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Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2021

Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2021
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Beauty 92%
Profiles 7 650 000
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Visit rate 4.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Profile creation is effortless as compared to many other platforms and eliminates the lengthy process.
  • As the users are provided with only potential matches and not all the profiles available on the site, which you may not be interested in any way, it saves your valuable time and allows you to have a much more enjoyable user experience. You can cultivate more meaningful connections with users you are interested in with or someone you swipe right on.
  • Women have full control over who they decide to chat up with, which is a security feature that might interest many female users.
  • There aren't any cons that can play a role in deciding features, but there is one which is there not so many features in the free membership, which can affect the young crowd who don't want to spend money on such services.

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Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app developed by three sisters back in 2012 who came up with an idea about creating a platform. Here they decided to tackle the most common issue which was present on all the other dating platforms available out there in the market, which was the ratio of the sexes of the users who used these platforms. This particular platform allows you to match with people from around the world with ease, and the primary motive here is dating, be it casual, severe and long term, or short time. The matches on Coffee Meets Bagel are curated specially for you based on various factors or information you input while signing up. These include your age, location, interests, and many other things. Because of the way this algorithm or system works, most of the matches, if not all, are meaningful and not just a casual match, talk, and disconnect.

The creators’ of Coffee Meets Bagel kept in mind that while most of the other dating platforms have a higher ratio of male to female, it is quite difficult for the females to find a perfect match. Males are seen to rush in a lot of profiles even if that profile isn’t an ideal match for them compared to the female users who are more aware and cautious while swiping right on user profiles. So the creators decided to let women see six males who liked them daily, filtered based on certain factors, so that the female users had much more ease and clarity about the potential matches. This feature also prevents them from being loaded with tonnes of male users, which they won’t like or want to match with anyways.

So have they successfully tackled the issue they wanted to solve? Let us find out about that, and other useful information about Coffee Meets Bagel is our detailed review.

Reputation and history of Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Since Coffee Meets Bagel was launched in 2012, there are many positive reviews and no noticeable flaw or fault, which is why this platform has an excellent credibility and a good reputation in which individuals lookout for a while deciding on a dating platform.

Also, the reputation of Coffee Meets Bagel depends on the quality and variety of services they provide. It also adds as many features as possible to improve the user experience and provide the individuals with the potential and accurate matches.

Website and App Interface, Registration

They have a website that explains everything about how this platform works and many dating related blogs. The app has a decent interface, which makes your user experience comforting and enjoyable. Registration is done via Facebook, and all the primary data is imported during this process.

Sign up Process: Is it easy here?

Signing up for Coffee Meets Bagel is very easy when you install their app you will be taken through a process where you will create your profile and display information or description about yourself. The most standard info that is asked is your name, age, gender, religion, education, occupation, ethnicity, your stature, and many other things. This information makes them find you the most potential matches as the individual who has a similarity with you will be prioritized.

While you sign up, Coffee Meets Bagel also asks you specially customized questions that have to fill in your answers with what you like and many others to get in-depth knowledge about you and create a potential match accordingly.

Are the Accounts real here?

Coffee Meets Bagel Accounts

As far as the user base is concerned, most of the profiles of Coffee Meets Bagel are genuine. If any profiles are categorized as fake or spam, the team eliminates them depending on various factors such as the information they provide or if someone reports that profile for spamming or even remotely misbehaving or not abiding by the community guidelines.

Website and Mobile Version

If you want to avail Coffee Meets Bagel services they have highly customized apps on both major mobile phone platforms iOS and Android, you can download them from Google Play store for Android and Apple store for iOS. When you sign up via the mobile app, you are asked to link your Facebook account, which draws your profile pictures and the standard information such as age, gender, etc.

Coffee Meets Bagel does have a website, but it’s basically about the availability of their services on various platforms and blogs about how to use these services and their successful long term serious stories.

The unavailability of the services on Coffee Meets Bagel shouldn’t be a big issue as almost every individual has a smartphone. It is much more easily accessible via phone than the site, as it is always within your reach. Studies have also shown that most of the teenage youth who are a significant chunk of the user base of such apps prefer a mobile app over the website to use such services.

