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Tinder for Married: Meet your true love or one-night-stand

Tinder for Married: Meet your true love or one-night-stand

Lately, Tinder for married has been a fuss on the dating space. The app has been an excellent platform for finding love in your location with millions of members finding it attractive. While the app can easily be presumed for hookups and instant dates, we can confidently say true love exists on Tinder. Today, we tell you about Tinder for married and everything you should know –read on!

You should pursue whatever makes you tick when thinking about love. But have you lost the first magic you had for your spouse? Then, Tinder is for you! In this article, we find out if you can use Tinder even if you are married. We will also find out the possibilities of your partner having a Tinder account, and if yes, how can you avoid bumping into them?

If you are still unsure of Tinder, we recommend Ashley Madison; the app is perfect for discreet affairs. You will find thousands of other couples looking for casual dates. Let’s proceed with Tinder for couples.

Married? Should you Tinder?

We can imagine your curiosity for finding the answer to your query if you should Tinder or not. It’s a confident, bold YES! Grab this opportunity and find out what this app has to offer you when it comes to affairs.

But wait, can you use Tinder for cheating? Yes! Our research on Tinder statistics found that at least 42% of its users are in other relationships and are using the app for casual sex. Also, close to 30% of these members are married. Perhaps it is a chance to ignite love with a new romantic partner.

But is Tinder for married people? We understand that people who look for ideal real-life relationships flood apps like eHarmony, while those looking for casual flings find Ashley Madison and BeNaughty exceptional. But, we cannot ignore the fact that you can still find couples on apps like Tinder.

And if Tinder doesn’t shun extramarital affairs, why won’t you make use of this opportunity! While the move is doubtful, you want to know how you can still find love without being caught by your spouse. You know affairs are not a walk in the park, and you want to be as discreet as you can.

The decision to use Tinder depends on what you are looking for. They say you live once and you should be in charge of your happiness. Plus, cheating on your spouse entails much more reasons, like not getting maximum satisfaction from your spouse. Though we said you could Tinder even when you have other lifelong commitments, the decision is not straightforward. Let’s see what it means for you.

Tinder for Cheaters: what are the possibilities?

Before proceeding, you should know some of the facts about Tinder. First, like other conventional apps that gear toward casual hookups, you will find thousands of people looking for the same. We cannot ignore the possibilities of finding true love on this app. Besides, Tinder is popular in the dating space because you can find all sorts of relationships, from acquaintances, soul mates, to friends.

That said, you have a chance to find everything you could be looking for on Tinder. You also don’t have to worry about prejudices as you will still hook up with people looking for the same thing as you. With this in mind, Tinder is an excellent medium for anything you could be looking for. And if Tinder can help find a best friend, why can’t you use it to find someone who truly understands you? So, regardless of your intentions, it’s still possible to find discreet affairs.

Real or fake version for married on Tinder

Personalities differ from one person to another, and such differences affect relationships. Ideally, some people would want to show off, while others prefer hiding their identities. And you are free to choose whatever option to help put your best foot forward. So, what will you prefer knowing that you are married but are looking for some affairs?

Online dating has two options you can use in your pursuit of love. The first one is to create a profile with your correct details. This option is for people who don’t fear representing who they truly are. The second alternative is to disguise yourself and use fake details to use the site. In this case, you might upload blurry photos, have a fake username, and some details that no one can link to you.

It’s your call on what option you take. But then, if you choose the latter, you should figure out who you wish your hookup to identify with; the real you or someone imaginary. And you still should find out the possibilities of bumping into your husband or guys. So, if it is Tinder for married guys, be sure of what you are aiming at; the real you or impersonating someone.

Do you still need Tinder for married couples?

Let’s assume you have enjoyed a fruitful and fulfilling marriage for the last decade or so. Can you imagine a life without your partner? But still, you have lost the magic you once felt for them. Is Tinder an option?

It is a common question online daters ask! So what is unique about it? And why does it top the dating space? And our guess is as true as yours; you want to find out why it has earned such recognition.

