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ChristianCupid Review 2021: Can You Call It Perfect or Scam?

ChristianCupid Review 2021: Can You Call It Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 98%
Popular age 28-42
Beauty 73%
Profiles 5 480
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Visit rate 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is by a very renowned brand, Cupid Media, and therefore it's safe to use.
  • The pricing is reasonable and competitive.
  • Distinct and multiple practical features.
  • Three months of the free trial.
  • The layout is outdated.
  • Multiple languages are not supported.
  • Standard members are limited.

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ChristianCupid is a religion-based online dating and a matrimonial site that helps thousands of Christian singles meet online and go on their journey to stay together forever. This dating site is by Cupid Media, a reputable company, and already owns around 30 more locations. The main target of ChristianCupid is to help like-minded Christians meet online for the sole purpose of companionship, romantic relationship, and marriage in most cases. Christian date with all over the world come together under one roof to build a community of faith. This typical path helps Christians connect spiritually.

The features they have to offer are plenty. You can sign up using your social media accounts like Facebook and Email. The registration process takes only a few minutes and is the easiest. If you opt for Facebook registration, it takes minimum time but comes with a bit of risk, though they have robust security measures. A chance of leakage of information remains. You can also opt for signing up with your Email Account. This one of the best and most used forms of registration for most dating sites is that it’s easy to register, and when done, you will have access to the profiles on ChristianCupid.

Once you enter the app, you will start seeing suggestions of profiles based on your criteria. You can search for profiles using filters like age, gender, location, etc. It works fantastically because the site will provide you guidance when choosing a particular person. A free dot helps match the similarities between the profiles and notifies if the person is right for you. This is not a facilitated process, other than that, and four different sections will help you know the person, the bio, physical appearance, lifestyle, etc. One thing is stressed here, the religious belief section. It is filled out duly because people are seeking to stay around spiritually awakened individuals who can provide them with spiritual Dating Sites support and guidance.

Reputation and history of ChristianCupid

ChristianCupid Review

ChristianCupid is an online dating site based on religious beliefs. It is a website owned and maintained by cupid media. They have over 30 locations altogether. Cupid media holds a reputation in the market, and so does this. The main niche of this app is to help Christian singles worldwide meet and have romantic relationships and even marriage. It serves a common platform for believers and non-believers to gather together as a community and share their part of spirituality to form a community that helps each other.

Website and App Interface, Registration

ChristianCupid is available on both mobile apps and websites. The features are similar. If you are an Android user, you can gain access to this site. They don’t have a mobile app for iOS. Most of the time, the mobile app’s logins are formed because people don’t shave time off operating these sites from their laptops or PCs. Mobile apps are like dating on the go! You can get a quick view of the background of the profile holder, including education, occupation, habits, hobbies, etc. The mobile app’s interface is beneficial and compact, which is a blessing.

The registration process is straightforward and easy. It takes a few minutes and also does not even ask you for personal information.

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

ChristianCupid Sign up

Like every dating site, the signup process is similar. The only difference is much easier and faster. You can simply join the platform using your social media account like Facebook. The information that ChristianCupid uses is pretty much essential. It takes your name, age, religion, location, relationship status, etc. It gives you some space to even write about yourself, which is quite helpful for views to understand you as a person. There are other various information providing sections that you can explore after you have submitted the necessary information. It takes about 10 minutes to complete for the entire signup process. After you do the signup questions, you can gain access to the profiles. Start swiping the profiles, and ChristianCupid will help you get matches.

The Facebook signup is fun because it’s quite instant, while email is excellent too. There is no space for dull encounters in ChristianCupid.

It only makes your life easier. Cupid media sites are known for their easy signup process already. They also have a feature where you are automatically signed out from the app after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is a built-in security measure by the site.

Are the Accounts real here?

ChristianCupid Accounts

There is no chance of scamming on this platform because the security measures are very high. With more than 60 million users, ChristianCupid has made a long way. You can connect your social media accounts to make it an authentic profile. As we all know, the moon also isn’t completely spotless, so is this. There are many instances where security is breached, and scammers or fake account holders invade the space. If you stay alert, there will be no chances of encountering a scammer.

The security officers continuously try to eliminate these scammers. If you come by any profile that looks suspicious and fake, report the pattern and block them. In this way, you keep your information safe and help your community people, which is the central teaching of the Christian community. ChristianCupid has also eliminated the ritual of keeping fancy usernames and instead made it mandatory to keep names real. It will help reduce scamming and fake accounts on the site.

