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Willow App Review 2021 – legit or a scam?

Willow App Review 2021 – legit or a scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is based on communication but not on images and photos
  • The interface is easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly
  • The app works smoothly, without any bugs and delays
  • You can find a match for long-term relationships here
  • The levels of aggression and abuse are quite low with this app
  • It works well for people who have difficulties with presenting their photos to the wide community
  • The app uses brand-new technologies and is constantly updated
  • The app is not suitable for those people who have problems with asking and answering questions
  • The interface may seem rather minimalistic, so it does not feel good for people who are ready for sex and short-term hookups only
  • The number of users at a certain moment can be restricted only to those who have answered your questions, so the choice does not seem limitless
  • The live support team is not available, so it is not for people who feel it problematic to find the solutions of their own

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Willow is a dating app. The idea is that members do not connect with others looking at their appearances and profiles. The algorithm is based on the information which users can get from each other by asking and answering questions. Here, the community built around the topic of interest for its members.

The single people, especially, the millennials, are looking for a partner in a digital area mostly. For example, according to the well-known statistics, one in ten long-term relationships in 2013 started online. As well, 5 % of all marriages of 2017 were the result of the online hookup, as a Pew Research Center study reveals. That is why the founder of the Willow App, Michael Bruch, wants to make the online dating experience as close to the offline partnership as possible. Communication is the most powerful trigger of successful relationships as he believes.

The Willow App is not just sexy. And the focus is on your ability to ask interesting random questions in quite an attractive way to spark up the ongoing captivating conversations. Only after that, you are allowed to share photos or learn more information about your correspondent.

Reputation And History Of Willow

Reputation And History Of Willow

There are some apps like Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid designed for those who want to find some love online. All of them have something in common. This thing is making judgments about potential partners based on looks.

Willow is quite a new app, and its main message is a different approach to dating. That is why it is becoming more and more reputable nowadays. The match is made not on the base of looks but on the base of answering questions. These questions are normally written by users, and they meant for the start of a conversation. Here, it is users who decide whether they would like to continue communication or to share their photos with other users.

The founder of the Willow App is Michael Bruch. He created this app because he wanted to put the «social» back to social media. Bruch is 24 now, and he is a graduate of New York University. He is a fresh out, and he launched the app, is on his last year. He had noticed before that most dating apps were using swipes rather than the users’ real preferences. He understood that it was very important to start talking with a person before matching to know who the person was and whether they were attractive at all.

Nowadays, Bruch believes that many people would share his interest in conversation before dating. And it has already been proven by the fact that over 100,000 users using the beta version of the app. They, on average, send about three messages per day.

The latest version of the Willow App also includes a «Discover» tab. It helps the users to find the most interesting and trending questions to answer. The clients’ interest, as recent research has shown, evoked by chance to find someone for dating without the pressure of showing their faces to the public. The people say that posted photos can cause a wave of frustration after receiving aggressive and fetishizing comments from other users.

So, Willow has changed the focus entirely – the idea is that someone should attract partners by their thoughts but not by their looks. It is especially important for the millennial generation, and Bruch considers it to be a mission of his app.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Website, App, Interface, Registration

There are some things you need to know about registration on the Willow App. The first one is that you can sign up from your mobile number or Facebook account. When you start the process, the verification code sent to the number you indicated.

The profile photo is not mandatory. Uploading it at first is even not recommended. You can pick out and customize the avatar image instead of showing who you are and what you are expecting here. Such information as your email or last name is not required either. The notifications settings can be customized as well. You will not need any email verification.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

So, as you can see, registration on Willow is a very simple process. There are the following steps within it:

  1. Provide your mobile number.
  2. Get the verification code.
  3. Insert the code onto the verification page.
  4. You will redirect to a personal page (you may ask about your email address or last name, but you can skip these questions).
  5. Instead, you will need to fill in your first name, gender, and age for a better connection.
  6. Set the time when you would like to receive mobile notifications.

Are The Accounts Real Here

Yes, since everybody has a chance to download the app, all the accounts and profiles are real. There is no need to create a fake profile if downloading the app is your choice and privilege. Look for the information about the overall look of your profile below.