Special Features

Coffee Meets Bagel Features

This is a new section where the site checks the unique features provided on Coffee Meets Bagel as many noticeable features make this site unique. Let us check the most important features below;

  • They provide a tab where you can discover profiles that are not curated for you based on the information provided or your personal preferences. They are raw profiles that have registered on the app, unlike the algorithm which provides only potential matches in the main space. So now you might think if there is a discovery tab that doesn’t provide you with possible matches, which is the main point of this platform, what’s the use of tailoring the profiles? The answer to this is when you like a profile on the discover tab, you can’t just like them for free which you can do for the tailored profiles, but you have to pay via beans which ensures that you genuinely are interested enough that you are willing to pay for swiping right.
  • Every afternoon the male users who have registered on the app receive 21 profiles of the female users, called the ‘Bagels.’ They are asked to choose among them after watching their profile and description. When they are done selecting the best, and the most potential six male users interested are shown to the female users. What this does is instead of showing a large number of profiles that aren’t worth your match, you just get the tailored selective matches to choose among.
  • They provide you with a feature that is commonly available on other profiles as “Super Like.” Here at Coffee Meets Bagel, they are called Woo. By sending a Woo to a profile, you stand out from the crowd as the user at the other end gets a notification that you are genuinely interested enough to send a woo. But you have to pay for the woo’s you send via beans.
  • There is a feature called Open Sesame, which means you can look at the mutuals of you and you match on Facebook, but this feature also requires you to spend beans to avail the benefit.
  • As mentioned before, these selected profiles can be mutually matched only within 24 hours. Then it expires, but there is a feature called Rematch, which lets you send similar to a potential match if the other user doesn’t respond within the given time of 24 hours.

Apart from the special features mentioned, there are many free as well as paid features that might interest you.

Coffee Meets Bagel Search

If you’ve carefully read the information in the sections above, you do have a basic idea that it doesn’t work as a standard swipe left or right platform. You get the most potential matches based on your interests and preferences set, and once you match, you can chat up and try building a connection with the other individual.

The other way is via the explore page, where you can like a profile even if it doesn’t match your preferences. But this feature is a paid version, and the reason is that you will be more cautious while liking it as you are paying for it.

How does Coffee Meets Bagel Work?

The only difference between Coffee Meets Bagel and other dating platforms is how the matches are being suggested based on a unique algorithm.

Otherwise, the basic structure is the same, you install the app, create your user profile, input your personal information, mention your preferences, and are ready to go.

Searching options and filters at Coffee Meets Bagel

The explore page has no filters. They are just all the profiles available in the database of Coffee Meets Bagel. The main space is where the filtered profiles are shown. And the basic filters available are

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Height.
  • Religion.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Education.
  • Occupation.

Communication Methods

The only communication method the creators provide is the messaging feature, which can also be used once you match with other users. So don’t expect that you can contact any profile you like without you like them back.

Coffee Meets Bagel Alternatives

The developers of Coffee Meets Bagel have categorically mentioned that this app is not a hookup app like tinder or ok cupid, but for letting people invest time into making a meaningful connection with potential people from around the world, based on their interests and preferences. So if you are looking for an alternative which is also not a hookup app is;

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Coffee Meets Bagel Price

There are two ways you can avail Coffee Meets Bagel premium services. The first one is buying the bundle of all the premium membership features. The second is you can buy beans and avail only specific services you are interested in.

The pricing depends upon the duration for which you want to buy the premium services. Starting from 34.99 USD for one month, it goes all the way up to 179.99 USD for 12 months.

Free membership features

There aren’t any fancy features that you can find in the free membership. You have access to basic things such as creating a profile, input of information on your profile, Messaging(only if you match), and some free beans(to lure into buying you more).

Premium membership features

Coffee Meets Bagel features

The premium membership on the other side provides impressive features that will make you consider spending some extra bucks for those services. Let us take a look at some of those premium features.