You head to the app and start navigating it, and the user-friendliness wows you. And making the experience better is how you swipe through profiles of hotties and well-built men. Your curiosity doesn’t end here as you want to find out if married people are on the site.

Boom, you run into several profiles that seem to assure you that you can find someone! Will your spouse find you on Tinder? The truth be told, you are not the first person with such thoughts. Your feelings will define if you are willing to sail on this journey!

More questions will inform your decision. For instance:

  • Are you ready to mingle?
  • Is anything wrong if you use Tinder?
  • Are you looking for friends with benefits or casual chats?
  • Are these guys and girls this attractive in real life?

    Even with these questions, is Tinder a good thing? Do you feel guilty about the fact that you have already bumped into several hot ladies and guys that you can give anything to meet in real life? Whatever led you on Tinder is still okay –don’t feel guilty.

However, married people should keep off Tinder if they are looking for friends with benefits. Their spouse is likely to find out if they decided to use the site as well. While this is not what you expected to hear, we don’t want to give you false hopes.

On the flip side, giving Tinder a chance is no problem. But consider a scenario where someone thought you make a good date only to find out that you are married. It will break their hearts that you were not true about your intentions.

Even though the internet gives you the freedom to be discreet, abusing it reduces your real-life credibility. It is easy to pass on for someone under disguise, but think of its repercussions. If it fulfills you, we are off the hook.

Relationships are not easy to manage. Even so, you don’t want to destroy the chances you have had with your spouse for long in exchange for a one-night meaningless relationship. And even with lots of temptations to look for casual dates, you should think about it deeply and make an informed decision.

Married on Tinder: My spouse is there too

So you couldn’t resist the temptation of using the app for hookups. But the surprising bit is that your partner is here too! What do you do? Is this the right time to confront them? We’ve tried helping you by advising against using the app even when married. Let’s flip it and talk about your partner.

Is it okay to talk about it? While you can come up with all manner of excuses, nothing justifies that you were cheating on your spouse. For instance, you could use that common line, “I was looking for someone to talk to, and nothing serious happened.” But, will they believe you? Well, it is for you to figure out.

Is it time to make scenes and create dramas? In this case, it’s a neutral ground; Tinder for married guys is a common medium for love like Tinder for wives. If you can justify why you are on Tinder, use the same reasoning to analyze your partner’s situation.

If you are sure that your spouse doesn’t have reasons to cheat on you, we could assume that you will believe them. You can think that the platform is some game where your spouse uses to pass the time. And if both of you are comfortable with being on Tinder, then there’s nothing to worry about. Provided you are honest and devoted to each other, we have no reason to condemn you for using Tinder.

How do I react with my Tinder married man or woman?

Your spouse has busted you; should you panic? It would be wise for us to discuss this side as well.

You have been together for years and suddenly notice that they are no longer as attentive as they used to be. Instead, your spouse spends more time on their phone. Plus, they no longer have time for sensible conversations. This trend is worrisome, and you have all rights to question such habits. It’s time to ask questions; after all, your spouse’s wellness equally matters.

You shouldn’t wait for long and let things escalate into huge unresolvable discussions. So, whenever you are doubtful, face the doubt head-on by talking with your partner. It will help regain your relationship’s stability as soon as you can.

The presence of dating apps brings about suspicious trends, and you have every reason to safeguard your marriage. Plus, you don’t want it to be a self-blame game when you can no longer save the situation because your spouse left you for someone they met online. So, explore your options and proceed with your (both parties) interests at heart.

We are both on Tinder for Couples, so what?

Like we mentioned before, Tinder is a top-notch brand in the dating space. So, we can understand if curiosity drove you to this app. After all, everyone is making a fuss about it. So why not experience the same?

Interestingly, you won’t believe that some couples explore Tinder together. But, you might ask, how does it work? Well, one partner can create a Tinder profile with your spouse’s consent. Or both of you can come up with a profile that recognizes you as a couple. In both cases, the spouses know what is happening on their profile, such as who finds them interesting and who is messaging them.

While this option is ideal, it comes with some benefits and downsides. We assume that they are using Tinder for married couples to spice their marriage specifically. But still, we could be wrong on this assumption.

