Muzmatch Overview July 2021

Muzmatch Overview July 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 32-35
Profiles 489 590
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Legitimate app.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Understandable interface.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Free video calls.
  • Strong privacy policy.
  • A lot of free search filters.
  • Photo verification.
  • Not a lot of scammers.
  • Respectful community.
  • Free swipes.
  • Not a lot of ads.
  • No desktop version.
  • Other religions can’t be here.
  • Better paid features.
  • You cannot chat with others until you have a Match.
  • Limited amount of swipes.

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Muzmatch is a strong online dating community for Muslim culture only. Muzmatch opens new dating horizons and provides Muslim people with a safe and unique place for hanging out and falling in love. The app is stylish, convenient, and easy-to-use.

Reputation and history of Muzmatch

Islamic culture differs from others. It has strict rules, especially when it comes to relationships. Strict views on marriage make it difficult for Muslim singles to date via global online dating sites. The Muzmatch mobile app, created in 2015 by the UK’s company, blew up the world of online dating platforms. Dedicated to helping Muslim people in building a healthy and happy union, it has quickly gained worldwide popularity. Our Muzmatch review explains why this app is the world’s best online dating mobile app for Muslim singles worldwide.

The add description shows that over 2 million people are looking for a life partner in a halal and fun way simultaneously. Muzmatch has already helped over 50 000 single Muslims from Europe, the USA, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. The app promotes: there are no bounds in love. Every day at least 100 people find their perfect matches.

Gender distribution is pretty equal. According to statistics, 50% of users are men, while the other 50% are women. And it is the right balance. This way, every member has equal chances to find a soulmate – no matter what gender you are.

Now, the age rules. It is possible to sign up on Muzmatch when you are 18. The most significant part of the members are those in their twenties and thirties. Fewer users are 40-50 years old. Though you can find some 55+ category users, it will hardly be a successful search result.

Keep in mind that users here take relationships seriously. The app is not just for a hookup app.

A person from every corner of the world can create a profile here. The users from 190 countries have already joined a community. But it seems to be more prevalent in the UK and the United States (128 400 users).

As you have already understood, such an app could not just stay invisible for long. It has been featured on BBC, The Times, Men’s Health, The New York Times, and others. Now you can be sure: the app was checked by a massive amount of leading media resources.

The app team claims: It is halal, free to use, and fun! So let us approve or disapprove of this statement in our Muzmatch review.

Reputation and history of Muzmatch

Website, App, interface, registration

Though there is no desktop version, it still has the official website with all the necessary information. And no sense to hide it – the site looks excellent. Very contemporary and stylish. All the claims and aims of the app are presented on the main page. The links to download as well. No need to look everywhere. You can also find the “Help” section with all the FAQs, information about paid subscriptions, and exciting blogs with articles about relationships, lifestyle, safety, successful marriages, etc. Also, here you can easily join the app’s team. Finally, at the very bottom of the page, you can find Terms, Privacy Policy, Security info, Safety tips, etc.

Now, the app. It is stylish and straightforward too. Keep reading our Muzmatch review to know all about it in detail.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Yes. It is effortless to sign up here. You can use your email, Google, or Facebook account. Then it is necessary to specify the gender and birth date. After that check your email for a verification code – it is obligatory. And that is it! Quite an easy and quick process. The Muzmatch dating app proceeds with a small guide on how to use it and offers you to fill in your profile.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Are the accounts real here?

You can find a lot of information about a person you like here. And you will have to write a lot of information yourself. Those who prefer to be keep distance will probably, not enjoy it. But it is strongly recommended to be a little bit more open to success. You will spend a couple of minutes to create a profile here. The process includes creating a nickname, specifying what you do for a living, your ethnic group, the sect you are in, adding photos, and then taking a selfie to verify that you are you. Do not worry. It is not publically available. The profiles also contain such information as a person’s height, marital status, education level, country, religiousness level, frequency of praying, marriage plans, halal food, dress and smoking preferences, future plans, etc. Then follows a little story about oneself. Our tip: every member who is afraid of publicity blur their account photos. You can do the same thing to keep things private.

