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Reveal Dating Review 2021: SAFE COMMUNICATION OR SCAM?

Reveal Dating Review 2021: SAFE COMMUNICATION OR SCAM?
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Pros and Cons

  • The application is popular among users. It means that you will have a good choice of users to increase your chances of meeting someone you want to be with.
  • Great user-interface. Reveal Dating app has a friendly interface that significantly simplifies your interaction with others.
  • Easy sign-up procedure. It will take you a couple of minutes to create your account. By paying attention to details, you will help others to find you.
  • The app is a great choice for women, as they may stay in full confidence until they choose a man to converse.
  • There is no video chat inside. It is not a big problem, but sometimes we want to see who we are chatting with.
  • Not the best choice for men who want to browse and get full details of women’s profiles.

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Reveal Dating app is a right way for the singles to start relationships and find their soulmates. This application was designed for males and females looking for strong long-term relationships, which may end up with marriage. It is not just another dating website for flirting or something like that.

Reveal Dating offers a wide range of settings allowing you to find someone who will match most of your requirements. You can set up your profile and use multiple filters to save your time in searching for someone you want to be with.

The application can be downloaded for the most popular dating platforms like iOS and Android. To do this, you need to go directly to the official website or find the app in the appropriate platform online store.

Reputation and History of Reveal Dating App

The application is a brainchild of three school mates – Tom Buzzard, Edward Harvey, and Sean Ferriter. The app is a kind of help to those single females who are afraid of creating profiles on top dating websites because of consequences.

There are many stories, where colleagues or even bosses were trying to ask those women out after seeing their profiles on some dating websites. Thus, this is a friendly web app for women who want to keep their privacy until they like someone.

As for the reputation, Dailymail has a review of this dating app, which describes all the peculiarities. It is a positive factor for the app.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

There is nothing easier than signing up with Reveal Dating. To do this, you need to provide some personal data. An average user can finish the whole procedure in 15 minutes or even less.

Sign up Process. Is it Easy Here?

To start using the app, you can visit the official website and click on the icon with the appropriate platform. You can also find the app at the appropriate online store. There are some general questions that the app will ask you before you can go on. Those questions are about your gender, your gender preferences, or you want Cougar Dating etc.

The registration procedure is not limited to that questionnaire. You need to provide a valid email address as well as create a strong password. You should also choose an appropriate profile name that will be shown to others. Finally, before you complete your account creation procedure, you will have to provide some basic info about your age and location.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Many of those who read this review want to know: how real the accounts on Reveal Dating are? The app is a great choice for women, as they may stay in full confidence until they choose a man to converse. As for user testimonials, they mention that the majority of accounts are real. However, this does not mean that all of them are 100% real. You should check each time you start to talk to a new person via chat.

Unlike many dating websites requiring premium membership for all the activities, Reveal Dating has some free content. You can even watch some profiles without paying anything. It means that Reveal Dating is not interested in stimulating you to pay by using fake accounts.

Website and Mobile Version

Reveal Dating is an application meaning there is no web browser version for PC or laptop. If you want to start using it, you need to visit the official website to download the app from the appropriate platform’s store.

The website has little to 0 information about the services they offer, except for some official documents like Terms and policies, etc. Thus, mobile applications for Android and iOS have full functions, while the website is a kind of gates to the app.

Special Features

One of the most important differences from the competitors is that the Reveal Dating app is a woman biased application. It helps women to stay in privacy until they want to come out of this shelter to have online dating with a male.

The team behind the project has decided to give this privilege to women because their female friends had problems using standard dating websites. Reveal Dating app allows female users to browse male profiles and to choose those who they want to chat with. Males cannot browse females this way.

Once you have created a profile, you can start browsing photos. If you like one – you swipe it right; otherwise, you swipe it left. There is one more important detail. Those who want to create a profile have to have their Facebook page too. It helps the app to prevent bots from creating accounts. Another important thing is that you need to be at least 18 y.o.

How does Reveal Dating Work?

Users browse the app to see photos, names, and ages of other users. Also, there are some inbuilt filters, including distance and age range, to get the appropriate searching results. As we have already mentioned, there is one feature that makes this application unique – you can see a woman profile only if she chooses you. How does it work?

Once a woman chooses you, you get a notification from the system. You can select her too or swipe left to cancel. If you swipe right, there will be a special screen notifying you that you have found a match and inviting you to start chatting with this woman.

While it looks a bit difficult at first glance, this works perfectly and protects women some way. There is also a so-called pending section which shows all men that a woman has swiped right.

Searching Options and Filters at Reveal Dating

Once you have swiped right, you can start chatting with other users. We have already described the searching procedure in the previous part of the review. There is one more thing we need to cover here. Once you have created your profile, you can use the settings to choose the range of distance and age.

The maximum distance is 150 km, which is a normal distance to start relations. You can have online dating first by using the chat, and if you want to develop the relationships, 150 km is not the big distance to cover. As for the age range, you can choose the range you want.

Those options are simple, but they are necessary to make searching even more precise. It is hard to start relations with somebody who lives far from your residence.

Communication Methods

If you have something to ask about, you can write a message to the support service. To do this, you can visit the official website and find the email address for contacts there. There is also a kind of request form inside the app. However, the team recommends using their email as a primary way of contacting them.

