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Pros and Cons

  • Members: The website has a vast user-base of more than 66 million users from all over the world; this improves your chances of getting a perfect match while allowing you to choose from multiple available options
  • Unique guided communication system: The website has developed a unique guided communication system, and this system provides you with suggestive texts to start a conversation and keep the conversation going.
  • Detailed questionnaire: At the time of the creation of your profile, the website asks you to fill in a questionnaire to provide a brief knowledge of your preferences and choices; the site uses this data to find a most suitable partner.
  • Daily matches: The website and app will suggest you some random profiles daily for matchmaking based on your preferences.
  • Mobile App: The website has developed an application for Android and iOS users to access its services from mobile phones.
  • Subtle matching system: The website uses an extensive matchmaking system that matches you with a member by comparing and assessing the preferences and personal data very precisely. It also suggests you with the most suitable user profile to match with.
  • Expensive: As exciting and as promising the website maybe, but it cannot be denied that they charge their users a hefty amount of money to access the offered premium features
  • Search tools: As shocking as it may sound for a website with such vast numbers of users, eHarmony does not provide a search tool for any of its users, and users have to rely on the random matches suggested by the website entirely.
  • Straight only: The online dating services provided by eHarmony are meant explicitly for straight men and women only, i.e., the website does not offer online dating facilities to the LGBTQ community. However, ProSiebenSat has launched a separate site called "Compatible Partners" to provide similar dating solutions to the LGBTQ community.

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eHarmony is a mammoth of the online dating industry. Millions of single men and women use eHarmony to seek for a loving and caring partner who could fulfill their need for a serious and stable relationship. With over 66 million users worldwide, eHarmony has been continuously emphasizing on providing and improvising its user services since August 2000. The website is solely focused on providing long term and lasting relationship solutions to its users. There comes the point in every individual’s life where they simply want to put an end to their search for a perfect partner and desperately want to settle in with the love of their life, eHarmony has been helping such individuals find the love of their lives. Perhaps this is why the website has succeeded in attracting the humongous number of users to its platform.

Reputation and history of eHarmony

eHarmony history

eHarmony was launched by a German mass media company known as ProSiebenSat in August 2000 to provide serious dating and marriage related solutions to single men and women worldwide. The website is an esteemed online dating platform with over 66 million marriage-minded users worldwide, and as per the resources, the website creates around 15 million matches per day! The claims also hold that the site has made more than 600,000 couples get married through their online platform! The facts and figures indicate that the website is very reliable and provides results to its users.

Website and App Interface, Registration

eHarmony Interface

The web platform of eHarmony is designed in a user-friendly and straightforward layout. They have not updated the site much since its launch in 2000. Not intensively updating the website may have given it a dated look, but operation-wise & function-wise, it has managed to keep its users entirely satisfied. The site believes in providing the necessary tools and features required to find and communicate with a user matching your preferences; therefore, instead of densely crowding the website with excessive features and options, the site chose to stick with older layout and necessary functions & features. The website has a very tidy appearance with proper placement of menus, options, features, and tools with appropriate marking & highlighting.

Like its web version, eHarmony has designed its Android and iOS app with a primary and user-friendly interface. The navigation and browsing around the apps’ profiles are straightforward, and a new user can quickly get hold of the app in no time. You can quickly scroll down the profiles and perform various interactive operations using all the same features as the web platform. The app is convenient for users who are always on-the-go. However, the app’s profile pictures will appear blurry and only become visible upon purchasing a premium plan subscription.

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

eHarmony Sign up

The website and app both allow you to join using either a Facebook account or an email account. If you opt to join the site using the Facebook account, click on the “Join using Facebook.” Next, you will be prompted to the Facebook login page, Enter your Facebook credentials, and log into your Facebook account. Then allow eHarmony to access your necessary details on Facebook by clicking on “Allow,” You will successfully get registered with eHarmony, which will enable eHarmony to migrate your essential data and profile picture from Facebook to your eHarmony account automatically. While if you choose to join using the email address, you will have to fill up your necessary details, upload a profile picture, verify your email id to proceed and set up your user profile.