Website and Mobile Version

The mobile app is available on the Google play store and can be downloaded for free. You get a free subscription three months after signing up with ChristianCupid. The features on the mobile app are pretty much easier to use, whereas, on the website, it feels a little haphazard. Differently, there is no difference in the website or the mobile app. Both have a straightforward and neat interface. It’s easy to trace features because the colors used are smart. The letter fonts are bold and bright. It helps make the layout attractive.

Special Features

ChristianCupid has many amazing features out of which some are special, they are

  • Cupid Tags- This is a typical cupid media feature which helps users describe the profile holder’s personality and the most valuable thing in their lives.
  • Message Filter- This is a fantastic feature that allows users to filter out who’s messages they are going to entertain. It prevents them from flooding their inboxes with unnecessary interactions.
  • Providing Detailed Information On Religious beliefs and Practice- This dating site already mentions the importance of religious beliefs because it’s based on it. They have a unique column for their users to fill. You can provide information about your faith, practices, church engagements, etc. Even if you are a follower of different religions, ChristianCupid welcomes you to submit your details too.
  • Verify Account- If you wish to provide an authentic profile, you can upload a verification document that proves your identity like a passport or driver’s license, etc. This is a unique feature that makes ChristianCupid a trustworthy dating site.
ChristianCupid Search

When you are done with the registration process, you will be able to use the platform immediately. You can send interest to make contact with a preferred profile. Add them as your favorites. It is a free feature. You can send a friend request on both versions. ChristianCupid will help you get matches. They use a green dot when someone’s profile information matches yours. This feature enables you to figure out whether the profile holder is your perfect match or not.

How does ChristianCupid Work?

It’s simple and easy to use ChristianCupid. The dating site takes registration very seriously because it is when the security officers check the authentication of a particular profile. Once you pass their verification, you will be able to search for matches. You can use categories like location, relationship status, age, gender, etc.

Searching options and filters at ChristianCupid

Cupid media is famous for their search and few options. You can use filters based on hobbies, belief systems, lifestyles, etc. You will be able to know about his spiritual level, his habits, and his educational level too.

Communication Methods

You can communicate with members through instant messaging, text messages, video calling, audio calling, etc. The video calling and the video chat are available with paid membership. With a free membership, you can only use the text message feature. If you upgrade your membership, you will be able to access various exciting communication methods.

ChristianCupid Alternatives

Other similar sites can be a great alternative to ChristianCupid.

You can visit Ourtime.com, Christianmingle.com, ChristianCafe, Christianconnection, Crosspaths, etc.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

ChristianCupid Price

It’s free to download, and the elementary features are free to use, but if you want advanced features, you have to subscribe to ChristianCupid’s Premium subscription. Premium has two subscriptions, Gold and Platinum.

Free membership features

Even with a free membership, you will have access to these fantastic features. The features are as follows.

  • You can create a hotlist.
  • The commenting on photos and blogs included in the free membership
  • You will be able to join different groups and blogs
  • The search filters are fantastic and covered in free membership
  • You will be able to like videos and photos.

Premium Membership features

Below mentioned are some of the features of premium membership:

  • Advanced search: Advanced search will help you locate members based on your requirements. You can search for members using categories like sex, age, relationship status, location, etc. There is also a tabbed search feature that lets you find people based on new members, most popular, etc.
  • Show Interest: While scrolling through profiles, you click on the heart icon; this is showing interest. This heat icon will notify the profile owner about your likes and interest in that particular person.
  • Flower And Flirt: It is a great icebreaker, and it’s like a signal for your interest. You can send a bouquet to show your interest. The flirt feature is similar to a “wink” in real life. It’s also an approach.
  • Communication: You will have access to different mediums of communication. They have varieties of systems like video calling, direct message, instant chat, text message, etc.
  • Dating Safety Advice: This feature is beneficial because it’s like the Bible of online dating. This feature is like advice about online dating. It talks about what is appropriate in online dating and what is not. Also, it suggests measures to help individuals stay safe while searching for matches online.
  • Online Now: You can easily see who is online and who is not. It is a standard feature on every religious dating site.

