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Dine App Overview October 2021

Dine App Overview October 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 21%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 2 260 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Dine App offers the “Date request” feature, thanks to which it is possible to go straight from matching to inviting for a first date.
  • The nature of the application makes it good for casual dating, so people looking for a hookup may find that it is better than more "serious" apps, such as CoffeeMeetBagel and Bumble.
  • There is the “Dine Pass” feature that allows members to get discounts at local bars and restaurants.
  • Dine App guarantees that every user is going to get at least one date per month.
  • It is possible to use the in-app currency to view the Facebook profile of your match, and it is a good thing to do before you meet.
  • Each user of Dine App is free to choose three favorite locations and find someone to go there.
  • The introduction filed you can see in Dine App happens to be twice longer than on other dating platforms, which makes it possible to attract more people.
  • Thanks to the “Smart” section, you can set the compatibility feature in a more precise way.
  • You might not find a lot of matches if you do not live in a big city, such as New York.
  • Free members of Dine App cannot exchange messages.
  • Users are automatically matched with people in adjacent cities if there are no members in their immediate area.
  • Members receive only one to five matches a day, and they are invisible in 24 hours. It means that users have to check Dine App frequently.
  • The user database is not extensive.

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Currently, there are thousands of online dating services, and Dine App is one of them. Each of them does its best to offer something outstanding, so some provide unique features, while others cater to a specific audience. All dating platforms work hard to become popular and get as many members as possible. Some dating websites are easy to use, while others are engaging. Meanwhile, it is also important to choose a reliable dating platform because scam profiles can spoil the fun. Thus, you need to figure out as much as possible about a website before you get registered. In this review, you should find all information about Dine App because it is a full one. Thanks to this, you can decide whether this dating platform is good for you.

Dine App Review 2020

Reputation and History of Dine App

This online dating service happens to be an original dating application founded by Keisuke Kamijo, the CEO of Mrk&Co in 2016. Dine App caters to single people who would like to find a match for dining out. This platform aims to help people meet immediately instead of sending endless messages. The application operates in all major cities around the world, but the bigger part of Dine App members is in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Vancouver. The application has received a few official rewards, including “Best New App” from App Store.

The dating platform caters to the audience that is willing to turn dating into the culinary adventure. Moreover, the online service provides its users with a solid foundation for their first date so that they get an outstanding experience. Dine App is definitely for people who are serious about meeting new people. The members of the community are different in terms of gender, age, and background. Thus, you can help many exciting people with the help of this dating application.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

The availability of application and website, a user-friendly interface, and an easy registration process are the aspects that usually an important role when it comes to choosing a dating website. The thing is that it depends on them how good your online dating experience is going to be. Keep on reading to learn more about Dine App in terms of these factors.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

If you are willing to find someone with the help of this online service, you need to download it from the Google Play or iTunes App Store. Dine App happens to be a mobile-only application, so you cannot use it on your desktop.

The registration process is straightforward. Note that this mobile app requires to link a Facebook account. That is how the dating platform verifies the new users’ identity, so this step is compulsory. You do not need to worry about your Facebook data because Dine App takes good care of privacy and security. At the same time, you should consider that when others accept friend requests, they can access your full profile on Facebook. The online dating service does it as a safety measure.

The next step is to specify your location and select three favorite dining establishments. In this case, the Dine App search filter should help you. The good part is that it is possible to review each place’s rating before you choose them.

Sign up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Are the Accounts Real Here?

You will not spend too much time setting up your Dine App profile. As mentioned above, you need to specify your location, and you can do that by choosing it from a drop-down menu or entering it manually if the city is not on the list. When it comes to selecting three restaurants, you can see reviews because the dating platform is integrated with Yelp. The good part is that there are many options you can choose from, and they are placed into the following categories:

  • Lunch Dates;
  • Grab Coffee;
  • Top Brunch;
  • Hot The Bar;
  • Dinner Dates.

When you select you three locations on the Dine App dating service, you can upload pictures. It is better to choose at least four photos, while you can add up to six images. The next step is to specify whether you are going to “treat” your date or not.

After that, you can submit some personal details, such as your height, location, ethnicity, and more. There is also an “About Me” section where you can write up to one thousand characters about yourself. You should do your best to make up a good description because people usually want to know something about the person they are going to meet. Dine App also allows setting the criteria of your ideal partner. For this purpose, you need to go to the main menu and find “Preferences,” and there are two sections – “General” and “Smart.” You should use the “General” section to specify age, gender, and location. Then, you can open the “Smart” section where you can dislike or like one hundred Dine App profiles.

Website and Mobile Version

The Dine App happens to be rather intuitive that is user-friendly and extremely sleek. Its design puts a modern twist on dating online and has all the necessary features. Thus, the members of the community can create their profile, add pictures, and answer questions. The great part is that the mobile application guides customers through the whole dating experience because all features are easy to access. Moreover, people can rely on Dine App as it provides them with matches. It is possible to see where these potential partners like to eat. Overall, the mobile application provides an outstanding dating experience.

