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Mocospace Review October 2021: Legit or Fake?

Mocospace Review October 2021: Legit or Fake?
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Pros and Cons

  • Diversity. The members of Mocospace equally represent different groups of ethnicities and nationalities, which makes it even more attractive.
  • All users' profiles are visible even with the free version.
  • Making contacts and exchanging messages is unlimited for everyone, even non-paid customers.
  • Single sign-on capability: users may sign up simply by using their Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Gamification makes communication an easy and fun journey.
  • The service does not require any verification. On one side, it super simplifies registration; on the other hand, it may increase the number of scammers and fraudsters among the users.
  • Limited operational support. The service is available both in web and mobile versions, but only Android users can enjoy the premium subscription.
  • Narrow age range. Most users of Mocospace are young people, which doesn't correspond with the interests of senior dating services users.
  • Automated subscription to the email newsletter and phone notification during the registration process, which surely can be annoying
  • Too many ads. Unfortunately, Mocospace free users should suffer from unlimited advertisement pop-ups.

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During its 15 years of history, Mocospace has grown from a small mobile social community to a world-leading platform, which has already gathered more than 100 million people. We can say with full confidence; today, the virtual area positions itself as a mix of a dating website and social media. What distinguishes Mocospace from a thousand of other offers on a dating market is its gamification and special features. This platform offers its users some unique special features, which allow people to communicate in a fun manner.

Reputation and History of Mocospace

Mocospace Review

This brand was established back in 2005 by the gurus of online gaming Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel. For quite a long time, it was one of the main competitors of MySpace.Com. No surprises that the brand’s name is that similar. But in the case of Mocospace, it also includes the words junction «mobile community.» Currently, the number of users counts around 100 million, and this fact speaks for itself. Today the company is operated from two offices – one based in Boston, USA, and another one in Herzliya, Israel.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

The beauty of Mocospace is in its availability in the web and mobile browsers as it was first created as on-the-go service for mobile users. Now it’s also available at AppStore and Google Play. Unfortunately, users of smartphone windows are not able to experience the full advantages of the app, but they can still communicate using the mobile web version.

The interface is user friendly and robust, and it has a look and gives a feeling of social media. Therefore, it is easy to get used to it and start navigating. The design is also kept up to date and seems to include the latest trend in usability. It is possible to use any search engine on the platform. The users especially love the feed as it reflects a full picture of the members’ performance, starting from their blog entries to the likes they give to any users.

The website offers very detailed explanations of how to stay secure and use various functions of the platform. Additionally, Mocospace provides an online video tutorial, so it is almost impossible not to figure out how to use it. The registration process is simple, and it welcomes everyone ready to confirm that they have reached 18 and agree to terms and conditions.

Sign Up Process. Is It easy here?

Mocospace Sign Up

The whole sign up process should take no longer than 5 minutes: as verification is not required, it significantly simplifies the process.

If you don’t want to use your Facebook or Google credentials, it is possible to create a new account filling out the necessary information:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone Area Code
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

You are ready to go. The next step is to upload the picture, and the good news is that Mocospace is not that picky about the photos uploaded, so nobody won’t check them. But, of course, it is not a reason to speculate.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Based on the information required during the registration, the accounts are not overloaded with the descriptions. The tricky thing here is with the pictures – many users upload photos of some pop artists or famous people instead of their own. Therefore, the real information about a person on the other side of the screen is very limited. Every member must act in goodwill and check a person before closer communication.

There are also two types of accounts: private and public. The privilege of a private account is that only people whose friends request you have accepted can view your profile. But even private profile owners should be careful as the feed on Mocospace reflects all the actions like photo likes and comments, and this is something to keep in mind when activating a private account.

Website and Mobile Version

Mocospace Mobile Version

Back in 2005, Mocospace was developed for mobile users specifically, and therefore at the moment, they support both app and web versions. The app can be downloaded from AppStore and also from Google Play. It is important to note here that so far, Premium features are available only for Android users. Still, the solution perfectly works with mobile browsers in case you are an iPhone owner. The same applies to Windows phone users – they can access the service only through a mobile browser app.