Once you successfully register with eHarmony using any of the given two options, you will be prompted to set up your user profile. Setting up your user profile can be a time-consuming task, and may need more than a couple of minutes to get through the whole process properly. Setting up your profile will require you to fill in a detailed questionnaire containing questions like:

  1. How do you describe yourself?
  2. How do you view your life?
  3. Your feelings, interests, etc.

You need to read each question carefully and answer accordingly. Once you are done with the questionnaire part, click on the “Let’s Go,” You will be prompted to the next section. In the following part, you will need to write a short description of yourself and provide some additional personal information such as your highest level of education, three things you are thankful for, etc.

Profile set up may require some of your time and efforts, but it is highly recommended to go through all the questions carefully and provide honest answers since the website relies on this data to find you a suitable match. Hence. More honest you are with the answers, the more suitable matches you will find.

Are the Accounts real here?

eHarmony Accounts

The website has adopted an intense and thorough process for setting up the user profile only to prevent fake users from spamming their user-base. As such, all the profiles on eHarmony are authentic, genuine, 100 % real, and belong to real men and women seeking a serious dating/ life partner for themselves.

Website and Mobile Version

In 2010 eHarmony released an Android and iOS application for its users to access the web services on their phones through the app. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and anyone can download it for free from the relevant store.

The Android app is labeled appropriate for 18+ user age, with an average rating of 2.6 stars from 37,000 reviews. With over 5 million downloads, the Android app requires Android version 5.0 and upon the device to run correctly.

The iOS version of the app is available at App Store with the 4-star ratings from 3.9 K reviews and has been marked appropriate for 17+ age. The app requires Apple devices with iOS version 12 or later to work correctly.

Special Features

eHarmony Features
  • Unlimited time account- You can use your eHarmony account for an indefinite time, i.e., eHarmony does not delete your user account even after you stop using it for a long time. The majority of the websites delete user accounts after a certain period of inactivity.
  • Personality profile- Personality profile on eHarmony has many details of a user, such as their name, type of relationship they seek, description of their physical appearance, personal characteristics, etc.
  • Straight Community- The website provides dating solutions to only straight males and females around the world and has no provisions of dating for gay, lesbian, transgender, and bi-curious people.
  • Send a smile- Under the suggested profiles list you can find a smiley icon next to each profile, if you click on this icon, a smiley will be sent to the owner of the profile. This is a way of expressing your interest in a member and a way to initiate a communication.
  • Guided communication- Guided communication is a uniquely designed feature of eHarmony; it provides you with suggestive messages to start a conversation or reply to a new message.
  • Add to favorites- Like most dating websites, you can easily add users’ profiles to your favorite list to enable yourself to access them in the future.
  • What if?- It’s a premium feature that provides extra 30 profiles to you aside from your preferences to experiment and enhance your chances of getting a match.
  • Video Date- “Video Date” is a fancy name for the video chat; a user can interact with its matches in video mode using Video Date.
eHarmony Search

The website has a vast user base of over 66 million global users, meaning the site provides numerous options for a user to find a perfect date and hence enhances the chances of getting lucky. According to internet sources, the website matches more than 15 million users daily and has helped over 600,000 eHarmony users get married. All the statistical data suggests that eHarmony is a trustworthy online dating platform where you can find your life partner.

How does eHarmony Work?

The website uses a subtle matching algorithm that matches your salient profile details with other users’ databases, including the personal information you provided when creating your profile and looking for most compatible matches. Once the algorithm successfully finds the profiles matching your preferences, the website will suggest these user profiles by displaying them on your dashboard to browse through and interact with them.

Searching options and filters at eHarmony

eHarmony options

It is a matter of sincere regret that such an esteemed, reputed, and old website does not provide any search tools. The members of eHarmony cannot search for other members using keywords or different search filters. However, the user profiles suggested by the matchmaking system of the website perfectly match the preferences of a user and the needs.

