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Geek Dating Sites: User Reviews, Best Features, Prices

GOOD FOR communicating with people with similar interests
GOOD FOR meeting anime admirers
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Amino Apps
GOOD FOR finding people with similar ideas

Best Geek Dating Sites

  1. Good for people in search for love
  2. Good for finding hot singles Hot Or Not
  3. Good for bondage entertainment
  4. Good for finding a partner FirstMet
  5. Good for meeting people from all over the globe Mamba
  6. Good for one-night flings Kasidie
  7. Good for gays and lesbians Recon
  8. Good for the representatives of the BDSM community Collarspace
  9. Good for flirting and finding a partner OkCupid
  10. Good for chatting with new people for free OMG Chat

Some about Geek Dating Sites

Geek Dating Sites are open to geeks from a subculture often associated with anime, science fiction, video games, comics, and more. These Geek Dating Sites are founding for people who are very careful with strangers. Anyone can go to a dating site without registration and familiarize themselves with the portal’s rules and capabilities. Geek culture is so ingrained in our daily life that it is impossible to ignore its influence. If you know the feeling when the company does not understand what you are talking about and with no one discuss together the best ASIC for mining or laugh at the jokes from The Big Bang Theory? Then you are not alone – there are Geek Dating Sites, especially for geeks.

These Geek Dating Sites help you find friends or love by interest and show you how to communicate with the opposite sex. You can immediately advise on amorous affairs to your fellows or learn something from them. In general, this is a real dating encyclopedia for geeks, not just dating sites.

What are Geek Dating Sites?

Today the Geek ceases to be something unique and unusual. Most middle and senior programmers, analysts, and even political scientists are prominent representatives of the invisible society of “nerds.” Much depends on their opinion and work in our community, despite their unusual behavior at first sight. Not everyone believes that you can meet your soul mate at Geek Dating Sites. But many couples have already got married and completed thanks to such a site. So it would help if you tried it too. After all, you will not lose anything. Even if you don’t find your love, you can have an exciting time, chat with people pleasant to you because you will choose just such profiles. It is also convenient that if you realize that this is not the person you need during the correspondence, you can interrupt the correspondence without explanation. You don’t have to explain for a long time what happened. You can continue searching until you find your chosen one. Geek Dating Sites have a lot to offer – you can make choices without having to make a date right away. You can chat, find out more about who you liked. And if you realize that you want to meet this person, you can make an appointment.

How to do Geek Dating Sites?

To start dating on the top Geek Dating Sites, you have to choose the one you like, then register. To not be mistaken in your choice, you can familiarize yourself with the reviews of dating sites for geeks. Fill out the profile as detailed as possible. Just do not embellish yourself because if your intentions are severe, the deception will still be revealing. No personal data – bank cards, phone number! Filling out the questionnaire will not bring you peaceful time, and you will need to fill in several standard fields such as:

  • The name you prefer to be called;
  • The city in which you live;
  • Who are you looking for, and for what purpose?
  • Little information about yourself – about your lifestyle and interests.
    • Then upload a personal photo, high-quality. It is an integral part of dating. It is difficult to compete with others if you have poor quality photos. Well, and finally, we are looking for someone who you like, put a like, wink, depending on which top Geek Dating Sites you have chosen. It would help if you didn’t skimp on minimal paid services since free features are usually not enough for full communication. Yes, and all free sites are famous for their audience, finding someone with serious intentions will be challenging. Be patient, and everything will work out.

      Which are people find Geek Dating Sites?

      Geek Dating Sites are mostly for geeks or geek lovers. Who are the geeks?

      If geeks were called people immensely passionate about computer technology, today there are many people in the ranks of geeks, successful employees of various prestigious companies and firms. Geeks are respectable family men and outwardly completely outside the description of stereotypes about mad scientists. A geek is a person who is fascinated by popular culture. (comics, games, fantasy). To understand who geeks are, you need to study the culture of the geeks. At first glance, it seems primitive for society as a whole. It seems that its target audience is children: computer games, comics, cartoons, all this is intended primarily for children and adolescents. However, thanks to the geeks that stereotypes that games are for children, and comics for teenagers, are easily refuted by real examples. Why is this happening? The latest research suggests that people become geeks to maintain narcissistic ideas about themselves, satisfy their need to be part of a community, and express themselves creatively. Geeks make excellent and reliable partners with whom you will definitely not be bored. Take care of your Geek, and he will love you.