  • Monthly you get 6000 beans, which you can spend on availing some specific services.
  • You get the read receipts for the messages you sent to know if the person is ignoring you or is busy.
  • You can take a look at all the mutual friends of your matches on Facebook.
  • You get an unlimited number of Woos, Which means if you are interested in a profile, you will get noticed by the one you like; it just boils down to if the other person is involved.
  • If you are interested in purchasing more beans, the premium members get 15% beans.

The premium features mentioned above do make an impact on the way you are benefitted from the services.

How much does it cost dating on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel dating

The exact charges you pay for the premium membership are listed below. They vary according to the duration you choose to get the services for.

Free Membership Premium Membership
1 Month 0 USD 34.99 USD
3 Month 0 USD 74.99 USD
6 Month 0 USD 119.99 USD
12 Month 0 USD 179.99 USD

Is Coffee Meets Bagel safe?

With all the factors in mind, one can say that Coffee Meets Bagel is safe to use as there is credibility advantage when you verify your profile by signing up via Facebook.

Technical side of Protection

The female users benefit the most here as they are the ones who can initiate the conversation, which prevents spammy/creepy profiles crowding their inboxes.

As far as the messages are concerned, they are totally safe and only between the two respective individuals as they are end to end encrypted.

Customer Support

They have provided the users with the support mail id in the applications help section where users can mention their problem, and they will be reverted with the same solution.

How to pass Coffee Meets Bagel Photo Verification?

The images are imported directly from your Facebook account. Still, if you additionally want to add a photo, it should show your full face and should not be a group photo and should also not contain nudity in any form.

How to delete a Coffee Meets Bagel account?

There are two options on the app, the first one lets you disable your profile for a while, but if you want to delete your profile permanently you go to the settings tab on your mobile app and scroll to the bottom and click on the delete my account button.

How to see who likes you on Coffee Meets Bagel without paying?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature that lets you do so without paying.

How to block someone on Coffee Meets Bagel?

If there is a user who is bothering you, misbehaving, or is crossing the limits set When you go to the profile you want to block, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to block that specific user.

How to cancel Coffee Meets Bagel subscription?

If you found what you exactly were looking for or if you are disappointed by the services provided by them, you can cancel your membership at any point in time. Canceling your Coffee Meets Bagel subscription is easy, you just go to your account and select cancel subscription, once you do this no membership charges will be deducted from the next billing cycle.


We’ve seen all the information about Coffee Meets Bagel, which will help you decide if the service is worth considering but still let us merge all the factors and provide you with a natural conclusion.

The features and the algorithm which makes your profile browsing experience great is the reason Coffee Meets Bagel stands out from the crowd. This platform, along with the premium membership, can be considered one of the best dating sites.

This platform might interest the female individuals as the security aspect in context with women has been taken good care of.

When compared to the features provided, the cost efficiency is also value for money. You won’t regret it if you go for the premium membership (only if you are interested in finding a meaningful and accurate match).

The advanced filters provided, such as ethnicity, education, occupation, religion, are also the ones that can be considered as deciding factors. At the same time, you get a match, and it helps you find a much more accurate and potential match so that you can make the most out of it.

According to the users’ reviews, you should consider this if you are looking for a bit more serious dating than just a casual hookup or a fling. Coffee Meets Bagel checks all the boxes in terms of user experience, accuracy, user interface, the credibility of the app, and fully packed useful features for a good profile browsing experience for its users. So do not wait another second, get signed up on Coffee Meets Bagel today.

