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What Are Hinge Answers?

What Are Hinge Answers?

Hinge is a unique online dating app that blends Tinder and Instagram to create an amazing platform where you can meet new people, find dates, and even your future wife or husband.

When creating a Hinge profile you can upload 6 photos and answer 3 questions also known as prompts. You can select these questions from a list of Hinge prompts and they feature prominently on your profile. Currently, you can only display a maximum of 3 but can change them at any time.

These questions are very versatile and you will find funny Hinge prompts as well as more serious ones. You have complete freedom in the way you want to answer these questions and due to this can use them to attract matches and stand out from other users.

Hinge prompts actually play a major role in your success on the app as apart from pictures they are the most important way users decide if they want to match with you. This is why it is incredibly important that you not only choose interesting Hinge app questions but come up with creative answers.

By providing interesting answers you can instantly boost your number of likes and start meeting awesome new people today! To help you out we are going to provide you with examples of the very best Hinge prompts and answers and show you how to create your own epic answers. Let’s get started!

Highly Effective Clever Hinge Answers

Are you looking for the best answers to Hinge questions? Then check out some great examples below. You can use the following examples for inspiration to make your profile more appealing and score more matches!

Best travel story?

Went to Thailand for a two-week holiday, came home 2 years later fluent in Thai, and with more than 1 unexplained tattoo.

What I wanted to be when I grow up

A professional food critic. I achieved my goal but I’m yet to receive my first check!

This year I really want to?

Learn a new language, run a marathon and start an investment portfolio

I’m convinced that

Fate has led you to read the best Hinge answer 2024 and now you will like my profile.

My ideal fake sick day

Live streaming my day at the beach to all the guys in the office and maybe a slightly too long brunch with cocktails of choice.

Worst roommate story?

Had to share a womb with someone who looked exactly like me for almost 9 months!

How to choose Hinge App Questions?

To come up with the funniest Hinge answers you need to first select the best questions. Luckily, Hinge lets you choose from almost 100 fun and interesting questions. Some of these questions are better than others while others will leave next to no likes.

When selecting a good Hinge question you need to put yourself in your ideal date’s shoes and ask yourself if they will find it interesting. You also need to make sure that you can answer the question in a truthful and interesting fashion. As you only have 150 characters to answer you need to make your answer punchy and get to the point fast. Check out our examples below to find the best Hinge app questions which will help you score dates!

Believe it or not, I

– If I wasn’t a doctor, I would probably be a chef.

Do you know why this answer will get such a positive response?

This is a perfect question to get a conversation started. Obvious follow up questions include what type of doctor you are, where did you study, and then your potential date can also take the conversation in the other direction and ask about your cooking skills! And of course, this answer shows that you are successful, highly driven and someone who’s ambitious. You are displaying your high status in a natural and intriguing way.

Now you understand what a good Hinge answer looks like, let’s look at an example that needs a little improvement!

Believe it or not, I

– I can’t stand tomatoes

This answer is so bland and just overall uninteresting. Everybody has different foods they don’t enjoy. Unless you have some interesting back story on why you can’t even look at a tomato you should avoid mentioning your dietary choices. And don’t even think about mentioning you can’t eat gluten, that is a fast way to lose lots of potential dates!

Most girls say “ I want someone Hinge answers” with creativity and humor, mentioning your favorite foods isn’t going to get anyone interested!

Let’s get back to looking at some clever Hinge answers that don’t induce cringe and may even make you laugh!

The most spontaneous thing I’ve done

–Resigned Tuesday afternoon and hop on a flight to Europe on Wednesday morning

People who are spontaneous, exciting, and willing to take risks have an undeniable attractiveness to them. Don’t be afraid to share your adventurous side when answering Hinge questions. However, don’t be surprised if you start getting some girls and guys and matching with you!

How my mother would describe me?

– She would never admit my pumpkin pie is superior but she would proclaim me as the master of pc and phone repairs!

You can’t go wrong extolling your skills as a cook and also a tech wizard. I am sure lots of girls and guys would appreciate someone who could whip up a cake with one hand while also fixing your iPhone with the other!

I know the best spot in town for

For checking out the skyline and the stars, it is completely free!

Who wouldn’t be intrigued to find out where this top secret lookout spot is? When selecting questions and coming up with answers remember to keep it light and playful. Avoid being crude or too over the top. You need the perfect balance of humor and seriousness to captivate the interest of a reader and get them excited enough to like your profile.

How Not To Write Hinge Answers

Before you start creating the best Hinge answers you need to know what a terrible answer looks like! Check out some examples of people who could use some improvement below:

When creating a Hinge answer you need to avoid all negativity. Nobody wants to associate with people who are sad and depressed. People are looking to date others who will enhance their life and bring joy. Avoid the moodiness until at least the 3rd date!

You also need to add a little unique twist to your answers. If you have been scrolling through Hinge lately you will notice how many people give the same boring answers. If you want to attract interest, take some risks and write something a little unusual.

It is a fine line between some humor and being too ridiculous. While some users on Hinge will love your Mitch Hedberg jokes most will find it a little bizarre. To appeal to the most users as possible, moderate your wackiness and only show them a glimpse of your creativity.

Let’s take a look at some not so good Hinge answers. Be warned these answers may induce cringe and turn you off from online dating ever again. By showing you these failures hopefully, you can avoid the same mistake and your likes won’t suffer!

The dorkiest thing about me is

– I absolutely can’t stand doing the dishes

While you think this may seem like a throwaway line, the person reading this immediately comes to the conclusion that you are lazy. And that they are the ones who are going to be stuck doing the dishes every time they are with you!

You might be able to get away complaining about chores in your teens but this is a serious turn off to many people who are looking for someone who is capable of handling responsibilities and the real world.

Next time you write your Hinge answers try to view them from the reader’s perspective and visualize how your words may be interpreted. You definitely don’t want to come off as lazy and lacking initiative.

Let’s look at another Hinge answer failures

You should *NOT* go out with me if

– You have a problem with me seeing my friends every Saturday

This answer just reeks of selfishness. How many girls or guys are going to be ok with a partner abandoning them every weekend to go hang out with their friends? With an answer like this, you are immediately filtering lots of potential dates who are looking for a bit more commitment from their boyfriend or girlfriend.

To reframe this question and make it more appealing you could write instead: You should not go out with me if you are not a socially adventurous person who doesn’t like going on adventures and exploring new spots on the weekend. With this answer, you aren’t being selfish or excluding your new potential date.

The award I should be nominated for

  • Passing classes in college with the least amount of study time!

While it may sound cool to do little work and just skate by in life, most people are looking for dates who are ambitious and driven. People want to date others who are growing, developing, and striving for more, this only becomes more prevalent as people get older. Nobody wants to date a little child so you need to be careful about the image you present when answering even a silly question on Hinge.

Let’s end on a high note with an example of a good Hinge answer which will get you clicking that like button so fast!

My simple pleasures

Dinner by the beach with a glass of wine, listening to some live music and tucking into some freshly caught fish, and maybe starting with some oysters.

This answer is so good because it paints an incredible picture. You can close your eyes and picture yourself at a beachside restaurant, listening to music and looking out at the ocean. Who wouldn’t want to go on a date like that!

Final Thoughts On Hinge Answers

Hopefully, our examples of good Hinge answers gave you some ideas on how to come up with funny Hinge answers! As long as you are honest, use a bit of humor, and come up with a slightly original answer your responses will stand out from other users and you should have no problem boosting your likes! Don’t forget to experiment and try out some different prompts until you find ones that significantly increase your matches.

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