Special Features

The online dating service is a unique one because of its approach. The idea of making it possible for people to eat out immediately instead of sending messages is outstanding. Thanks to Dine App, you can enjoy your meal and talk to someone you like at the same time. Thus, the mobile application is unusual and ground-breaking.

Special Features

All online dating services have search filters that should help people find potential matches due to specific criteria. They are quite crucial because they make the whole process faster. After all, you do not need to look through all profiles to find matches. Keep on reading this review to learn about search in Dine App.

How Does Dine App Work?

As mentioned above, you need to download Dine App and sign in for it in the first place. After that, you create your profile providing the required personal information and choose three places you would like to eat at. The dating application will provide you with two to five matches every day, along with the information about the spots they selected. You can send friend requests to these people, and if they accept it, you can start communicating.

How Does Dine App Work?

Searching Options and Filters at Dine App

This dating platform removes the search function because its aim is to make the whole process simpler by providing matches every day. Thus, you do not need to use any search filters and waste your time. Instead, you can meet new people daily. Hence, all you need to do is check Dine App every day and decide whether you would like to meet an offered person.

Communication Methods

As discussed above, being a Dine App user, you are going to get several matches based on your preferences every day. It is called “Today’s Picks.” You are free to like or skip any of them, or you can send a friend request. If both of you like each other, you can start communicating. At the same time, one of you must be a Gold member to be able to send messages.

You need to consider that all matches expire in 24 hours, so you should better look them through as soon as possible. Dine App also learns from its users’ choices; consequently, the more profiles you view, the more the matching algorithm will learn about your preferences. If none of the offered profiles attract your attention, you can pay to see five additional Dine App profiles.

Communication Methods

Dine App Alternatives

If you are willing to look closer at the alternatives to Dine App, you can check out the following:

  • Tinder is one of the most popular online dating services around the world. It is incredibly user-friendly and has an extensive user database;
  • Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating platform that obtains numerous step-by-step tutorials and guides that help people use it. The service has an impressive number of users, so the chances to meet someone are high.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Dine App is not a completely free dating service, so some features are not available to standard members. Thus, you need to pay for a Gold membership to access all offered features. There are also coins you can purchase, and they come in groups of 10, 30, 100, and 300. These coins happen to be in-app currency that you can make use of to access features. For example, you can use them to send a “Special request” to a community member to let him or her know that you are interested. You can find more information about the features you can access being a free or a paying member below.

Free Membership Features

Being a free user of Dine App, you can do the following things:

  • You can download the mobile application;
  • You can create a profile;
  • You can select dining options;
  • You can send friend requests.
Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

As mentioned before, to communicate on this dating platform, at least one of the two members must be a premium member. It is possible to purchase a six or twelve-month subscription. If you pay for a Gold membership offered by Dine App, you can access the following perks:

  • You can send messages to all members of the community;
  • You can get 30 coins per month that you can use to access special features;
  • You are free to hide your school and work information, while female users can hide their Facebook accounts;
  • You can use a Dine Pass that allows the Dine App members to get discounts or free drinks.

This online dating service guarantees that every Gold member will have at least one date a month. If you fail to find someone to go out, you can get three months or six months free of charge in the case of a six-month and one-year subscription, respectively.

How Much Is Dating on Dine App?

If you decide to pay for the dating services offered by Dine App, you are going to see the following pricing:



Six months 

39.99 dollars per month

Twelve months 

29.99 dollars per month

When it comes to coins, the costs are:

Number of coins


10 coins 

24.99 dollars

30 coins 

59.99 dollars

100 coins 

179.99 dollars

300 coins

399.99 dollars

Is Dine App Really Safe?

According to the dating platform’s privacy policy, it uses reasonable measures to protect its users` personal information. Thus, third parties may access data because no digital security happens to be 100 percent foolproof. Hence, the members of Dine App should be careful while using the mobile application. If you are willing to learn more, you can read the Dine Privacy Policy that is in the “About” section.

Technical Side of Protection

Dine App requires its new members to go through the verification process. Thus, user accounts are linked to their mobile phone numbers. In addition to that, they must also verify their profiles via valid email addresses. The online dating service offers matches, making sure that all community members are vetted and safe.

Customer Support

According to customer reviews, Dine App has excellent customer support. The team of experts is happy to help you in the case of any issue you are facing. It is possible to contact customer support by sending an email.

Customer Support

How to Pass Dine App Photo Verification?

The photos the members of Dine App community upload are not verified.

How to Delete Dine App Account?

If you are willing to delete your Dine App account, you need to open the Main Menu and click on “About.” Then, you select the “FAQ” option, and find “How to delete my account” and click on it. You are going to see the hyperlink saying that you can delete your account from there. The next step is to choose the reason why you are willing to delete your Dine App account from the provided list. When you do so, you need to tap on the “Delete account.” The last step is to confirm the action and delete the mobile application from your smartphone.

How to See Who Likes You on Dine App Without Paying?

It is not possible to see who likes you in Dine App until you purchase a premium plan.

How to Block Someone on Dine App?

If you are willing to block someone on Dine App due to abusive behavior, you can do so by clicking on the corresponding button.

How to Cancel Dine App Subscription?