      It is easier for geeks to get acquainted on the Internet because real-life passes between work and sitting at home at the computer. And even if a geek gets out to a concert or an exhibition, he will focus on what will happen there and not find pretty girls around. And even if he sees a cute one, he will never have the courage to come up and offer to meet her. Therefore, only the Internet remains and Geek Dating Sites, that’s why these sites are popular.

      Stats at Geek Dating Sites

      Online dating has recently become an extremely fast-growing way to find a future spouse. The actively developing social networks, various instant messaging and email exchange methods, thematic forums, multiplayer online games, and other virtual worlds in which users communicate through the “avatars” created by them add efficiency to this method. Online dating also provides more options for choosing prospective spouses. The largest Geek Dating Sites usually require the user to fill out a fairly detailed questionnaire about themselves, their beliefs, and preferences. That way, unwanted candidates can be easily filtered out. And even though in the Geek Dating Sites free questionnaire, many often write socially desirable information or deliberately indicate inaccurate information. For the most part, such embellishment concerns their physical characteristics – height, weight, etc.; as a result, it does not reduce the overall relatively objective picture. Certainly depends on many factors, and how the future spouses met is only one of them, not the most important one.

      The main advantages of Geek Dating Sites

      The Pros of the Geek Dating Sites:

      • Many verified profiles for free;
      • The selection of candidates is carrying based on individual user data;
      • The site moderators thoroughly check each profile;
      • The quick response of technical support;
      • A real opportunity to find a partner from another country on the Geek Dating Sites free.

      Where to find a Geek Dating Sites?

      A couple of decades ago, new acquaintances needed to attend various events or get acquainted with your friends. But, in our days, completely different times have come. It is easy to make new acquaintances only by registering on particular sites, of which there are a lot in the online world. For you to find a Geek Dating Sites that suits you, you should search in your browser for a dating site using the keywords: the best dating sites for geeks. The system will give you many options for geek dating.

      How to choose the best Geek Dating Sites?

      To choose reliable Geek Dating Sites, look at how many profiles are on the service and how often new ones are registered. But if there are a lot of users, this is also not a plus. Your profile will get lost in so many other shapes. It is better to get acquainted with Geek Dating Sites Reviews about the service, and clarify whether you need to pay extra for something, the atmosphere of the service, and how many real stories of people. Be sure to check out dating sites for serious relationships – they are an excellent service for choosing the right dating portal. You do not have to open and study every outlet found on the network because all the information on the Geek Dating Sites reviews according to the following criteria:

      • Overall site rating;
      • Number of users;
      • Availability of a mobile application;
      • Registration cost;
      • Description of all functions and services;
      • Pros and Cons.

      What’s the best dating app or website for Geek Dating?

      In addition to Geek Dating Sites, Geek dating applications are still popular. Cuddli is the most popular dating geek app. The application offers its users to simplify the registration stage and link their Facebook account to the Cuddli profile. The design of the application is attractive, and the functionality is top-notch. Also, the application has high security and guarantees its users the protection of personal data. Cuddli allows comic and fantasy fanatics from all over the world to get to know each other so that you can find your Geek.

      SoulGeek is developing for fans of animation, science fiction, comics, horror, and anime. Here you will find an interlocutor on any topic that concerns the hobbies of geeks. In the registration form, users have to express their interests and traits, and every week each user receives matches of a suitable candidate. The SoulGeek app also has sections where users can describe their favorite comic or anime character, add photos and videos. It is also possible to search for users by keywords, after which the profiles are filtering, and you can view all the faces that match your parameters.

      The Best Geek Dating Sites for a Wild Time?

      Some of the best Geek Dating Sites include:

      • Soul Geek;
      • Plenty of Geeks;
      • Geek Nerd Dating.