Couples get attached after some time. But you cannot ignore the fact that the chemistry might no longer be evident. The absence of magic could be on and off, especially with children on board and even scaling heights.

The good thing is that you can work on your relationship and restore the magic. You can be innovative but still, run out of options. At this point, Tinder might cross your mind. The option is mischievous but acceptable if it will work for your good.

What do we mean? You both agree to use Tinder to meet someone who can help you restore the initial vibe between you. You can still meet for coffee and even enjoy dinner with this person.

It can get naughtier; you invite someone for a threesome and some wild fetish fantasies. You will still find people who don’t mind helping you spice your relationship. Ideally, the person is only there for specific reasons, and after accomplishing their mission, the couple decides when it is enough.

However, it will be best to tell you that this option could only work if both of you agree. Plus, you should overlook any harm that the arrangement could cause. Perhaps, the couple and the third party should agree on boundaries and how far the relationship should go. Otherwise, you might not like the consequences of such setups.

Can you let go?

So your marriage is spiced up, and you are enjoying fun, memorable moments! The arrangement interests you, and you are torn between keeping and letting go. How do you deal with confusion?

Well, it goes down to your agreement as a couple. Both of you should be transparent and discuss the way forward. But what if one of the partners can’t let go? Put yourself in a scenario where someone has spiced your life. Chances are, you don’t want to lose them and will do everything to make them stay.

You secretly plan to go on a date with this person without your husband’s consent or awareness. And before you know it, you are already tossing with the person in bed with guilt overwhelming your emotions.

You can cut this connection immediately by terminating the relationship. Since you don’t want to regret your decision, it will be best to remove your profile from Tinder by deleting it. After all, you owe no one explanation after achieving what you were looking for (spicing your relationship with your spouse). You can explore this option if your match also has stronger feelings for you and is unwilling to let go.

Otherwise, confess to your Tinder match and tell them that you are uncomfortable dating them behind your spouse’s back. Let the person know why you are unwilling to proceed with the arrangement. Remember, courtesy goes a long way in determining how the match will respond.

As you can imagine, Tinder for married is not an option if you are looking for stability in marriage. Perhaps, the easiness of letting go after you have achieved your goal should be the reason to reconsider your decision.

Pulling through? You can avoid being caught!

How can married on Tinder still work for you without being caught? You decided to be on Tinder to make friends and see how it works even though you are married. But you find it hard to stop using the app. You are also scared that your spouse might find out. And we can imagine you crossing your fingers for that not to happen.

While being caught isn’t the best scenario to be in, then why should you go on? But we understand your desire, and we can help you avoid being caught on Tinder. Let’s see some of the favorable options.

How to avoid being caught on Tinder

This is the juicy part. Though you know that it is unethical to cheat on your spouse, you should avoid being caught. You should be cautious as you wade through this thrilling experience. It is possible to hide your phone, but for how long? You’ll still be caught.

We have two ideas for you;

  1. Think of a fake Facebook profile and use it to sign up on Tinder.
  2. Create a Tinder profile with fake details. Be sure to use pictures that won’t reveal your true identity (consider blurred photos over using someone’s).

But what does fake mean? First, everything, including your name, age, and location, shouldn’t hint about your true identity. Also, work on your bio so it doesn’t reveal too much information about you (your spouse can still spot you from afar by reading the bio and connecting to you).

With fake details, make sure that some of the info is true so that your match doesn’t feel like they fell in love with a fake. Think of it as a way of convincing a match while still factoring in the possibility of not being caught cheating.

While this can help, we still advise that you customize some of your phone settings, especially those that can unlock the Tinder app. This way, your spouse will need permission to access the app.

We also caution against using the app because you can never be so discreet in an affair using the web. Finally, note that we can’t really emphasize your behavior and conduct when around your spouse. Otherwise, they will still note behavior change and suspect that you are having an affair.

What if?

So, nothing can stop you from using Tinder for married men and women! Maybe you’ve explored your worst-case scenarios (being caught) and learn how to face this bravely. Or maybe you are still contemplating the idea of using the Tinder app for affairs.

