. Hotlist – if you have found one or even several matches, it is time to add them to the Hotlist not to miss the best variants for partnership. Users can see who has just added them to their Hotlist too.
  7. Facebook Links – users can mention their Facebook accounts to prove the fact that their Mate1 profiles are real. It is not only one more way of confirmation but also the perfect way to find more fans, partners, or friends online.

It is important to specify your aim at the very beginning, right after the registration is completed. It simplifies both automated search algorithms and manual searching processes. The website offers both variants of partner search.

How does Mate1 work?

All the users can select in-default mode and receive notifications about available matches or seek their soulmate themselves through profile assortment, geolocation, and other factors. Advanced search is effective for seekers of meaningful relationships, while automatically-based algorithms are suitable for flirt-oriented or hookup fans.

Searching options and filters at Mate1

The most important Mate1 feature for partner search is My Matches. Additionally, users can hunt for love or hookup seekers themselves using a filter leftward. The website uses new technologies for the most target-oriented search. Automated matches can be approved or declined by the Match1 user – press ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ buttons for these purposes.

One more interesting option of this dating platform is mutual attractions. When someone likes you, and you sympathize with them, both attendants will get a special notification. Sometimes people start their communication this way. At the same time, most of the Mate1 old-timers prefer manual search with detailed description and selection of features the perfect partner should obtain.

Communication Methods

The dating website offers various ways of online communication. One of the most popular is quick messages. When users open any Mate1 profile, they see the special window where the text can be typed into. The desktop version also includes 1-to-1 chat and video calls. The mobile application has two command buttons for the Mate1 community attendants:

  • Chat
  • Email

It means that users can have dialogs via email letters as well, out of the bounds of the platform. Most of the young users (20-30 years old) prefer private chatting, flirting, and quick messages. The older age group of Mate1 participants opts for video calls and email dialogs. They consider these communication methods safer.

Mate1 Alternatives

Mate1 Alternatives

Most of the standing European-based users of the top-ranking website Mate1 are very disappointed because they are not allowed to continue partner search and communication on the platform anymore. However, some of them agreed to try new variants of dating sites that are considered qualitative alternatives to their favorite one. Here is a list of Mate1 of Internet surfers’ optional choices:

  • SilverSingles
  • Badoo
  • Sudy
  • Happn
  • Minder

Some above-listed services offer fewer functions to select from. For example, Badoo is similar to social networks that are suitable for casual dating and are not recommended for the build-up of meaningful relationships. SilverSingles and Minder have the average rating, but do not please with quick messages and advanced filters as Mate1 does.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Like other popular dating sites, Mate1 offers free and paid packages for willing Internet surfers to register. The notable feature of this platform is absolutely free accounts for female users. They do not need to pay anything for their online activities. Membership is a must for men who want to use all available website features without limits.

Free Membership Features

Registered ladies can pretend on the limitless access to all available options of the Mate1 platform. Male users can see the newsfeed, get notifications about their pages’ activities but are not allowed to chat with beauties. It is worth noting that about 70% of men registered on the Mate1 site buy a membership to feel comfortable and do not feel impaired in communication options.

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

Women do not need to buy additional packages to receive more privileges as Mate1 members. At the same time, male users opt for paid plans to start a dialog with objects of their affection. As can be seen, the Mate1 membership is a must for limitless chatting options for men only. Flirting and winking actions are available for free while quick messages and 1-to-1 chats are closed for free accounts owned by gentlemen.

How Much is Dating on Mate1?

There is no simple and premium or gold membership. Mate1 obtains only one paid package to update users’ profiles. The pricing plan is rather affordable. It is more profitable to purchase a membership for six and more months:

  • 1-month membership costs $29.95
  • 6-month membership costs $69.90 ($11.65 per month)
  • 1-year membership costs $139.80 ($11.65 per month)

Is Mate1 Really Safe?

Customer service works round the clock. Most of the emergency cases are solved within 1 hour. There is a rather low percentage of fake pages. Such profiles are banned forever. Developers of Mate1 use modern algorithms for the feature set updates and better control under website activities.

Technical Side of Protection

Mate1 is not used as a multilevel safety measure for the registration process. Nevertheless, verification of just-created accounts is a must for surfing the website. Users are stimulated to add photos to the gallery, fill out the table with private information, specify telephone numbers, and Facebook accounts for more details. The more completed profile is, the safer navigation will be provided.

Customer Support

Customer Support

There are several ways to contact customer support. Citizens of Canada, Mexico, and the USA can choose email dialog with managers. Additionally, online forms for questions and complaints are presented. The most frequently asked questions like navigation, signup, and communication peculiarities are put into the separate-standing section of the FAQ.

Newcomers face some difficulties. Here is a list of the most popular questions of just-registered or even standing ones.

How to Pass Mate1 Photo Verification?

There is the only option of adding a profile photo. Browse the avatar you like (the real photo only) and press the ‘Add’ button. The same algorithm is used for gallery shots to add.

How to Delete Mate1 Account?

There is a special section of account deactivation in the leftward menu for the desktop version. Find this option in the mobile app menu located at the top of the homepage.

How to See Who Likes You on Mate1 Without Paying?

How to See Who Likes You on Mate1 Without Paying?

This option is available for free on this site. Find two command bars in the leftward menu of your homepage and check people who like your profile:

  1. Who viewed you
  2. Who hotlisted you

How to Block Someone on Mate1?

Contact customer service and complain about someone you dislike. Specify the reason why you would like to ban this user.

How to Cancel Subscription?

You cannot pay for the following months, and subscription will not be prolonged.


The Mate1 favorability is proved by the number of its members – more than 31 million male and female Internet platform participants are registered there to find true love, some fun, friendship, or online sexual experience.

This website is available for single people from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other countries. Users like the cross-functionality of the platform, fast navigation, minimalistic design, and budget-friendly costs of Mate1.

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