      Among the free Geek Dating Sites include Soul Geek. Soul Geek provides its users with an exciting adventure in the world of virtual dating for geeks. You will be impressed by the site’s design, depicting heroes and characters of cartoons and comics. Here you can share your favorite music and videos, participate in the forums and blogs of the site, and make appointments and meetings. Users communicate via chat, and also provides its users with lists of events for geeks so that participants can share in real life.

      Plenty of Geeks dating site is no different from regular dating sites. The user can sync Facebook account with your Plenty of Geeks profile or use your active email. Users can use the site’s search engine and find a match for themselves by various filters and criteria, interests, and hobbies. And most importantly, the site is free.

      Geek Nerd Dating offers dating for gay geeks. To use all the site’s features, you must purchase a paid membership. For example, the search engine on Geek Nerd Dating can only find profiles of members who are Star Wars or Lord of the Rings fans. You can also search for a partner by its location.

      Do Geek Dating Sites actually work?

      Finding your soul mate, finding true love at all times was not easy. Social networks, dating sites have greatly facilitated this process and are full of ads and phone numbers of those wishing to meet. Can you find a life partner on free geek dating sites? Before you go to a dating site, you must read geek dating sites reviews and decide who you want to see there, ideally. Next, you need to fill out a questionnaire and write a short biography about yourself so that people pay attention to you, and most importantly, a successful profile photo. In today’s current situation, we can confidently say that dating sites have become a real salvation for many. People keep getting to know each other here and are doing it more actively than ever. This trend is likely to continue in the coming months and even years. After all, we spend more and more time on the Internet.

      Are members on Geek Dating Sites Real?

      Today dating sites are the way to find the other half are used by people anywhere in the world. It means that the chances of running into crooks and scammers are relatively high. The first thing to understand: when registering on a dating site, you publish information that anyone can read. When filling out the questionnaire, think about your family and friends. Enter data that will not compromise you. The first thing to understand: when registering on the Geek Dating Sites, you publish information that anyone can read. When filling out the questionnaire, think about your family and friends. Enter the data that will not compromise you.

      What about security on Geek Dating Sites?

      High-quality protection of users’ data is a critical feature that determines the site’s reliability and seriousness. Therefore, before registering, each visitor is obliged to study the privacy statement carefully. It must guarantee the protection, security of personal data of users from unauthorized access. A critical security tool of the Geek Dating Sites is an SSL certificate – this is a kind of passport that an Internet resource can provide. All data in it has been verifying by a superior authority, a certification center, which has the right to issue digital certificates. The SSL certificate is base on a particular encryption protocol SSL, which provides a secure HTTPS connection between the site and the browser. A useful Geek Dating Sites will have a privacy policy that explains how it will use the data it collects from its users, usually information about how they store your data, whether they share your data with third parties. Be sure to read this document before submitting any personal information or making a purchase.


      On the Geek Dating Sites, you can meet people who love gadgets and technology in general. They may have favorite companies and look forward to the next device. They can spend hours comparing components from different manufacturers. Whenever possible, they are the first to try new things from the world of technology and do not hesitate to show their passion. Geeks love comics and everything connected with them in one way or another – movies, games, collectible figures, etc. It is especially pronouncing in Western countries, where comic culture has long become mainstream. Millions of successful adults surf the virtual space every day, not considering their pastime as wrong or unworthy. Real, not every gamer is a geek. Geek is distinguished, first of all, by fanaticism and perseverance. An ordinary player quickly runs through the plot. The Geek will spend hundreds of hours finding all the secrets and solving the game world’s mysteries. Another feature that distinguishes the Geek from ordinary users is consuming and improving what he loves. In computer games, this manifests in installing a vast number of mods that expand the game world. Geeks love to play, not only on the computer. Board games are top-rated. And if everyone played classics like Monopoly, then there are much more complex and large-scale projects in the geek arsenal. Players can spend dozens of hours playing Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, or, for example, RPGs based on the works of Lovecraft.

      Another geek hobby is closely related to board games – collecting. In the already mentioned Warhammer wargame, players fight according to very complex rules, using miniature figures representing military equipment or troops’ units. These figurines, which look like small pieces of art, become just one of the collectibles. Geeks can collect both comics and retro electronics. If your hobbies are the activities listed above, you are a geek, and it will be straightforward for you to get along with the geek community representatives on Geek Dating Sites.

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