Any dating space is a small world, and as you can imagine, your acquaintances might still be on Tinder. What if your friend or spouse’s acquaintance is on Tinder? Will they notify your partner? It’s a case of maybe, maybe not.

But how will these happen if you use fake details? Well, remember Tinder asks you for location before suggesting matches. Even if you used a fake location, your acquaintances might appear in possible match suggestions depending on how far you are from each other.

Assume your match shows interest, and before you know it, you are head over heels for them. The shock on you; it’s someone you know (and the sad bit they know you are married)! Well, you didn’t see this coming. How does that sit on your spouse? Are you ready to explain what the hell you are doing on Tinder? Well, we can guess that you will have a difficult time.

Then there is another possibility that you haven’t thought of. You signed up on Tinder with fake profiles. After browsing through many profiles, who do you bump into? Your husband or wife! What’s the reaction? The conversation might not be pleasant.

If you can’t face your spouse if you are caught on Tinder, you are better off without it. And even if your acquaintance confronted you, your credibility will be at stake since you posed as a fake. Let’s say it is a complex topic up for discussion –it’s a twist of maintaining your credibility while still looking for casual flings.

What if we told you the truth? Like we said earlier, it’s of no use giving you false hopes. Using Tinder for married people is more like sticking your hand in the fire; you will definitely burn! Nevertheless, the app sounds intriguing, and we can’t blame you if, perchance, it thrills you.

That said, it is not worth being on Tinder regardless of how you look at it. So unless you are ready to face your spouse with explanations of what you were doing on Tinder, we suggest that you find other ways to enjoy yourself as you look for secret affairs.

Is your partner using Tinder?

You might suspect that your spouse is on Tinder. Now that you know how not to be caught, can you know if your spouse is on Tinder? Yes! You may ask, “how?” We tell you:

  • Look for drastic behavior changes in your spouse. Do you still receive the same treatment and attention? If these are missing, think twice (especially if everything else is perfectly fine).
  • Check your devices if you always share them. For instance, you could check your spouse’s phone or PC. It is easy to find out by checking the devices. Though you can customize some settings, it is impossible to hide the Tinder app from your devices unless you keep uninstalling the app now and then.
  • An investigator specializing in cyber and security might help. But this option is costly, though worth every penny if it means unmasking your spouse’s behavior.

Another risky option is to create a Tinder account to find out if your partner is cheating on you. But then, it goes back to the same point you were running from (justifying why you are on Tinder).

Instead of wasting time trying to prove your suspicions, why not face your spouse and confront the doubt head-on! It will be best to solve such issues when you notice any behavior change. Think of it as a way of helping your partner.

The fact that your wife or husband is using Tinder for cheaters means that there’s a lot more you can do to strengthen your relationship. Perhaps they just started using the app recently, or maybe it’s been going on for a while. Either way, help your spouse before they are deeply lost in the ‘secret world.’ After all, it is not too late to work on your marriage.


Are you contemplating the Tinder affair route? It is a mix of what you want versus your credibility and what the decision could mean for your spouse. If you want Tinder for secret affairs, think about what’s at stake.

We have heard of people who have used the app for self-esteem purposes. If the latter is your main reason for being on Tinder, then you can go ahead and explore what it has in store for you. And if you haven’t found your soul mate, why not Tinder? So if you were thinking of Tinder for married, you should reevaluate if it is worth your adventure.


Can couples use Tinder?

The decision to use Tinder is subjective; your intentions inform your decision. If you want to use it to ignite the chemistry between your spouse and you, discuss it with them. Otherwise, using Tinder isn’t a good idea if it is you who found your spouse on the app for obvious reasons (affairs).

Why are the married using Tinder?

The reasons vary from one person to another. But mostly, they are looking for sex and extramarital affairs. Some would be honest about wanting to make friends, while some couples intend to spice their marriage by involving a third party.

How can I use Tinder if married?

If you suspect your spouse might catch you when using Tinder, creating a fake Facebook account and link it to Tinder will be best. Then, sign up with fake details. Also, work on your photos so that no one recognizes you.

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