Communication Methods

The communication options available to you depend upon the category of your membership. If you are a free member, you can send winks and smiles and only five site-generated messages. If you have purchased a Standard membership of the website, you can reply to the messages received from a premium user and the features available to a free member. While if you are a premium member, you can access all the premium and free communication options offered by eHarmony to maximize your chances of scoring a hit. Following are some prominent communication features available on the website:

  • Guided Communication- The guided communication system is a virtual messaging assistant that provides suggestive messages for you when you open the message tab on a user’s profile to send them a message. The guided communication system provides some new icebreakers to start the communication with.
  • Messages- You can ignore the guided communication to send a personalized manual message to a user. You can always show your creativity while beginning a conversation and try to impress a user.
  • Instant Messenger- Using the instant messenger (IM), you can instantly receive and send messages to a user in real-time.
  • Send winks- Send winks is free and available to all feature, on the profile page of a user you can click on the wink button to express your interest in them, they will be notified for the wink and if they like you back, then they can either wink back at you or send you a direct message.
  • Add to favorites- Add to favorites is available as a free feature on the website. Anyone can add a user they find exciting & attractive to their favorites’ list to access their profile from this list without searching repetitively.

eHarmony Alternatives

Membership Price and Payment Methods

eHarmon Price

The premium membership plans on eHarmony will cast you in a range from $ 17.95 per month to $ 56.95 per month. Payment for every program has to be paid at once for the whole plan. However, you can also divide your plan fee in three equal installments payable in the first three months of membership. You can make payments using a Credit Card or PayPal account on eHarmony.

Free membership features

You can access and use the following features for free on eHarmony:

  • Register & Create Profile
  • View Profiles
  • Send Winks
  • Send five site generated messages (Guided Communication system)
  • Add to the Favorites list.

Premium Membership features

  • View pictures
  • View who added you to favorites
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Instant messenger
  • Browse anonymously
  • Get matches outside preferences.

How much is dating on eHarmony?

Name of Plan Duration Cost per Month Cost for the whole plan
Premium Lite Six months $ 69.90 $ 419.70
Premium Plus One year $ 22.95 $ 275.70
Premium Extra Two years $ 17.95 $431.40

Fee for any plan of your choice has to be paid at once. However, the website allows you to take a 3-payment route, where you can divide your plan fee into three equal installments and pay these three installments in the first three months of your membership. Under the 3-payment route fee of six months, one year and two-year plans can be paid in three equal installments of $ 139.90, $ 91.90, and $ 143.80.

Is eHarmonysafe?

As per the privacy policy of eHarmony, the website claims to take all necessary measures into account to ensure the safety of personal data of its users by following all the required protocols. The site also claims that they do not share any personal information of its users with third parties. On eHarmony’s web and app-based platform, you can block & report an abusive and unruly user.

Technical side of Protection

eHarmony complies with TRUSTe’s privacy policies and has been awarded TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal. The website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and strong 3DES encryption to safeguard the credit card transactions. Aside from this, the site also uses a high-security system called RelyID to ensure its members.

Customer Support

The website has a very enhanced support system to promptly assist its users; users can also refer to the help section before proceeding to contact the customer support to troubleshoot their problem. To contact the customer support team, visit the Help Center and locate and click on the option “Contact eHarmony,” then on the next page, select the option “Contact Customer Care.”

On the next page, you will reach the in-site mail page, from here, you can write a mail for your query to the website’s customer support team.

eHarmon questions

How to pass eHarmony Photo Verification?

Upload your original and clear image to pass the website’s photo verification; an image downloaded from the internet cannot help you pass the photo verification.

How to delete an eHarmony account?

Go to settings and scroll down and search for account settings, find and click on billing followed by clicking on Delete my Account.

How to see who likes you on eHarmony without paying?

There is no way to check who likes you for free on eHarmony. However, you can know if a premium user likes you and send a message to express their interest and communicate.

How to block someone on eHarmony ?

Go to the user profile you want to block and under the options, locate click on the “block user” button.

How to cancel an eHarmony subscription?

Go to your account’s Data & Settings section and click on “Amend Subscription” or write a mail to support@eHarmony.com to request the cancellation.


eHarmony is the world’s biggest online dating platform for straight men and women all around the world. The massive user-base and impressive 20 years’ history of the website supported by facts and figures ensure that eHarmony is the best dating platform to find a serious partner for yourself.

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