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Chemistry vs. eHarmony – which is better?

Chemistry vs. eHarmony – which is better?

Are you looking for love and a stable connection? Then, you’ve come to the right place. It is a comparison article about the two biggest dating sites with similar characteristics called Chemistry and eHarmony. These sites are known for their dedication to clients and the ability to find long-term relationships. Both of the sites position themselves as the biggest platforms with everyday communication between strangers all over the world.

Chemistry is a daughter company of the site, one of the first platforms ever to let strangers find love on the Internet. It started its way in 2005, back when online dating wasn’t a normal day-to-day thing. People used to have Internet connections for one-night stands and because of boredom. That is why the infamous developed a modern website to prove that Internet communications and meetings are more than hookups and feelings can be involved. It was a rebel auction against mindless sex and one of the first manifestations of online attraction.

How does the site work? It uses the smart searching engine to combine people who allegedly have chemistry, hence the name Chemistry. If you don’t want to waste your life on surface-level connections, provides and guarantees you will find the only one in several months.

eHarmony is another legendary site for adults looking for stable relationships. This site positions itself as one of the first family-oriented platforms to help you get engaged or build a long-lasting connection. If you’re looking for a long-term partner, this is one of the best choices for you. This site offers its clients to build a profile in a detailed manner so that other people are attracted to something more than just photos. If you’re not interested in having smart and profound connections, you can stick to other sites where photos are a matter of evaluation. However, searching for a lifetime partner takes more than rating someone’s photos; that’s the policy of eHarmony.

So, which one is better, eHarmony vs. Chemistry?

What’s the difference between Chemistry and eHarmony

Chemistry is a dating site for strangers who look for long-term relationships, targeted at a more mature audience. Although Chemistry dating vs. eHarmony has apparent similarities, they still have some significant differences. For example, Chemistry allows clients to see who visited their page. In addition, the whole site works on personality type compatibility. At the beginning of your journey with this platform, you will have to provide information based on subjective tests to help the site determine your personality type. Why the personality types? Because this assessment helps you in further seeking, the partner has every chance to be most compatible with your type.

Consequently, people with similar types are easier to bond over one specific interest or an outlook on this world. The site also provides articles and blogs on dating to help you get better at relationships and build stable connections. The website uses encryption data which makes it safe and secure for visitors regardless of their age or location.

eHarmony also acquires similar features and works the same way. The main purpose of the eHarmony website is to unite the hearts of mature people grown enough to have a stable connection. However, it might have some peculiar features that make this site more unique.

Here you can send smiles to visitors instead of interacting with them directly if you don’t know what to start your conversation with. The site allows you to flirt and send pre-made questions that serve as ice-breakers. That way, you can avoid awkward first conversations and develop an idea if you’re not a talker. Here you can also add users to your favorite list to get back to their accounts if you’re interested in further communication. One of the main features of eHarmony suggests is video dates where you can interact with users via video calls as you would normally do on Skype and other types of video connection tools.

Pros and cons


Pros Cons
Great site for single adults looking for stable relationships Not very modern design
Applicable for Christians who share similar values Email verification for every login
LGBT community-friendly Complicated payment methods
Your profile will be shown to every platform that belongs to the MarriageMinded group
Good ratings


Pros Cons
Simple and intuitive design Doesn’t have a monthly subscription
Easy and intuitive match search Doesn’t work for LGBT representatives
A super popular site with millions of daily visits More expensive than many other dating services
Top-notch premium accounts
Reasonable costs

Chemistry vs eHarmony: Audience comparison

Chemistry is a site that mainly gathers uses from the US, which is approximately 75% of the total audience. It is a site for older people comparing to usual dating platforms because men and women are in their 30s to 40s. It is the best age to look for a long-term and stable relationship; that is why the audience’s age directly correlates to the target of this site. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that Chemistry concentrates only on connections that lead to a wedding. Many mature men and women visit it for prolific communications and casual dates. Still, most website visitors want to obtain a friendship or a long-term relationship that leads to something more serious. The majority of Chemistry’s composition is women, approximately 80% of visitors. The majority of people here are straight, although you can come across other members involving the LGBT community.

As it was said before, most eHarmony clients are determined to find a long-lasting connection online. Because these people opt for long relationships, it’s evident that they will be more mature than visitors of an average dating site. Consequently, the age ranges between 26 to 35 years old, although you can come across representatives of every age group, including octogenarians and people below 25 years old.

This site collected visitors from all over the globe, though most singles are concentrated in the US. There are more than 200 countries represented on this site. According to the survey, many eHarmony visitors are college graduates and have stable jobs and a university degree. They are looking for serious long-term relationships and have no time for random hookups.

When it comes to gender representation, the pool is divided equally between men and women. There are 6% more males than females on eHarmony. This site is targeted at mainly straight people, and you can hardly come across representatives of the LGBTQ community.

Who Has the Better App?