Reveal Dating Alternatives

There are several competitors in this branch. Some of them are very famous and popular. The others are less interesting but have their charm. Let’s see some of them:

  1. Tinder. This website is called the “Godfather” of dating. The application works almost the same way as you may choose the user, see his or her profile, and start chatting.
  2. Eharmony. This service was designed for those who want to start serious relations. Before you start searching, you need to fill in a big questionnaire (80 questions to complete). The service offers some free features, including registration and some icebreakers, to start the conversation. However, to get access to full functionality, you need to pay for the subscription.
  3. Match.com is synonymous with online dating. To start searching for somebody, you need to create a detailed profile. You can register for free, but to receive and send messages, you need to subscribe.

There are naturally more services, but we have chosen the most important ones. What about Reveal Dating? Can this service have any chance in this competitors’ battle? Reveal Dating has two great advantages. The first is that it allows users to start dating for free. To get access to some advanced features, you need to pay, but the basic functionality is available to a basic account.

Another great advantage of Reveal Dating is that it provides women with some kind of protection. Their accounts remain hidden until they choose a person to start a conversation.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Reveal Dating has both free and premium content, like many other websites of this industry. You do not need to pay for the app itself or registration.

Free Membership Features

There are limited features that you can get for free using Reveal Dating App. As we have mentioned previously, you can download the application from both online stores for free. You can also create your account and set it up. However, to get access to more functions, you need to pay.

Should you pay right after you have registered? You can start by browsing the app to see the functionality first.

Premium Membership Features

This type of membership offers all the features you can get by using the service. You can get unlimited access to all the profiles and chat with all the users you want to have a conversation with. Premium membership is a kind of a key you can insert into a lock and open this door to unlimited communication.

What are the advantages of Premium membership? The most important one is that you don’t need to limit yourself with all those restrictions you have when you are a basic member of the service. You can date online with any user, talk to them, look through their profiles to learn more about your interlocutor.

You need to download the app and go to the payment options page to learn more about the tariffs. There is another way to learn the cost of Premium membership – you can contact the support and provide you with all the necessary information.

Is Reveal Dating Really Safe?

When we are talking about the safety of a dating app, we want to know if we can count on the highest level of privacy. Well, the best way to protect yourself is to give the information you do not care about. What does it mean?

Let us see an example. When you are filling in your profile information, you should think about what data can be shown to others and what pieces of information you would like to be out of others’ reach. This is quite simple, isn’t it?

The first step to your safety when using such an app is to separate the information you want to give from the information you don’t want the others to know. It is the very first and the most important safety measure you can take.

Another important aspect is the photos you use. Be prepared to share with others all the images you upload there. The users will browse your profile and get access to all the pictures you have posted there. Do not share with them those photos you would like to be hidden from others!

What about the measures that the service takes to protect you? They are standard. The users are required to provide their Facebook accounts to prove they are not bots. It is a great solution, as it allows the service team to monitor the accounts manually and remove fake ones.

Technical Side of Protection

The technical measures are standard for this type of application, including all safety protocols. If you find something suspicious, you can contact the support team. One more time, if you want to stay safe when using the Reveal Dating app, you need to hide your personal information that you don’t want to show to others.

Customer Support

Reveal Dating offers high-quality support service for the clients. You can contact them even before you download the application via the website. There is a special email address for those who have questions about the service and the tariffs.

You can also address any questions regarding any problems you can encounter when using the service. While Reveal Dating is rather simple and has a user-friendly interface, sometimes you may need some additional help, and this is the case to contact the support.

How to Pass Reveal Dating Photo Verification?

There is no photo verification here. However, you should not forget about Facebook verification that every user has to complete before he or she becomes a member of the community. Each user has to present his or her valid Facebook account link, and only after the service confirms it can he or she create an account.

Why is this important for other users? Facebook verification decreases the chances for fake accounts to appear. It is not the panacea, but this step can be treated as an additional filter for bots.

How to Delete Reveal Dating Account?

If you want to delete your account, you can contact the support service and help you with that. There is an option inside the app, as well. You can use it. But to be sure that you have completely deleted your data, you can contact the team.

Why is it important to delete a profile using such services as Reveal Dating? If you have already found someone or decided to stop using Reveal dating, your data and uploaded images, will stay. If you don’t need your account anymore, it is better to delete it to delete all your information and photos.

How to See Who Likes You on Reveal Dating Without Paying?

If you have a basic account, you have limited access to the service. It is the common rule for many dating services as their main profit comes from those users who pay membership fees. It is the main reason for such websites to offer limited features to those who register for free. As for the Reveal Dating app, you cannot see the profiles before you pay for the membership.

As we have already mentioned, this is a common practice. Some dating websites are free, but you will be bombarded by tons of ads on every page, and your service browsing will be a true nightmare. Reveal Dating has decided to avoid this practice and offers you an ads-free service, but you should pay for it to use all the functions.

How to Block Someone on Reveal Dating?

There is a special option that you can use when you are inside your account. This option helps you to block all the contacts you don’t want to chat with anymore. If someone is disturbing you, you can also contact the support service.

How to Cancel Reveal Dating Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you can stop paying the service and downgrading it to the basic account type. You can also contact the support service to learn more about this type of action.


Reveal Dating is another interesting web app providing users with the opportunity to meet someone for serious relationships or flirt. This application is very woman-friendly and has some unique features that make it interesting for a wide range of users.

Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas
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