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Zoosk free trial June 2024 – Instruction how to chat on zoosk for free

Zoosk free trial June 2024 – Instruction how to chat on zoosk for free

Online dating would be costly for average customers if there were no Zoosk free trials. Imagine finding a genuine dating platform. You come up with an attractive username, create a detailed profile, and upload your best pictures. However, you get directed to a subscription section when you think it is time to find matches and interact with them. What is even sadder is that the membership plans might cost more than what you pay for groceries per month.

Dating companies understand how disappointed customers get when they spend a lot of money on services they have not used before. So, they allow you to test it first. Zoosk is among the understanding dating platform that lets members test their services for free. You do not need a promotion code either.

This article contains all the details people need regarding the Zoosk dating platform free service. In addition, you will understand the various ways to use the service without spending money. Finally, you will even get more information about the promo code for Zoosk.

Most of the questions you may have will get answered. They include, is there a free trial, you customers get free coins, and can one message other people for free.

There are two methods of using the matchmaking platform. One of them is registering as a free user to find a match. The second one is by gaining coins to the forum. You can use what you get as a premium customer.

The platform has both computer and phone versions.

The app experience is not different from that of the PC site. You can look for matches, swipe profiles, and message other members. There are no additional charges involved in any of the platforms.

The top website features

  1. SmartPick

The feature is the heart of the dating service. It is an algorithm that is excellent at monitoring people’s behavior and matching them with the most compatible partners.

  1. Carousel

The dating site features a swiping method for searching for matches. It is known as a carousel, and it functions like Tinder. The only difference is that the dating pools for the websites are not the same.

If you find someone attractive, you will give them a green checkmark. However, if you do not like a person, you have to provide them with the red X.

Also, if you like a person so much, you should click on the gold star. If two members like each other, the site will inform them.

  1. Verification using Facebook

A significant dread that accompanies internet dating is that there will be a ton of phony profiles. Zoosk permits registered people to confirm they are who they say they are through Facebook. While this framework isn’t great, it’s way better than dating destinations that sit idle.

If you’re concerned that Zoosk will post on your Facebook, relax; that won’t occur. Confirmation ensures you are not fake. Having genuine users increases success on the site.

  1. Gifts

You can pay some cash to get coins (known as Zoosk coins) that permit you to purchase presents for different individuals. These aren’t genuine gifts; they’re advanced pictures/emoticons that appear on the individual’s profile. While they can’t do anything substantial with the gift, it shows an additional layer of interest. Assuming you need to put yourself solidly in their view in front of other singles, ‘gifts’ is a pleasant component to utilize.

  1. Coin boosts

Zoosk coins have other uses besides buying gifts. For example, you can use them to boost your profile. You only need a few bucks to have your profile appear on top searches for a certain period. So, more people will see you, and you will get more matches.

The free trial for the Zoosk dating platform

In this section, you will learn about what the free trial offers. The 1st service is being able to open an account. The registration activity entails answering a few questions, filling out your profile details, and uploading photos.

The top feature allows you to unlock Zoosk messages without subscribing. You can reply to messages from premium customers. When people upgrade their accounts, the premium feature gets added. You can send messages to anyone on the website, including people with free accounts. The free users also can reply to the messages they receive.

So, even if you do not spend any money on the site, you can use the Zoosk free message feature to communicate with premium customers that contact you first.

Lastly, free members can view profiles and photos of other users. There is no blurring, limiting access, or anything else to stop you from considering other customers. If there is something you wish to see on the dating site, the trial version got you.

What the free trial does not give users

There are things you cannot get using the trial version. One of them is that you cannot start a conversation. You can only respond to the messages you receive. So, if you wish to initiate a chat, you will have to upgrade your membership.

The second thing is that you will not be able to access the live chat option. The feature lets people communicate with others in real-time when they are active.

Lastly, you cannot use intelligent pick technology. However, the robust algorithm helps in matching like-minded individuals.

The bottom line, the trial version is quite robust. Moreover, the fact that premium users can contact you makes it worth trying.

Signing up for the Zoosk trial

Registering to get a free trial is not difficult. First, you only need to load the dating site and create your account. After that, you can choose the thirty days trial period.

The cost of the free trial

It sounds silly to talk about payment in a free trial. However, some dating platforms offer them at a cost. Alternatively, you can get a free trial that needs you to provide your credit card information.

Zoosk is one of the top dating services that offer a free trial without charge. You will not even need to provide your payment details. The site makes it easy to test its offers. They are confident that people will love their service and won’t hesitate to pay to make the most out of it.

Upgrading your membership gives you access to more features. Gaining coins is also advantageous to customers.

How a free trial differs from free membership

The free trial lasts thirty days only, while a free membership goes on as long as a user is active on the website. Your free membership will remain active provided you adhere to the dating company rules. Then, you can look for matches and chat with them. So, customers can connect forever and have exciting dating experiences while not spending money.

Register without paying to get a Zoosk subscription

In this section, you will learn how to get Zoosk for free membership.

Zoosk was one of the earliest dating sites to integrate social media platforms. However, you do not need a Facebook account to become a member of the Zoosk platform.

You can only consider linking a Facebook account if you want to speed up the registration activity. The site will collect your personal information and picture options to share on your page.

The other registration method is filling out a signup form. The details needed include email address, birth date, zip code, gender, and password. The site detects VPN. So, you must use the zip code of your country.

Upon entering the signup details, the site sends an activation link to your email. When you click on it, you will access the website. However, you will have limited features unless you enter your number and provide the code you receive.

The dating website will also encourage you to improve your account credibility by linking Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Anyone above eighteen years can join the dating platform without paying. As a free user, you can look for matches close to where you live.