Website And Mobile Version

Website And Mobile Version

There are no other versions of the Willow App apart from the mobile one. You cannot reach it from your desktop.

Special Features

The Willow App has a very clear and user-friendly design. When you open the app, you directed to the home page. There, you will see the questions from other users in «Popular,» «Local,» and «Global» tabs. In the top left corner, there is an icon that stands for «Settings.» The chat icon can found in the top right corner. You can recognize it by the plus sign. You will use it when you want to start a conversation by asking a question.

There are five icons in the bottom part of the page. The first one represents the home page, and the second icon with two arrows shows your chats exchanges. The third icon stands for «Search.» You can find questions there based on trending tags. The fourth image looks like a chat bubble. There, your questions are displayed as well as all the answers you can receive. The fifth icon stands for your profile. So, you can see that the app design is quite straightforward and intuitive so that you can find everything you need with no effort.

Partner Search

To start establishing the connection, you have to answer the questions from members that you can see on the homepage of the Willow App using the «Discover» tab. After you have answered the questions, the messaging option is unlocked, and you can continue messaging in your inbox.

If you see the question that you are unwilling to answer, use the tag option. To refuse the question, just move left, and you will see the «X» button, which you will have to click. The question will be removed from your timeline automatically. If you prefer to answer the question, just click on it and provide your answer in a special field. You can also see other clients’ answers by clicking the chat button. It located below the question on the right side.

How Does Willow Work?

Willow is an app developed specifically for mobiles. That why it works quite smoothly. It designed to give preference to the users’ personalities over their appearances – this preference achieved by encouraging discussions.

Another feature that makes the app run very smoothly is that connections are established with the help of conversations only but not with appearance photos and sophisticated images that are very often rather difficult to upload, making the whole process very slow. Moreover, there are no profile photos, but just some images can exchange between two members after the start of the conversation.

Searching Options And Filters At Willow

Searching Options And Filters At Willow

Since the dating app is conversation-based but not photo-based, the Willow App profiles have three tabs only. The first tab includes three parts but filling them out is optional:

  1. Traits – these are chosen by you from the «Traits» list.
  2. School – you can see the name of your school in the list or manually put it down if you do not find it on the drop-down tab.
  3. «About Me» – you will have to write this paragraph on your own to give a more detailed idea of who you are.

The next tab is a list of questions placed by other users on the «Question» tab. And the last tab is «Photo Gallery.» The access to it is not allowed to the members who haven’t connected to you by answering your questions. Another step to access is your permission to this member to access your gallery.

Communication Methods

The profiles in Willow are quite specific – they do not contain much information. You can write your short biography or story in the box «About Me.» You can also pick out some traits from the list that can characterize you best. Your profile photo not required, so you can choose any avatar symbol you’d like to.

You can answer the questions of other users that you like by checking the «Questions» tab in their profiles. Though, you will be able to see these members’ galleries only after you have answered their questions and got their approval to your request.

Willow App Alternatives

Willow App Alternatives

There are, of course, other dating apps that can be considered worth looking at. Some of them may be better or worse in certain aspects. Though, the Willow App is different. Among the most competitive dating apps, the following ones can mention:

  1. Ashley Madison
  2. SugarDaddyMeet
  3. Adultfriendfinder

There are others of that kind. And it is not correct to say that some dating app is better or worse than Willow. They are just different. The main difference in the Willow App is that users do not have to upload their profile photos. They can represent by an avatar chosen deliberately to describe their personality. Of course, members can also upload their photos to galleries, but they are hidden from others until they manage to establish a connection with someone and to receive the consent for showing photos from them.

Membership Price And Payment Methods

The Willow dating app is fully free of charge. You can download it easily from iTunes, Google Play, or App Store. The Willow App does not offer any premium membership.

Is Safety the Willow App Priority?

Is Safety the Willow App Priority?

There are detailed «Terms and Conditions» and «Privacy Policy.» They are monitored strictly and updated regularly by app administrators. You need to have a close look at them to be sure all your information is considered confidential and carefully protected. The users’ security is a priority for app developers. That is why any age, race, gender, cultural abuse is strictly forbidden.

