MyDirtyHobby Review 2020

MyDirtyHobby Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 27-30
Beauty 64%
Profiles 145 320
About Site
Visit rate 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Content for any taste and interests
  • Friendly usability
  • Every day updates
  • User can try both roles
  • No membership fees
  • Money can disappear fast from the account
  • Poor quality
  • Content originality
  • No option to save or download videos
  • Videos updates happen more often

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MyDirtyHobby is an adult service, which offers simple and fun entertainment for people who are looking for some pornography content. The concept behind the service is based on amateur and webcam model performance. Besides sharing the content, MyDirtyHobby allows users and performers to interact through different means of communication, making the time spent on the service pleasant and enjoyable. It is truly an adult social network with a wide range of categories for diverse and spicy content.

Reputation and History of MyDirtyHobby


MyDirtyHobby story began in 2006, and during 14 years of operation, it managed to get around a million video uploads and almost four times more pictures from around 40 thousand models. MyDirtyHobby already collected 4 Venus Awards and 1 Sign Award. It proves its popularity and trust among the community. MyDirtyHobby is usually referred to as the biggest adult social media as every minute, around 10 thousand users are going online to enjoy time with amateur models and dreaming of meeting porn stars such as Vivian Schmitt and Emma Starr. They are regular guests on the platform.

MyDirtyHobby operates worldwide, but to make it even more comfortable for members, the owners have made its interface available in English and German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

MyDirtyHobby provides high-quality content with a streamlined player, so community access is available in web option only. However, MindGeek company, big Canadian integrator in charge of MyDirtyHobby, has an ambitious plan to launch a mobile application soon and make it even more available and user-friendly. The design of the service is modern and easy to navigate through. Robust navigation and filtration are a must for the website due to the amount of content available. Registration is also very straightforward here. The overall impression from the MyDirtyHobby is very positive, and it seems like an excellent place to spend spare time and to relax in a fun way.

Sign Up Process. Is it Easy Here?

Signup is the first step to becoming a MyDirtyHobby community member. Yes, the registration is free and easy and doesn’t entail purchasing a membership fee, but with a valid account, it is impossible to enjoy the services of the website. The registration form is straightforward. You need to come up with:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Valid email to confirm it later
  • Gender

That’s it. You are in less than 5 minutes, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

However, if you want to make a little bit of cash out of the MyDirtyHobby, there is an option to register as an amateur model. If this is a path for you, please be ready to provide:

  • Valid ID
  • Picture of the alternative document, which proves the identity
  • Clear portrait picture of you holding your ID next to your face

If all the required documents are in order, the verification process will take no longer than 15 minutes.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

MyDirtyHobby Accounts

This website is not a dating one, and does the real identity of the person behind the screen matter that much? MyDirtyHobby doesn’t require that much personal information, so the user could become anyone he or she wants on this website. While live streaming, it is possible to see the model and not that rare famous porn stars are getting around.

Like many other adult services, MyDirtyHobby has a precaution. It highly recommends its members do not send any money or make transfers directly to other members. More than that, if someone asks you for your credit card details in private communication, it is a red flag, there is an option to report such a user for the website terms violation.

Website and Mobile Version

So far, MyDirtyHobby is represented as a website; the application is not available yet.

Special Features

Category tags, scene ratings, and favorites are outstanding features. These engines allow the users not to get lost among the content, which is updating every minute.

MyDirtyHobby Search

Taking into consideration the diverse groups residing on MyDirtyHobby, partner search becomes a fascinating quest with a wide range of options. White, black, ethnicity representatives from 18 to 50+, gay and LGBTQ representatives can easily find the right content due to the advanced search engine.

How does MyDirtyHobby Work?

Users come to MyDirtyHobby with a clear reason to get an orgasm, so they will search based on what turns them on. MyDirtyHobby offers more than 50 categories to ease the pain of search; each category has its top amateur models and content based on the ranking and comments made by other members. It allows them to stay on top and attract more new users.

Searching Options and Filters at MyDirtyHobby

MyDirtyHobby allows to expand the search to the following option:

  • Webcams to see what live users are offering. This option is available only for users with some credit on their accounts.