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Customer reviews
John Young
by John Young Oct 15, 2021
I enjoy this service. After becoming an authorized consumer for approximately 8 weeks, I found new buddies, generally there is nothing to whine about. The software allows you to develop an attractive shape with quite a few appealing footage. In the event you don't really feel they essential to fill-in these sphere, you may possibly ignore any of them. I suppose that pictures are considered the main point in the rest you can easily display while messaging and chattering. We don't get somebody for online dating nowadays, but I'm on my method. I reside in a rural neighborhood, many meets are actually not me personally. But thinking about my personal recent faves and our personal using the internet discussion, I most certainly will go forth pretty soon. Anyway, the app performs, and people rocks. I turned down some freaks, but I've satisfied no person so horrible regarding prevent these people from speaking to me personally.
Margaret Burke
by Margaret Burke Oct 10, 2021
Your relationship wasn't very rich before I've joined up with this app. Everything transformed right away when I signed up and moving messaging those I've liked on the webpage. Obviously, some customers refused me, but that's maybe not a big deal. Flavors are different, as it is said. Usually, I've got rather valid games that authorized me to making a few neighbors. One particular really got under our your skin. Within fourteen days of speaking, we obtained our very own very first date. As everything ended up being great, we've planned next big date before long. It seems I've procured my excellent accommodate.
by Brody Oct 03, 2021
The internet periods about this page have become a good and attention-grabbing experiences personally. It works absolutely for our self-esteem and makes it possible for producing brand-new joints. They're not relations so far but look promising. Furthermore, It is beautiful for me personally to-break the frost and chat with folks from any place i love. Surfing profiles was engaging, both. It's often interesting to find how everyone present themselves when looking for closeness.
by Katelyn Sep 29, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved to gather another chance at admiration. Thanks a lot website for allow since I have acquired my own want. We don't render excessive lasting ideas and merely savor oneself. Most of us evening, traveling, and share a wide selection of work. This is basically the gorgeous part of our associations. I favor my lover and hope that our very own relationship will build up and go to the next level. Some people are looking to find spouses at nuptials on the web companies, and usually, that type of factors is actually embarrassing given that you seem like items in shop house windows. This application is significantly diffent. Chances are you'll focus on talking and end in the ceremony. Needed possesses an appropriate complex history. I prefer the web site mainly on my laptop computer, but at times I keep in touch with consumers and check simple strategies from simple iPhone. No problems after all. I've took note no pests . anything works well, without bugs. While I log on, I prefer the website provided that i would like without disturbances and aggravating reloads. I'm hoping they stay by doing this, as well as preserve standard. If only everybody good luck since my personal has already receive me.
by Pagh Sep 23, 2021
This site is ideal for me personally. As I'm a tad weary of swiping, they got a middle surface for my favorite goals. I don't program any significant interaction nowadays, but We won't escape when I satisfy my personal really love. Our site don't force me personally and makes it possible for receiving all great features of premium relationships. Besides, I really like that software is very convenient to use, whether it be about navigation or transaction. Pricing is actually typical, and I also normally grudge funds for them since I get the very best benefits for costs they need. I've already found some reasonable people and take hot times. Besides, we communicate with numerous individuals to chat, make fun of, and go over a variety of scoop, like love. I'm that I am in my league considering that the group particularly friendly. People don't assess your, while it just might be assuming you have found some one in a bar.
Michele Smith
by Michele Smith Sep 20, 2021
I joined website just the past year and obtained an outstanding knowledge. Today, I have a reliable and mind-blowing lover, and we're close collectively. I'd recommend the software because You will find figured out from lead adventure so it is effective. We see that people frequently complain about no fits, convinced that they simply spend time and cash. Still, i ought to keep in mind that when anyone cannot pick somebody, they often times boot her failures to additional issue. Career, family members, dating sites, this means, you can find a person the culprit. However, you should never disheartenment, and almost everything could be all right. For example, it required nearly 7 period to meet up our partner.
Jessica Coleman
by Jessica Coleman Sep 15, 2021
I'd like some other daters to find out that this particular service 100% does its job without techniques. People who truly crave to receive in contact with special someone won't feel dissapointed about their unique alternatives whenever registering for the working platform. The most important thing is certainly not to stop. You will find currently fulfilled simple beloved, and now we are presently satisfied. I feel arousal and relationships, knowning that implies a whole lot. Very, we have been in love, and it is never ever too-late for the people of every age group and criteria. I would suggest this site, thus just shot.