Unfortunately, Chemistry doesn’t have an iPhone or Android app because this site is meant for a more mature audience. On the contrary, the website works great on every computer with every browser. In addition, you can still navigate the application by accessing the site from your mobile phone to find it easier to search for a partner somewhere outside.

When it comes to eHarmony, it has a free app you can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The application has the same design as its web counterpart. It is simple and concise. Here, you don’t have to see lots of advertisements and deal with spambots because the app lets you scroll down to your match list right away to pick your favorite. The application preserved all of the basic features you can obtain by navigating the website. It is applicable for members of every age category. You can either use it from the comfort of your home or somewhere outside. With the app, you have more flexibility and mobility to find a good match while sitting in the cafe or working. Mind that you cannot see the profile photos in the application because you will have to pay the Premium price to scroll through photographs and get to know users in person. It costs the same amount of money you would normally pay in a website version. So for men, eHarmony might be a better version in terms of the comfort of a web application.

Chemistry vs eHarmony: Interface and Usability – Who’s better?

Chemistry isn’t too big on design. There are no flashy decorations or modern features. But on the positive side, this site managed to combine simplicity and usability. You can navigate the site by easily accessing all the important features from the top menu or the sidebars. The screen loads within seconds, and all the pictures you will need, meaning photos of other users, are easily accessible and quick to download. All the data is encrypted, safe, and secure. If you need to turn notifications on, you can easily do it by enabling sounds and receiving real-time messages. The layout is easy and will be understandable for representatives of any age group. It was the primary goal of the site developers to make it as accessible as possible. Talking about usability, the site takes seconds to understand and to start working productively, so an intuitive search system should be no problem for computer beginners.

eHarmony uses a basic understandable interface that is mature-friendly and quite easy to get good at. Because you can navigate only some features, the menu bar and icons are not complicated. All you need to do is find an options bar and choose the right one to start talking to users. The site acquires a simplistic design without going into many details. All you need to see is the visitors’ name, age, city, and profile image, meaning you cannot see you there face before you talk to them or buy a premium account. The site doesn’t have many innovations, but it is pretty accessible for mature users who want to enjoy the possibility of talking and finding a partner without fidgeting or involving in games. If you need basic communication, it is the best site to please your expectations. All the categories are understandable and clear. All you need to do is find an applicable option and click on it to understand that eHarmony’s simplicity is rather an advantage rather than a disadvantage. You can see banners suggesting to upgrade your account, but there are no other advertisements to distract you there, which is a significant perk.

Chemistry or eHarmony: Pricing

Price Chemistry eHarmony
1 Month 34.99 USD
3 Months 64.99 USD
6 Months 74.94 USD 395.40 USD
12 Months 550.80 USD
24Months 861.60 USD

Chemistry obtains numerous free and fee-based services that will help you understand the dating game better. The site is on the cheaper side, which is great if you do not want to splurge on your first try. However, the site doesn’t have a yearly subscription, but you can buy a new premium account every six months if you want to. Some of the greatest fee-based options include sending and getting messages from visitors, including other users, into your favorites list and understanding when someone adds you to their favorite. Additionally, you can easily see who sent you a flirty message. If you’re not big on bureaucracy, you can pay a team of incredible writers to create an exciting profile for you for cheap. It will include an interesting backstory that increases the possibility of getting people attracted to your profile. Additionally, every paid user receives a unique nameplate with a special color, making them stand from other accounts. That way, you can see and talk to people who use premium and share additional information only paid users obtain.

When it comes to eHarmony, this site is on a pricier side of the spectrum because you will have to dish out a considerable sum of money to be a premium user. However, every penny is worth it because you’ve received a safe and secure connection not every dating site can boast of. Because photos on eHarmony are blurred, you can only see them after upgrading to a premium account. That way, not only can you talk to a stranger but scroll through their photos and add them to your favorites list. You will understand who added you to their favorites list as a premium member and who likes you so much they would return to your account.

Additionally, you will see all the visitors of your page and message them without limitations. You can also go ghost and look at the pages of other users incognito. Browsing anonymously gives you a perspective on safe navigation because you can look at the person before even talking to them and not being spotted. The main feature this site allows is searching for contestants outside your comfort zone. Even if you prefer a certain type, unless you choose the person from a first try, the site will offer you a random match who could be better than a user who 100% coincides with your expectations and knowledge. It makes dating easier and more fun.

What is the right choice: Chemistry or eHarmony?

GOOD FOR people who are in search of long-lasting relationships
GOOD FOR those who are in search of a perfect match

It was a tough battle, but according to the experts and objective truth, the eHarmony can be called the best dating site for adults and mature people looking for a lifelong partner. Because of the presence of an application, lucrative prices, and positive reviews, you can’t tell that this site is by far one of the best options for singles who want more than mingle. Every aspect of this site, including design and easy navigation, makes it a winner.

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