Special Features

The uniqueness of this platform lies in its gamification solution. It offers some games, which makes communication fun and easy. Below are listed just a few of them to taste a real-world Mocospace:

  • Stickers – these are big emojis, which can be used in any means of communication on the platform. Some of them are offered for free, but for some specific stickers, you will have to pay.
  • Daily Spin – this is an analogy of «Spin the Wheel,» which allows you to play once a day and win valuable prizes like some credits or bonuses for other games. It also may allow you to make an additional spin, but each spin brings some kind of a prize.
  • Street Wars – this one is a cosplaying mafia game, where you can interact with other users and fight, raise money, and complete some tricky «criminal» tasks. As a result, you can win some points, which will be reflected in the Moco account.
  • Friendshop is another game where you can buy and sell your friends, and your account can be sold and bought. The price for your account grows when someone purchases you. As a remuneration, you are getting cash here, which can be spent only in Friendshop.
Mocospace Mobile Search

«Meet People» is the main landing page of the application, which is browsed by default. You can set filters based on the type of people you want to meet and start talking to. Also, Mocospace offers a good filtration system to increase the number of online friends found through different search engines.

How does Mocospace Work?

When entering the account, you will see a lot of chat rooms. You can join any of them or create your own with the topic that will define yourself. You can get more visits and likes by active participation in discussions, chat rooms, or active engagement in different games offered by the platform.

Searching Options and Filters at Mocospace

Mocospace offers the Near Me chat option, which allows you to find people from your neighborhood or close areas. For this purpose, the phone area code is required during the registration. All the forums and chats are dedicated to a specific topic. Therefore, it is easier to find a partner according to your interest. Also, with the Find Friend option, it is possible to sort people based on their gender, age, or location. If you want to find your real friend and to connect with him/her, feel free to search via email address.

Communication Methods

Mocospace offers the following formats of communication:

  • public chat rooms, where you can find various topics and contribute to different threads;
  • group chat – this is kind of a smaller community, where you can invite people you share the common interests with and want to have a closer discussion;
  • private chat – specifically to communicate with your newly made friends.

Mocospace Alternatives

If you want to check something similar, we recommend to discover the following dating services:

  • Meet.Me
  • Badoo
  • Match.com
  • Meow.chat

Mocospace compares favorably by its gamification offer: it makes communication more interesting, and at the same time, you may know people better based on their communication history in a chat room. See if there is something alike between you, and then get in touch. Also, the platform offers an unlimited number of messages to be sent, and this feature is free of charge. On the opposite, many other dating services charge per message sent, and this is their way of making money.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Mocospace Mobile Price

Mocospace is a comparatively affordable website. It has a few prepaid packages like Moco VIP and Moco Gold and offers some perks, like a 50% increase on the bonus account after activating a VIP or Gold status. It is nice and gives some additional motivation to switch to a prepaid option.

The platform accepts credit cards, but it is also possible to pay through PayPal. Also, like many other websites, Mocospace doesn’t notify about any upcoming payments and prolongs subscription automatically. So another tip here is to read terms and conditions carefully.

Free Membership Features

For those who want to have a no strings attached experience, the following Mocospace features are available:

  • Creating a profile;
  • Search and look through profiles;
  • Check out a profile’s pictures;
  • Texting with no limits;
  • Availability of any blog entries or chat rooms.

Premium Membership Features

With an upgrade to a different membership plan, you will get:

  • Adblock
  • Ability to see who has visited your profile
  • Turn on the incognito mode
  • Have a ranking in Meet People search option
  • Have a special label on your account, which corresponds your plan
  • Your tickets to support will have priority status

How Much is Dating on Mocospace?