You are free to cancel your Dine App subscription at any time, and you can do it yourself with the help of the Main menu.



Dine App offers a fascinating and unique way to date, and it is especially good for people who are willing to date with no fuss. In addition to that, it is perfect for food lovers and individuals that do not want to waste time on pointless details. The mobile application is easy to use, so the community members do not usually find it hard to figure things out. To sum it up, if you want to date right away instead of exchanging messages forever, you need to opt for Dine App.

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Customer reviews
by Emiliano Oct 12, 2021
I like this specific service. After are a subscribed cellphone owner for approximately 8 weeks, I found latest relatives, so there is certainly not to complain about. The interface helps you make a unique visibility with lots of appealing photos. If you decide to don't think they necessary to fill out every area, you may possibly cut any of them. I suppose that photographs would be the key factor because others you'll expose while texting and communicating. I don't have a partner for dating right now, but I'm over at my way. I reside in a rural area, many matches become faraway from me. However, considering our newest preferred and our personal using the internet conversation, I will get out pretty soon. In any event, the app really works, and so the group rocks. I refused some freaks, but I've satisfied no one therefore dreadful so that you may stop them from contacting me personally.
by Emmaline Oct 11, 2021
I really like this particular service. After becoming a signed up user around 8 weeks, i discovered brand new good friends, generally there is not to complain about. The user interface helps you setup an appealing shape with several appealing picture. Should you don't become it necessary to fill in all of the fields, you'll bypass any of them. I suppose that images include key factor considering that the sleep you'll be able to reveal while chatting and communicating. I don't get somebody for internet dating today, but I'm back at my technique. I reside in a rural place, and many matches are hardly me personally. But thinking about my personal present faves and all of our online socializing, I most certainly will get out pretty soon. At any rate, the app runs, and the group rocks. We rejected some freaks, but I've fulfilled no one hence dreadful concerning obstruct all of them from talking to myself.
Carmen Rodriquez
by Carmen Rodriquez Oct 05, 2021
The internet schedules on this websites became outstanding and attention-grabbing feel for me. It does the job flawlessly for my personal self-respect and permits producing newer links. They are certainly not interactions so far but look guaranteeing. Also, It is beautiful in my situation to break the frost and speak to individuals from any state i love. Searching pages is actually participating, possibly. It's constantly fascinating ascertain just how consumers prove when searching for intimacy.
by Ashley Sep 27, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and really love studies. I'm maybe not monogamous, at the least these days. Honestly, my favorite diet is much from standard social norms, i typically experience solitary also among family or best neighbors. Quite a few already are hitched, so I'm moving mix crazy while I believe their important styles. Hence, naturally, it's very challenging to get a hold of and hang out with like-minds in case you reside in a huge urban area, just where individuals are too active to help make new relationships. Therefore, these a mess 's the reason for signing up with this website. And my favorite skills try smooth. We was able to locate people that desire the equivalent items and comprehend the desire to remain no-cost, without persistence, claims, and this some other hooey. An additional cool factor is there I've satisfied some bi-curious parents. I like the functionality belonging to the site since it's very enough for first connection. Perhaps, some one wishes more advantages, but in my estimation, you should get a romantic date if you require detailed relationships. While exploring profiles, we determine several clear data. If only group could pay out additional attention to the company's position on the website. On the subject of the site's functionality, everything is okay. No troubles with visit, emails, etc. Support assistance is helpful and its available 24 / 7. I'm pleased to receive a virtual spot for my favorite wants and fantasies. It's fantastic once the group shouldn't demand its worth but is about the same web page.
by Fletcher Sep 26, 2021
I joined this page just the previous year and got great enjoy. Now, i've a trusted and mind-blowing partner, and we're great with each other. I'd suggest the software because You will find figured out from strong feel that it is effective. I realize that lots of people usually complain about no fights, thinking that they simply spend your time and cash. However, i ought to keep in mind that when people cannot select a partner, they usually start the company's failures to outside issue. Task, relatives, adult dating sites, put another way, almost always there is somebody accountable. Still, you shouldn't lose hope, and every single thing will be okay. For example, they took me virtually 7 many months to meet up my favorite partner.
by GILLIAM Sep 18, 2021
The dating site is easy, and direction-finding is easy. I use an adequate range insights and observations for customers that seem popular with me. To be truthful, i really do really enjoy standing on this great site. I was able ton't encounter our newest good friend till now. Nonetheless, I ran across multiple curious individuals communicate with. Personally I think complimentary and relaxed while talking to them. I firmly make this request this website to everyone that is finding excellent camaraderie, whatever the kind of romance.
by Clint Aug 10, 2021
Very high opinions. I have found loads of ready and interesting folks and a few freaks . that's a norm when you are on the web. Some suits are not during venue . that's the reason we kept good friends. I should say that this service gives many software in order to make more users keep in mind we. For starters, it's enough space to construct your very own shape and provide plenty of details about the way you look and fictional character. Subsequently, messaging is actually all right. In general, you access complete online interactions that can also obtain a romantic date anytime while equipped to encounter your favorite in real life.
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