Protection Is Technically Guaranteed

The app uses the most updated encryption protocols. It means that third parties are not allowed access to personal data. When you terminate the use of the application, all your information immediately deleted. The app developers and administration are not responsible for any malfunction or violations caused by the third party’s activity.

Does Any Support Exist?

Though you are not able to address all your questions immediately to the live support team, if you have some issues with the use of the Willow App, you can refer to the app administrators for assistance. All the problems related to the app functioning immediately resolved. If you have some questions, please have a close look at the FAQ section of the app. You are sure to find the most answers there.

Popular User Questions

There are some frequently asked questions, which are always important for users. If you have any other questions or issues, address them to the app administration or support team.

How To Pass Willow App Photo Verification?

You need to go to your profile and click the plus «+» sign on the «Photos» tab. You can create a photo gallery of your own by using this method.

How to permanently delete the Willow App account?

You can delete your account entering the «Settings» tab. Click the «Delete Account» button located at the bottom of the page. Another question is whether you can retrieve your older messages on your deleted account. The answer is: «No.» Because of the security matters, no information stored when you delete the account. As soon as you click the «Delete» button, you won’t be able to retrieve any old messages, connections, or conversations. There is no storage for details on deleted accounts. There is still one more question here: can you deactivate your account temporarily? Unfortunately, you cannot do it. No option of the temporary deactivation of the Willow account is available.

How to follow those who like me on the Willow App?

How to follow those who like me on the Willow App?

You have to sign up for getting an account and then answer some questions you can see on the dashboard. These are just conversation starters. You need to answer some of them to get connected with a user who has posted those questions.

After answering these questions, you can start a more prolonged conversation either with a member whose questions you have liked and answered or with the members who have liked and answered your questions.

You are not allowed to see any photos of other users until you get in touch with them by answering their questions and getting their permission to continue communication. You will be notified about their preferences in the «Notifications» tab.

Those members who have become your connections can be reached with the help of your messages inbox.

You may turn on «Location» on your mobile, but it is all optional. If the question you are answering comes from the member who is somewhere near your current location, the app can recommend you turn your «Location» on.

How To Cancel Willow Subscription

There is the «Block & Report» button in your abuser’s profile. You can completely block him or her by clicking that button.

Is There Any Subscription for the Willow App and How to Cancel It?

There is no subscription for the app. You just download it to your mobile and enjoy using it.


In conclusion, it is worth highlighting that the concept of the Willow App is quite unique. The priority, unlike in other dating apps, is given to making connections with the help of conversations. You can be sure that you will manage to meet someone who shares your views and opinions owing to this app. The connection built in this way is truly faceless and made with your heart.

Many dating app users nowadays are tired of those face-based and fast-paced matches, so they are searching for something new to boost their feelings and emotions. The app seems to be the best option for such people. You can also check other dating apps if you believe that this way of dating and connection is not for you. Nevertheless, it is always worth trying, and you are sure to like it the Willow.

