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Polyamory Date Review: Does it work in 2021?

Polyamory Date Review: Does it work in 2021?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 50%
Popular age 27-35
Beauty 62%
Profiles 14 000
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Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The member database is one of the largest among websites for polyamorous.
  • Belongs to a big project, Friend Finder Networks, which ensures the dating environment's authenticity and safety.
  • The website can be easily navigated even by users who are not tech-savvy
  • Web-version only, no Apple/Android applications available
  • Poorly chosen design decisions, out-of-date aesthetics
  • Some users join it for fun or can't make up their mind about what they are looking for
  • Almost impossible to use on your smartphone

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The name Polyamory Date can raise several questions even before you visit the website. What, for God’s sake, is polyamory? Well, literally, polyamory is the love for several or many people. However, strictly speaking, polyamory is an umbrella term for various practices of having a love relationship with more than one person.

This is exactly what Polyamory Date is for, the perfect choice for anyone interested in polyamorous dates, sexual relationships with more than just one boring person, open romantic relationships, and similar. Curious? Oh my, even excited? Then it’s time to read this review, and you will know exactly what to expect on this polyamorous website.

Reputation and history of Polyamory Date

Polyamory Date

Polyamory Date is one of the most significant websites you can find in the niche of polyamorous dating sites. The site has a long story to tell as it was founded ten years ago in 2010. However, it seems like not much has changed since that time, at least not the interface.

Users’ experiences give due credit to Polyamory Date for the diversity of options and number of users. Starting with several thousand, the current number of active user accounts is above 3 million. For a web platform with a very narrow specialization in multi-partner relationships, this number is quite impressive.

Clearly, there is a dark side to everything. Some users report on the unfortunate experiences they have had on Polyamory Date. Some of them have stumbled upon fake female profiles. Several male users reported profiles that do no other thing but lure the audience to other portals of the same nature. Another issue to note is catfishing (well, looking for a dating portal without it is doomed to failure).

All in all, there is a fair share of good things about Polyamory Date. It is safe and sound in terms of personal data, offers quite a diversity of options, and features powerful partner search capacities.

Website, App, interface, registration

As modern and trendy as polyamorous relationships are, you will not be able to download an app for using Polyamory Date while on route. Such a pitiful controversy surely costs this project a big part of users who are in their 20s.

The website, on the other hand, has proved itself quite user-friendly. The simplistic interface reminds a little bit of the 2000s websites. Some guests could even grasp a nostalgic feel here as the site offers an old-style forum with open discussions.

Frankly speaking, one of the few modern things here is a registration form. You will find yourself signed up in a few minutes.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Polyamory Sign Up

A sign up for a Polyamory Date is a quick and direct procedure. First, you must note whether you want an account as a single man/woman or prefer to register as a couple. Your birthday, nationality, and state of residence are requested in the next step. Be sure to double this information for a couple. There are other fields to be filled, but they are not obligatory, so that you can postpone this for better times.

Depending on how you feel about surprises in the form of erotic webcams, you might be enthusiastic of confused during the registration. Left to the registration fields, you will notice several webcam videos of website users (no guarantee here) engaging in erotic mischief. The further you go with filling up data, the more graphic and explicitly sexual will be the scenes displayed. This might be the only reason to linger over the sign-up form a little bit longer than expected.

Are the accounts real here?

According to the user experiences, it could be essential to get a feeling of the PolyamoryDate.com community before starting a membership or even registering a free account. You need to be certain that the site you are picking has the sort of individuals you are excited to meet. The greater part of the people who join this site are searching for grown-up dating through NSA hook-ups and non-binding sex. In short, you are probably going to meet a lot of PolyamoryDate.com users who are eager to find a quick date for the same evening. The chances to meet a real person are quite high here.

Stay aware that not every user of Polyamory Date is an open-hearted stranger hungry for love in its weirdest ways. Just like everywhere, there might be scammers, rascals, bait accounts flirting just to get you to another site, and that sort of thing. The chance to deal with a fake profile is significantly low here compared to other, more traditional dating platforms.

Website and mobile version

Polyamory mobile

Instead of a mobile app, smartphone users have to struggle with a poorly configured mobile version of the website. Unfortunately, this is the case with almost all dating portals for non-monogamous individuals. A good app for people attracted by this kink is just like Russian democracy. Meaning, it does not exist and never did.

Special Features

Not many user features are unique at Polyamory Date. Rather, it is all about some special features most users don’t even find useful. If you decide to purchase a paid membership, you instantly receive access to the website’s blog. Supposedly, the blog should keep you well-informed about the latest trends in the polyamorous community and educate about lifestyle hacks. How to avoid the green-eyed monster of jealousy among your 20 partners? Is it legit to be angry at your special third partner who has found another couple to have fun with? People who spent some time in this type of relationship have answered such questions for themselves long ago. On the other hand, newbies would have to get some real experience before taking any advice seriously.