The service offers two tariff plans for its members:

Duration / Credits Price
Mocospace VIP
1 Month 7.99 USD / Month
3 Months 6.99 USD / Month
6 Months 5.99 USD / Month
Moco Gold
500 Credits 4.99 USD
1250 Credits 9.99 USD
2750 Credits 19.99 USD
4325 Credits 29.99 USD
7500 Credits 49.99 USD
15500 Credits 99.99 USD

Is Really Mocospace Safe?

Mocospace Mobile Safe

The developers have done a significant job of warning its users about the security issues, which can occur while using the platform. You will see these notifications everywhere. Additionally, Mocospace recommends not sharing personal data as well as credit card details under any circumstances. The administration also suggests arranging no meetings with the people met online in private. It is recommended to arrange your first meetings in a public place. Generally, common sense should be applied in any situation, and everyone is responsible for taking an extra step to protect their privacy.

Technical Side of Protection

Mocospace has thought of a few options to protect your security:

  • You can ban other users, so this person won’t be able to send you messages or check your profile anymore;
  • You can also report copyright violation;
  • You can report a photo or page for inappropriate content;
  • Also, admins will check all the content, which has been reported as abuse and harassment. The creator of such content will receive a warning and maybe even banned for that.

In case you have noticed that someone shared your personal information like phone number or email, please contact support immediately, and the necessary actions will be taken.

Mocospace has a Privacy and Do Not Sell My Personal Information Settings section. It is highly recommended to review them from time to time to see what kind of legal instruments you have agreed to while using the service, which is designed to protect your privacy and security.

Customer Support

Mocospace Support

If you need to contact Mocospace regarding any question or issue, feel free to get in touch via support@mocospace.com. In all the support requests, it is essential to identify your user name and use the email address connected to your account – this will significantly speed up your ticket resolution. Support has a regular business hour from Monday to Friday, except for official holidays.

Usually, people contact support to specify:

  • Registration status and issues;
  • Credit card usage and protection;
  • Free options on the website;
  • How to upgrade to a paid membership;
  • Safety-related questions.

How to pass Mocospace Photo Verification?

Good news, there is no photo verification, so you can skip this step. However, the application will remind you about safety many times. Therefore, to keep your profile more attractive and reliable to other users, it advised to set up a real picture.

How to delete Mocospace Account?

It is possible to cancel the account simply by accessing the Cancel Account link on the settings page. It will require you to enter a valid password. In case your account was upgraded to a VIP account. First, you need to cancel your paid subscription and wait until it expires or ask support to cancel it for you.

Mocospace will give you three days to make up your mind, and in case you change it, you will be able to restore your account without any problems.

How to See Who Likes You on Mocospace Without Paying?

It is a special feature, which is available only in a paid subscription. Unfortunately, it is not available in basic free accounts.

How to Block Someone on Mocospace?

It is possible to ban a user simply by following a bank link, which is available under the More Details section. It will prevent you from:

  • A banned user will not be able to see your profile despite the settings;
  • The Friend request and sending messages are not available for a banned user anymore;
  • It will be impossible for you to see banned users in the chat room; your posts will also not be available for them.

How to Cancel Mocospace Subscription?

Some steps are necessary before the cancellation process can begin.

First, visit the VIP Purchase page to cancel your account and do the necessary actions.

Wait until your VIP features and badge expire. You will notice it once they are removed from the page.

In case you don’t want to wait until the end of the period, contact support for help. The administration doesn’t take any responsibilities in case the procedure is not followed, and you are charged again.


Mocospace Mobile Conclusion

In general, the given service proved to be a reliable and trustworthy platform for mobile gaming and dating. It welcomes users to build safe and secure communication in a fun way. It gathers mostly young people with diverse ethnicities. At the comparatively low price, you get access to some additional features and some leisure of playing and having fun. It is pleasant to know that main features such as browsing profiles and unlimited messaging are available even in a free option.

Mocospace has a simplified verification process, and it leads to the fact that many people use fake pictures for their profiles. Nevertheless, the administration reminds its users about the security of the Internet and safety in online communications. With the modern and user-friendly design, the platform allows 100 million people to have ongoing fun and meet different people for various reasons.

Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas
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