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Alyssa is a certified Adult Relationship coach. Her sharpness, analytical intellect, and compassion make her an excellent relationship specialist. No matter the problems clients present, she ensures to put together thorough analysis and emotional intelligence. All that, including empathy and her knowledge of working with various personalities, enables her to find solutions to client’s issues.
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Customer reviews
Julia Cruz
by Julia Cruz Oct 22, 2021
The wisest investment I've available are signing up with and making use of this excellent website. I'm a relationship at this point, and with thanks to the app for these types of good fortune. We've been along for 30 days together with a fantastic energy jointly. Therefore, I guess I had been lucky to meet up my mate because the whole procedure is fantastic on the website. All its options supply possibility of figure out lots regarding the spouse before getting the initial date. Using the internet communicating certainly beneficial to choose somebody who match your very own measure and aspirations. My personal existence on this website put a great deal fun and recreation to my life. Extremely, I'd recommend it to all or any consumers wanting good quality fits.
Joe Nguyen
by Joe Nguyen Oct 21, 2021
My favorite practice until now has-been 100percent remarkable. That is a great app with easy messaging. Technical support is also cool. As soon as we forgot a password together with to reset they. Okay, nicely, things ended up being sorted out in a short while. I've currently received some partners to have a chat with, but I'm maybe not pretty quickly to meet up someone outside of the internet. I'm experiencing the procedure at this point since the communication in my preferences is actually fantastic and becomes myself in regularly. Close amount, most horny users, and routing happens to be simple. I really like such a simple and good solution to online hookups.
by Issac Oct 16, 2021
Magnificent dating site! We accompanied it this past year and since consequently achieved a couple of good friends with advantages. Additionally, I speak to a few owners from my favorite write. Talking is excellent, as a chat window is very convenient. People tend to be open-minded, pleasant, and productive. You will find certain choices, with zero people judges me. Thus, I feel absolutely as well as comfortable.
by Anderson Oct 08, 2021
My own relationship had not been most wealthy before I've enrolled with this app. What changed immediately when I enrolled and moving texting those I've wanted on the webpage. As you can imagine, some individuals denied myself, but that's definitely not a problem. Likes change, since it is mentioned. Commonly, I've received very correct meets that enabled me to making numerous pals. One of those actually obtained under my favorite epidermis. Within fourteen days of talking, we all grabbed all of our fundamental day. As things was tip-top, we've scheduled the second date soon. It appears I've obtained the excellent accommodate.
by Macey Oct 03, 2021
Exceptional provider if you are not afraid of online dating services and open dialogues. The application are well organized and has now many signed-up owners. Messaging is easy, and all of other choices are really simple to access and see. For me personally, I've currently discover a buddy with who the biochemistry is absolutely clicking on.
by CONNER Sep 29, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and adore experiments. I'm not just monogamous, no less than these days. In all honesty, your habits is far from conventional social norms, but frequently really feel unhappy even among household members or nearest pals. Quite a few were joined, so I'm went stir outrageous as I think her meaningful looks. Extremely, without a doubt, it's fairly difficult to come and spend time with like-minds in case you live-in a huge area, in which folks are way too active develop unique contacts. Therefore, these in pretty bad shape is the reason for becoming a member of this website. And my enjoy is smooth. We managed to line up those who want the exact same factors and read my want to continue to be free, without devotion, claims, as well as this some other hooey. Yet another great things usually there I've found some bi-curious individuals. I prefer the functionality with the website since it's very enough for initial correspondence. Possibly, a person wishes most advantages, however in my estimation, you need to get a date if you want in-depth socializing. While checking pages, I learn lots of blank your. I wish consumers could pay out even more focus on their unique existence on the webpage. Speaking of the site's performance, things are ok. No problems with log on, communications, etc. help services is effective and it's readily available around the clock. I'm grateful to bring a virtual location for my own preferences and fancy. It's really cool after group shouldn't enforce its standards but is on the same webpage.
Sam Kim
by Sam Kim Sep 23, 2021
I enrolled with this great site just the past year and have amazing knowledge. Right now, We have a reliable and mind-blowing mate, and we're close with each other. I'd advise the software because i've read from lead skills that is effective. I realize that most individuals typically whine about no meets, believing that they merely waste time and cash. Nevertheless, i ought to observe that when anyone cannot look for a partner, they frequently start their particular downfalls to exterior aspects. Task, family members, online dating sites, to phrase it differently, often there is anyone to take responsibility. Still, you shouldn't disheartenment, and things will likely be fine. Eg, they took me about 7 several months to fulfill my favorite partner.
by Edwin Sep 18, 2021
The dating site is easy, and course-plotting is a breeze. We access an ample many facts and understandings for owners that seem attractive to myself. Actually, i actually do appreciate standing on this incredible website. I really couldn't experience my personal newest friend till now. However, I stumbled upon multiple wondering people to speak with. I feel complimentary and calm while talking with them. I strongly suggest this website to everyone that is interested in close companionship, regardless of version of commitment.
by Dani Sep 09, 2021
Really good thoughts. I've found an abundance of nice and interesting folks and a few freaks . that's the norm while you are on the internet. Some suits are not within my place . that's why we remained close friends. I ought to claim that this specific service gets many devices to create some other individuals keep in mind a person. For starters, it's enough room to produce the account and provide adequate the informatioin needed for your appearance and characteristics. Consequently, texting happens to be ok. Commonly, an individual access full online telecommunications and that can receive a romantic date at any time whenever you are prepared to fulfill your favorite in real life.