What about scammers? Our Muzmatch review can assure you that the app does not make any money out of fake accounts. Of course, you can never be 100% sure the person you are talking to is real. But the app’s team does a good job of preventing scammers from coming here—for example, photo verification.

Website and mobile version

Unfortunately, there is no desktop version. You cannot enjoy swiping on the big screen. But the mobile app makes love search convenient and, of course, portable. You can easily swipe for your match on the way to work or during evening walks. User’s photo takes all the app’s space. To read somebody’s profile info, you just need to scroll down. The menu bar in the top contains search filters and a hidden menu where you can Favorite, Report, or Block a member. The bottom menu bar contains the Match section, the Explore section, where you can check who liked or visited you, Your Chats, and Menu (you can change your settings here).

Website and mobile version

Special Features

Of course, this is no ordinary dating platform. Let our Muzmatch review show you the special features you are offered here.

  • Selfie Verification
    The app provides you with the unique possibility to feel safe and to let others feel the same. After the registration, you must download a photo and then take a selfie. If they do not match, you cannot remain in the community.
  • 7-day premium free trial
    Not many apps can provide you with this opportunity. To be sure you want to purchase the special tariff, you can try it for free at first.
  • Chaperone
    The Muslim culture considers chaperones to be essential for women, especially. So, you can add a chaperone to your chat easily.
  • Badges
    Every user receives badges from the community for being polite and serious.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a search bar. All you have is automatically suggested matches, like in any other swiping app. But you can easily make your search more specific by applying free and paid filters, which will be described further in our Muzmatch review.

Partner search

How does Muzmatch work?

The Muzmatch algorithm is really simple and understandable. It is a swiping app. When you see a profile, you should carefully look through the photos and information. Then, you have to decide whether you like the person. Swipe to Right means YES, Swipe to Left means NO. That is it. After swiping, you just wait for a swipe in response and start chatting when you have a match.

Searching options and filters at Muzmatch

Now, the Muzmatch review will describe the search filters the app provides. There are a lot of them. So, it is possible to make your search super defined. You can set country and distance limits, age, sect, and ethnicity filters. All of them are free to use. The golden subscription allows you to avoid profiles with hidden photos and specify status, profession, education, height, religion, and other preferences while searching.

Communication methods

To communicate on the Muzmatch online dating platform, you have to wait until you match someone. Unfortunately, only in this case you can start a conversation for free. Though, the paid subscribers have one more way to communicate – one instant chat daily. With this feature’s help, you do not have to wait for someone special to like you in response.

Muzmatch Alternatives

As the Muzmatch review has already mentioned, this app is the best and most famous among Muslim dating sites. But still, you can find alternatives:

  • Match.com
  • Helahel.com
  • IslamicMarriage.com
  • ArabLounge.com
  • BestMuslim.com

Muzmatch Alternatives

Membership Price and Payment Method

Although there are many free features, the app still provides users with additional ones by offering you to purchase a Gold subscription. To buy it, go to Settings and tap Get Gold. Android or IOS handles the purchase. As it’s auto-renewable, you will be automatically charged when your subscription period is finished. It is auto-renewable. All the details about the Muzmatch prices and cancellation policy you can read further in our Muzmatch review.

Free Membership Features

Before discussing payment, let’s summarize all the free features the app offers to its users. For free, you can

  • Verify your account.
  • Blur your photos.
  • Have chaperone.
  • Receive community badges.
  • Use search filters.
  • Look through other profiles’ information.
  • Add members to favorites.
  • Block accounts.

Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

Additional features available in the Gold membership plan.

  • Instant chat daily
  • Unlimited swipes
  • The ability to change swipes
  • Reset Swipes
  • Boost, which will show your profile first for users nearby
  • Ignore profiles with blurred photos
  • More search filters
  • Gold badge
  • No ads at all
  • A plus to your karma for being supportive

How much is dating on Muzmatch?