Thus, the special feature of Polyamory Date is just having thematic longreads delivered to your mailbox twice a month. You are to judge how unique that is, but keep in mind that many other dating websites offer blogs and articles of a kind for free.

Polyamory Partner

How does Polyamory Date work?


Impatient polygamous users will find themselves jumping directly to the search field. To find people willing to share and realize your erotic passions, you might consider using a regional search. It will identify like-minded individuals based on your location.

Perhaps you prefer to be a prey and not a hunter in your polyamorous adventure. A neat trick you could use on Polyamory Date is called “priority listing. ” Obviously, one can’t use it free of charge. To be in the top search results, prepare to pay a pretty penny. Oh, this is not enough for you, and you would like to be that very, very special snowflake? Guess what, you will need to brace yourself and produce a nice profile video for users to remember you from thousands of other people they encounter in the search results. Exactly, standing out is not always easy and requires additional effort.


Shared interests and hobbies can be a great help while looking for a partner. Moreover, psychologists have scientifically proven that common background and similar loads of experience help bring people together. There even are unique algorithms to check the psychological and social compatibility of partners. Wait, can a heartless machine tell if there is going to be a spark between you two (or you three)? Yes, it can. Polyamory Date has an in-built algorithm that will help you contact members whose profile information are most like yours.


Is good old chatting still on-trend? Well, let’s say it is fairly widespread. Nevertheless, it is high time for you to get a webcam if you want to get lucky in your online dating. The same goes for Polyamory Date. Just like a first date, the first webcam session will provide you with a safe and cozy “preview “of the chosen member. You can drink together, laugh together, and check if the eye color is according to the profile description. In an erotic perspective, the only kind of fun you can have here is the visual one. If your partner is not much of a treat for the eye, you don’t have to suffer from awkward silence. Just pretend it is the Internet connection that does not work properly and not the connection between you two.

Image rating

Remember the silly evaluation system of pick-up artists who rate the hottest girls 10/10 and the not-so-pretty girls with, well, other numbers? Your evaluation skills will come in handy on Polyamory Date. Every profile image can receive a corresponding note from every user. Sometimes, numbers say much more than a simple corny compliment.

Searching options and filters at Polyamory Date

Polyamory options

Going on a hunt for the right partners, you will probably be concerned about choosing correct search criteria. On Polyamory Date, you will have gender and age to start with. If you know it’s the visual part that gets the job done for you, be sure to tick a “with photo only “box. Last but not least, the search is able to distinguish between active users and those who are offline. This is the basic functionality. More specific criteria can be found in an extended search field.

Communication methods

Many dating sites refrain from offering users the support they need, suggesting nothing more than a common contact form. The urge to use this primitive means of communication with a support team leaves a user frustrated. Polyamory Date takes much better care of you, offering miscellaneous methods to send a word to the service representatives.

Apart from the abovementioned form, you can call the company directly to submit your feedback or ask for help. If you are an absolute fanatic of red tape, you can even send them a traditional letter. But, honestly, social media contacts could be your best option. Polyamory Date has accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Company: Various, Inc

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, 95008 Campbell, United States

Phone number:888-575-8383

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polyamorydate

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polydate

Polyamory Date Alternatives

Polyamory Alternatives

A big advantage of Polyamory Date lies in the mere absence of other dating websites with a similar diversity of options and a matching community.

Now what kind of alternative are we looking for? The list of possible preferences includes ethical non-monogamy, ethical swinging and hedonism, meaningful multi-partner relationships. Even for those who prefer not to identify but want to push the limits of monogamy, poly websites could become the second home.

Polyamorous Passions is a poly dating website that promises to find a partner for you almost instantly. Instead, you will find a poor choice of profiles and hoard of annoying advertisements on this webpage.

Another possibility is Beyond Two. Unfortunately, the number of users is unknown. One could easily predict it is not much because of the poorly structured interface. Moreover, for any non-registered users, this website is a complete terra incognita.

The best international website you can go for as an alternative is PolyMatchmaker, with 83490 registered users. This portal may appear useful but does not look attractive in terms of user experience.

One legit opportunity could be the popular dating app OkCupid. Not long ago, it featured a digital tool to look for fellow polyamorists in the user database. This is also a good place to look for couples in an open relationship.