How much is dating on ChristianCupid


The subscription charges are as follows:

Premium Membership

  • 1 Month
  • 3 months
  • 12 months

Gold Membership

  • $24.98

  • $49.98 ($16.66 per month)
  • $99.96 ($8.33 per month)

Platinum Membership

  • $29.98
  • $60.00 ($20.00 per month)
  • $120.00 ($10.00 per month)

ChristianCupid is a dating platform for romantic relationships among people who are from the same religious background. The main niche is to find single Christians, a partner who has the same experience. In short, they help you find spiritual companions. It is not just a dating site; it’s also a reputed platform for people to build up a community of people who follow the same path.

They have a vast user base, which is more or less 60 million, and most of them are youngsters. The primary purpose of this gathering is to have fun. They have not yet reached a position of emotional stability, but some older members genuinely use it to find their soul mates. They pay the subscription charges and religiously follow the site. Therefore, we can conclude that this is a religious union site.

Is ChristianCupid safe?

ChristianCupid safe

Yes, Cupid media is famous for its safety measures. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about safety for a single time. The moment you register with them, it is their responsibility to protect your information. They will verify your email address, check your pictures, ask you to provide your real name and provide an identification document if needed. All these features are invoked to offer better security to their users.

Technical side of Protection

They use various security measures to ensure your authenticity. You have to provide your identity proofs, and it may be anything, your passports, or your driver’s license. Also, your email will be verified along with your photo.

Customer Support

ChristianCupid is very much active with customer care facilities. You can visit their official website and connect with them. If you are using the app, you will be able to access the customer care personals. They have a detailed FAQ section to help members. Also, you can email and call them on their support number and hotline number and

These are a few popular user questions that will help you get a detailed picture of the site you are about to attach yourself with.

How to pass ChristianCupid Photo Verification?

Simply put up a photo where your full face is visible. No group photos are verified. No nudity is allowed.

How to delete an ChristianCupid account?

It’s simple because ChristianCupid will just ask you to provide a resin when you choose to stay silent on the platform. You have to click Switch Off your Profile, and that’s it. You will do the procedure. They will also ask you whether you have found your match, and it is the reason you are willing to leave the site or not. These are some simple routine questions. Answer them and turn off your profile.

How to see who likes you on ChristianCupid without paying?

For a free account, you can always know who likes you as long as you are active on the platform because you will be notified by ChristianCupid authority as soon as someone likes you.

How to block someone on ChristianCupid?

When you face a scanner or a fake account, you should immediately opt for blocking options. Follow these steps mentioned below. They have provided their different methods to prevent a user from any point you feel they are unworthy of contacting you.

  • Instant messages- You have to click on the menu option then click Block.
  • Member Profile- Block someone by simply clicking on the Block icon present on the side of the profiles.
  • Messages- While reading the message, you can block someone by clicking on the Block icon itself.

How to cancel a ChristianCupid subscription?

If you choose auto-renew when processing the payment, your account will be auto-renewed. You can make that subscription stop by following the steps.

  • Go to the settings sections and choose Billing.
  • Choose the slider and make it off. You will see,” your membership auto-renewal is ON.” Turn it off using the slider.
  • A confirmation notification box will appear. Click on Confirm, and you do. You can reactivate whenever you wish to renew the subscription.


ChristianCupid is a trustworthy dating cum matrimonial site whose main niche is to make similar people meet and fall in love. It is like a community building for the religious souls out there. If you believe in spirituality, ChristianCupid is the best you can get. Make some spiritual love, feed your soul!

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Sharon Lawrence
by Sharon Lawrence Sep 21, 2021
Very high opinions. I have found an abundance of ready and interesting consumers and a few freaks . that's a norm while you are on line. Some suits weren't throughout my locality . that's the reason we kept friends. I will declare that this particular service brings many methods to create different consumers note your. To begin with, it's enough space to generate your member profile and offer adequate information about the way you look and dynamics. After that, messaging is all right. Generally speaking, a person receive complete online interactions and can also bring a romantic date anytime when you find yourself ready to satisfy your preferred in real life.
by Meilani Sep 16, 2021
Very high feeling. I've discovered loads of ready and interesting someone and some freaks . that's a norm if you're online. Some meets had not been with my location . that's why we remained friends. I should declare that this service brings lots of software to generate various other users note you. First, it's room enough generate your account and provide sufficient information on your appearance and fictional character. Next, texting is all right. Typically, a person receive whole online connection that can also see a night out together anytime if you're prepared to encounter your chosen in real life.