Period Price per week
7 days 4.88 USD
250 Credits 12.99 USD
400 Credits 19.99 USD

Do remember that prices may vary. The Muzmatch team has all the right to change the prices whenever they need and without warning.

Is Muzmatch Really Safe?

Our Muzmatch review continues informing about safety. It is a crucial thing in the online dating world. Muzmatch team has done everything they can to prevent scammers from coming here. They claim photo verification, which works perfectly in getting rid of any suspicious subjects. Moreover, you can always visit the website’s blog, which will provide the necessary safety tips. Finally, you can always Report a user by tapping on the hidden menu in the top right corner.

Is Muzmatch Really Safe?

Technical side of protection

Your safety and security from the technical side are also well-thought-out. All your data is securely hidden. Nobody can see it if you do not want to. Besides, you can use a DNT, which is a privacy preference. It stands for Do Not Track and can be set in your browser. The app also uses Mobile Device Ids and Pixel tags to ensure your safety. Another security advantage – photos you have no desire to show will remain blurred as long as you want it. At the same time, your email and phone number are used only for your verification and can never be shown publicly. If you are interested in knowing all the small details about this app’s security, get acquainted with the Privacy Policy as soon as you can.

Customer Support

Muzmatch customer support is always open and waiting for your questions. From the start of using the app, you just need to tap on Your Messages section to consult. There you already have a highlighted chat with the Muzmatch customer support. The team will be waiting to help you. There’s also a more traditional way to contact the Customer Support via email (hello@muzmatch.com). Be sure to do it if you notice any suspicious activity or just need help.

Customer Support

Why does the app need users’ location?

It is used to show you, users, nearby and to make search filters work. Also, to keep your phone’s battery life preserved, the location is only used while the app is open. The exact true location is never shown to anyone.

How to turn on push notifications?

Firstly, tap on Menu –> Settings, and there allow notifications to come. Make sure they are enabled in your phone settings as well. Restart the application, and everything should work just fine.

Can you stay hidden for the users?

Go to Menu –> Settings and turn the section Show me on Muzmatch off. After that, you will only be visible for your existing matches.

How to pass Muzmatch photo verification?

Photo verification is necessary for everyone on Muzmatch. It is happening while creating a profile. After downloading photos, the app asks you to take a selfie. If your photo and life selfie mismatch, you are not allowed to enter the community. Do not worry: your selfie will not be shown anywhere. It is used only by moderators and only for safety purposes.

How to delete Muzmatch account?

A quick guide on permanently deleting your account: Menu –> Settings –> Deactivate –> Submit feedback –> Delete Account.

Also, it is possible to deactivate it temporarily. Visit Menu –> Settings –> Deactivate. Your profile settings will be fully restored when you log back in again.

How to delete Muzmatch account?

How to see who likes you on Muzmatch without paying?

To see who liked you visit the Explore section. It demonstrates all the members who have liked you and wait now for you to swipe right on them as well.

How to block someone on Muzmatch?

If you do not feel comfortable talking to somebody who rejects to stop bothering you, tap on the hidden menu in the top right corner to Block him/her. If you change your mind, the Explore section will help you do it.

How to cancel Muzmatch subscription?

This is a very popular question on Muzmatch. Our Muzmatch review is ready to provide you with a detailed guide on how to do it.

Either Apple or Google handles all the purchases. Remember that the subscription should be canceled no less than 24 hours before your subscription period ends. Otherway you will be automatically re-charged.

For the cancellation you should go to the iTunes or Google Play settings and cancel it there.


Muzmatch is the biggest and the most famous online dating community for Muslim people. The developers put a lot of effort into upgrading and creating a safe place for people united by one cultural value. It looks stylish and totally user friendly. The safety measurements also deserve some attention: the Muzmatch app is probably one of the safest ones in this category. Although it has a few slight drawbacks, Muzmatch is definitely recommended for every Muslim single searching for love.

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Mike Raven
Mike Raven
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