The dating service is free. However, there are some limitations if you don’t subscribe. Generally, the free version is the best way to analyze how the site functions, find out who the users are, and know the types of partners you can get.

The people that believe that the free version is worthless are wrong. There are many ways to acquire credits to contact people on the website, like a premium member.

The dating company offers discounts. Among them is the free thirty days trial. In addition, there are no limitations to what you can do during the trial period.

Below are some of the things you can do during your trial period

  • You can build a complete profile and upload pictures.
  • You can find matches through searching.
  • You can browse more than forty million people registered on the website.
  • You can send winks.
  • You will know how to chat on Zoosk for free. The communication service allows you to contact anyone you like.

The other way to use the dating platform is by acquiring coins. Some of the things you can do with them are in the next section.

Getting Zoosk coins and using them

The coins are a form of virtual currency. Customers can acquire them and use them to access more website features. Below is what you can do as a free user to gain the coins. The activities can bring you between seventeen and thirty coins.

  • You can get coins when you download the dating app.
  • When you refer a person, you get awarded coins.
  • When you become a fan of the dating platform Facebook page, they reward you coins.
  • You can gain from participating in raffles and surveys.

Below is what you can do with the coins you earn

  • You can unlock potential partners from the site section referred to as the swiping carousel.
  • You can give other members virtual gifts. The website allows sending virtual gifts to show people your intentions are honest.
  • Your profile can become highlighted in the search findings, which help you receive more matches. During that time, expect more messages too.

Zoosk promotion code

The best thing about the matchmaking platform is that customers do not need a Zoosk coupon to register for the free service. Instead, you can provide your registration details and start looking for matches within your location.

After exploring all the website features, you choose to upgrade your account using the specified payment options. The free trial gives you access to excellent features but subscribing brings you more benefits.

Premium customers at times get promotion codes when they pay with their credit cards. Therefore, it is advisable to use the one-month trial first to see what the website offers before upgrading your membership.

Does the Zoosk promo code work?

Yes. The website has a promotion code in its payment activity. However, some coupon pages provide expired codes.

If you are lucky to find valid codes, you can get anything between 10% and 50% off your payment. So, it is worth using promo codes from trustworthy websites.

The dating company can additionally provide deals or send users discount codes. The offers remain active for a few days only. Ensure to check your email to avoid missing out.

What Zoosk subscribers get

The dating platform has three payment plans. You can pay per month, after three months, or after six months. The payment gets auto-renewed unless you stop it. The monthly charges reduce as the payment duration goes up. So, if you choose the six-month plan, your monthly price will be less than what you would have paid for a one-month subscription.

Below is a summary of the amount premium users pay

  • One month: $29.99.
  • Three months: $59.99.
  • Six months: $74.99.


  • One hundred and eighty coins: $19.99.
  • Four hundred and eighty coins: $39.99.

Premium account holders enjoy a variety of features, and there can be a Zoosk discount at times. Below is a description of each to help you see the difference between using a free trial and subscribing.

  1. Many ways to connect with other individuals

There are many ways to find suitable partners on the dating platform. However, the possibilities make the service stand out from most dating companies.

  • You can use the swipe feature like in the Tinder app.
  • You can use many search filters. The options help in narrowing finds to the most suitable partner.
  • There is even the innovative picking process that uses matching behavior to connect with like-minded people.
  • There is a super send feature that lets customers exchange messages for free. You can also present yourself to many people. The option saves time and allows members to initiate chats quickly.

Creating your profile and responding to the personality test questions plays a significant role in the intelligent pick feature. It would be best if you were clear to get perfect partners.

The display pictures and attractive usernames also help in finding suitable matches faster.

  1. Virtual gifts

The dating platform has a currency system that customers use to purchase gifts to stand out. The presents include flowers, beach balls, chocolate, etc.

Members can also use coins to send their matches emails, text more, or have highlighted profiles.

The coins are not mandatory. So, you may not need to purchase them, and it is possible to acquire them without paying. Some of the ways to get them are:

  • By using the service.
  • Following the dating company’s Facebook page.
  • Recommending the services to other people.
  1. Support and security features

The dating company has customers’ safety at heart.

There is an anti-fraud group that operates day and night.

They remove fake profiles from the website.

The platform also uses a strict verification procedure. No member can access the service without passing the process.

Also, customers can report fake accounts. In addition, there are report and block options that prevent malicious members from contacting you when clicked on.

Premium customers also access tools that guide them through online dating activity. The help can make you successful in finding what you want.

There are also tools to enable you to know when you are in danger.


The dating company also has a support system. Customers that encounter challenges can use a contact form to reach a representative. An FAQ section is also available. Customers can find answers to most of their questions without contacting a support agent.

The support representatives work around the clock. They ensure to solve the issue or respond to customers’ inquiries on time.

The Zoosk dating site trial conclusion

The dating service emerged in 2007. There are millions of users, but not all of them are active. So, it can be frustrating if you are in a hurry to chat and arrange a date.

Statistics show that customers send 1.6 million messages every month, and the application has more than ten million downloads.

Most members are from the US, and most of the population is between twenty-five and thirty-four years. However, the other age brackets also have a good number of users. Most of them want a long-term affair or relationship that can lead to marriage. Since the population is high, the probability of getting a suitable partner is high. There are many success stories so far. Most previous users found their wives or husbands through the dating platform.

The Zoosk membership free trial is worth checking out. It may not give you all the benefits that premium customers enjoy. Still, it enables you to get an idea of how the site functions. You can use it to determine whether you should upgrade your account or not.

Zoosk is among the top dating platforms in the world. There are various ways to interact with other members. Safety gets guaranteed. You encounter real users and more.

You can also earn coins which you can use to access advanced features. The services you get will help you understand the Zoosk free dating app better.

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