  • Video:
  1. Top Video. This section is based on the ranking system, and sometimes it may be unclear why amateurs got there, but this is just a choice of those who have already paid and seen the content.
  2. Video Sales. This feature is a place to purchase content for sale out there.
  3. Latest Videos. If you are a regular guest there and looking for new content, start this section.
  • Amateurs:

  1. Online. This section is a mist for those who are up for live performance and have some special requirements.
  2. Top Amateurs. The same story as with the video, here you can enjoy the content from amateurs’ models, who were highly ranked by other members.
  3. New Amateurs. You may find some very enthusiastic and maybe not experienced models if you are looking for fresh blood.
  4. Exclusive Amateurs. If you are hunting for famous stars, they can be found there, be ready to get out your credit card as it may be expensive.
  • Photos. For those who like it in static.

  • Community. If you like to read, there you may find some blog entries. Boring, but free of charge.

  • Categories. If you are picky and want to indicate some of your preferences, this section is the right place to start your search from. The categories list is so long, and you couldn’t even imagine that some of these things may exist.

  • Channels. Here you can find content updates.

Besides these broad filtrations, users can use the search options and find desired content simply by keywords, as the service has also categorized tags for quick access to the tagged content.

Communication Methods

MyDirtyHobby Methods

For those who like not only to watch but also talk MyDirtyHobby designed a few communication options:

Chat – users are welcome to get in touch with amateurs and even porn stars to talk about sex or something they have on their minds.

Live streaming is one of the most popular options on MyDirtyHobby. It allows us to bring a video to a new HD definition; however, some of the content remains poor. It doesn’t let amateurs get on top and get more visitors and viewers.

MyDirtyHobby Alternatives

X Tube is a free porn community with a vast number of gay representations, who are sharing photos and videos by uploading them online.

Home Porn Bay is a portal, a kind of library, where a lot of porn content is gathered together. However, it is not original, but taken from other sources.

Lustery is a platform for people who try to film porn professionally. Users have a little different purpose, and they do not try objective models, rather they treat porn as an art, so it is not for fake acts or feelings.

On the contrary to its competitors, MyDirtyHobby has a live stream option, which allows paying for some unique content that meets members’ expectations. The website has more than 40 thousand amateurs, so due to the high competition, they are working hard on their videos and photos to get on top.

Membership Price and Payment Method

MyDirtyHobby Price

MyDirtyHobby doesn’t have membership packages as are, it charges for purchased services, duration of the communication. It offers VIP membership, though, allowing active clients to get unlimited access to all the paid features by making monthly payments.

MyDirtyHobby uses its currency – DirtyCoins. 1 Euro equals 1000 DirtyCoins. MyDirtyHobby works only as prepaid services. A user should top up a deposit before accessing new steam or sending a message to someone.

Free Membership Features

The registration on the website is free of charge; more than that, it gives you 100 dirty coins as a bonus. Also, there is no cost for looking around, evaluating profiles to see what they offer. However, all the cam content and chats are paid, so be prepared for that.

Premium Membership Features

As there is no subscription, members of the portal should make deposits to buy certain services.

Prepaid services include chats and access to live streaming as well as to porn video.

VIP membership also has a few treats like extra dirty cents, bonus day, VIP party, when one VIP can invite another to watch something. The value of the membership is relative, and it depends on individual preferences and money each user spends on the service monthly.

How much is Dating on MyDirtyHobby?

Before jumping into this world of adult entertainment, check the prices to have a common understanding of what it will cost you:

  • Live streams: from 99 to 199 dirty cents per minute
  • Pornography content: from 300 to 1500 dirty cents per video
  • Chat option: from 40 to 70 dirty cents per message
  • 15 euros = 1500 dirty cents
  • 20 euros = 2000 dirty cents
  • 25 euros = 2500 dirty cents
  • 30 euros = 3000 dirty cents
  • 35 euros = 3500 dirty cents
  • 40 euros = 4000 dirty cents
  • 45 euros = 4500 dirty cents
  • 50 euros = 5000 dirty cents
  • 55 euros = 5500 dirty cents
  • 60 euros = 6000 dirty cents