Compared to all of the mentioned poly dating websites, Polyamory Date is sure to surpass every expectation.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Polyamory Price

The membership prices vary from $30 to $15 per month, depending on how long your membership lasts and how much you are willing to pay in bulk. The longest subscription for the term of one year will cost you a total sum of $180. Should this seem too expensive, you can try your luck for a month paying $30. The three-month membership appears to be the golden middle and is available at the cost of $60.

The available payment options include credit and debit cards, charge, and check cards. Paypal is also a possible option. Strangely enough, Polyamory Date accepts even bank checks or money sent by postal transfer.

Free Membership Features

Many useful features at Polyamory Date come free of charge, to the user’s delight. You can:

  • Set up a profile with detailed information and images
  • Send Smiles to attract user’s attention
  • Read various message boards
  • Participate in a matching process
  • Become a Secret Admirer of a profile you liked
  • Exchange instant messages if you are online
  • Try out the multifaceted possibilities of the search engine
  • Mark other users as your friends or add them to the list of favorites

Premium Membership Features

Polyamory Features

With premium access, you will be even more savvy and get the best possible results from your online dating experience. You will enjoy:

  • initiating e-mail exchange, sending and receiving e-mails
  • using diverse thematic chat rooms
  • being active discussion participant of local message boards
  • creating and sending customized E-cards

How much is dating on Polyamory Date ?

Polyamory Date Premium Subscription

Duration Price per Month Total
1 Month $30 $30
3 Months $20 $60
12 Months $15 $180

Is Polyamory Date Really Safe?

Polyamory Safe

When you identify as poly, dating itself can be a struggle, let alone finding a safe place to look for a partner. However, Polyamory Date can become your trusted friend in your free-spirited affairs with multiple partners. You can safely explore your sexuality and have no worries about common Internet threats such as third parties getting your data without permission. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be extra careful with strangers and refrain from jumping to conclusions.

Technical side of protection

Polyamory Date strictly limits any collection, sharing, and storage of information to the minimum required to improve the website and necessary for legal purposes. This data privacy level applies to Polyamory Date users from all around the world.

Google Analytics cookies may collect non-personal information of Polyamory Date members and analyze the behavior of users on this site. Every user has the right and option to opt-out of Google Analytics services and prevent them from using their data.

Customer Support

Polyamory Date customer support works slowly but surely. They may not give you an instant reply but will ensure that your issue, as well as your privacy, is handled with care. The best way to contact the support team is via phone call or Polyamory Date contact form.

How to pass Polyamory Date photo verification?

Polyamory Date does not require a photo verification procedure from its users. The only means of verification is your e-mail address.

How to delete Polyamory Date account?

Please note that there is no way to restore or recover your account after you delete it. The deletion will be permanent.

Make sure you are logged in. As soon as you are on your member homepage, choose the “My Account “link in the top menu. Under this link, you will find a section called “Delete Account. ” The following link will say “Permanently Delete My Entire Account. ” Enter your Polyamory Date password and click the “Yes “button.

How to see who likes you on Polyamory Date without paying?

You can see who added you to the list of favorite profiles free of charge.

How to block someone on Polyamory Date?

Click the “ignore “button on your instant messenger to block another Polyamory Date user.

How to cancel Polyamory Date subscription?

Under “My Account “link in the top menu, you will find a section called “Billing History & Credit Card Info. ” Proceed to this page and check the status of Polyamory Date product you purchased. Now, clicking “OFF “under product status is all you need to cancel your Polyamory Date subscription.


Polyamory Date is definitely one of the best choices for polysexual people in a search for a date. It is adapted specifically to the needs of open-minded singles or couples, offers a vast database of profiles, and keeps your data safe. This unicorn dating site is available in 10 languages. When it comes to multi-partner adventures, the best decision you can make is Polyamory Date.

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Customer reviews
by Solomon Sep 16, 2021
Very good perceptions. I've discovered lots of ready and intriguing people and a few freaks . that's a norm when you're on the web. Some matches were not during venue . that's why we kept good friends. I ought to state that this particular service brings a lot of methods in order to make some other individuals observe one. For starters, it's enough space generate your very own profile and offer plenty of information about the way you look and figure. Then, chatting is definitely acceptable. Typically, we use complete online communications and will get a night out together anytime when you find yourself prepared to see your favorite in the real world.
by Sophia Aug 25, 2021
I'd like other daters to know that this specific service 100per cent does its job without strategies. Those that genuinely long for getting touching a special someone won't feel dissapointed about the company's possibility when becoming a member of the working platform. The main thing isn't to quit. We have already achieved my own loved, and also now we are currently satisfied. I'm arousal and consistency, and also that implies a lot. So, the audience is in love, and its never too-late for people of all ages and criteria. I suggest this page, therefore just check out.