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KIK Overview October 2021

KIK Overview October 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2.000.000
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Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The application does not require a phone number, so it is convenient to use it on devices without SIM cards, such as a tablet
  • It is available for use on a PC
  • Shows that someone is typing
  • It has temporary images
  • The service is free
  • The size of the service (iOS application) is 9.5 MB, and this is smaller than most similar apps for communication
  • You can personalize the data
  • There is no way to send voice messages, communicate via audio or video calls
  • Restrictions on the size of photos and videos
  • Lack of synchronization with different devices. Installing the application on your tablet, the user will not be able to view the latest correspondence from the phone, but will only see new messages
  • There is no «share location» function in the messenger

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KIK is a free mobile application with which you can exchange messages. Users will be pleasantly surprised by the simple and high-quality design and interface in the spirit of WhatsApp Messenger. The mobile application works on all platforms. The only significant drawback is that only users who have friends using this modern application to send messages can use the application. The app does not take up much space on the device. The smaller the size of the app, the more space will be on the device to download other applications or data. Using the KIK, you can personalize it. In the application settings, the user can give the application interface a unique external pitchfork by changing themes or colors. Join satisfied users and experience all the benefits of KIK while chatting with your friends!

Reputation And History Of KIK

Reputation And History Of KIK

We introduce you to the KIK review with the Canadian messenger. This application created back in 2009. Several young students at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) have decided that it is necessary to move away from traditional dating applications and chats that are used on computers and focus on smartphone owners. They are getting ideas direct from the Chinese instant messenger WeChat. KIK wanted to be called a chat platform. KIK also decided to organize the use of the web application inside the messenger. The KIK messenger was able to attract $70.5 investment, which helped to promote the application and increase the number of its users to 200 million people.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

KIK is a free text messaging program with your friends and matches. KIK combines the functionality of several messaging applications, allowing users to easily send text, photos, videos, and more with a few clicks. KIK is available on Amazon, iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

The KIK design is modern and very easy to use. Application developers thought about their users when they created such a convenient interface. After downloading the mobile application, you need to run it on your mobile device. To do this, you click the «Register» button and create a new account. For this, the user enters personal information. Indicate your last name and first name, come up with an interesting nickname, do not forget to specify an email and create a strong password for the account, and then click «Register.» A confirmation email will be sent to your email address, and you can start using it. If you cannot find an email from KIK to confirm your email address, request it to be resent. This can be done from a mobile device, not from a computer.

Using the application, you can see which of the contacts is online now, change profile avatars, and group chats. You also see who prints the message to you, whether your message was delivered and read. Upload a profile image. This is what users see when they chat with you. By default, this is an empty frame, but you can replace it with your photo or another image.

Sigh Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Sigh Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

To register in the KIK mobile application, you do not have to indicate your mobile phone number, and this is a great advantage over similar mobile messengers. When creating a new profile, the user indicates the following information about himself:

  • name
  • last name
  • Nick
  • email
  • strong password.

Having specified the above information, you become a user of the KIK mobile application. If you already have an account, just click «Sign In.»

Are The Accounts Real Here?

Since KIK uses the data of your phone, it is safe to say that user profiles are real. Of course, you can enter the username manually if you know under which nickname the user uses the messenger. But you cannot be sure that the user who writes to you is the person for whom you take it. You do not enter your phone number during registration. And the email address may be fake. This means that the anonymity of users, which is the priority of the KIK, can contribute to the emergence of fake profiles. A few years ago, it noticed that scammers used KIK profiles to engage minors in sexual slavery. We advise you to be careful with this!

Website And Mobile Version

The messenger is available to users on the Android, iOS, BlackBerry / Symbian, and Windows Phone platforms. On the Internet at various KIK reviews, you can find information that the application is available as a mobile version and as a version for use on a PC. But on the company’s official blog, there is no information that users can accept the computer version of the application.

Special Features

Special Features

Since this application positions itself as a messenger, the first thing you will talk about is the process of correspondence. Correspondence in KIK carried out using ordinary text messages. Also, users get the opportunity to create group chats and chat with multiple users at the same time. During registration in KIK, the user does not enter his phone number, which means that it is impossible to make calls to mobile numbers from the application.

Using the application, you share photos, videos. But there are limits to the size of the file you send. You will not send a photo or video larger than 12 MB. If the file downloaded from the browser or there is a link to it, then no problems should arise. But sharing files of other formats will not work. KIK offers users a wide selection of stickers. Stickers are free and those for which you will need to pay. The set of free stickers is large enough, so it’s up to you whether you want to spend $ 2 on new stickers or not. For those users who do not have enough standard pictures and stickers to express their emotions, KIK developers have introduced the function of sketches. KIK does not use advertisements, public chats, as, for example, in Viber or spam messages of advertising nature.

KIK positions itself as a super-fast messenger. The speed of message delivery is high. Also, the user will be able to see the status of delivery and reading his message. Another distinctive feature of the Canadian application is its built-in browser, with which you can find interesting content and files without leaving the application. Users note that for the first time, they meet such a function in the messenger. Links from the browser in the chat immediately placed with a preview, so each user can control their feed.

Since the application does not automatically synchronize mobile numbers from the phone book, it is not so easy to find new friends. To search for users in the application, you need to know the names of users or their nicknames in KIK.

How Does KiK Work?

How Does KiK Work?

How is the search using KIK, and how does the application work on the phone? Let’s look at it in more detail. You have installed the application and registered without indicating your phone number. After that, you confirm the email address and can enter the application by clicking on the Syn-up button. The first thing the application asks you – is permission to search for friends using your phone data and email addresses. If such users exist, they will add to your friends. If not, then in the search line, you can enter the KIK username and also add it as a friend. After that, you can send messages, videos, and photos, but not make voice calls and video calls.

Searching Options And Filters At KIK

Starting KIK for the first time, the program will ask you if you want to find your friends. By clicking agree, KIK will scan the names and email addresses of the people who are on your phone. All these friends will add if they use this application just like you. You can perform these actions later by clicking on the gear icon on the main application screen. You will go to the «Settings» section where you can select the «Address Book Scan» function.

If you want to add a user that the program did not find in your contact list, you can do this. This process takes only a few minutes. In the upper right corner, there is an icon in the form of a cloud with text. By clicking on it, you will see a search bar. Enter your KIK username and your friend’s real name here. If such a KIK user exists, then the program will show it to you.

Using keywords such as cars, computers, music, movies, fashion style, you can add interest groups. And by clicking on the «Create Group» button, you can create your group, which other users will see.

Communication Methods

Communication Methods

In KIK, you can only communicate using messages. Video calls or voice messages are not supported here. To send a message in a cloud with text, the user selects a friend’s name, clicks «Enter message,» and sends it. On some devices, the Submit button looks like a blue cloud with text. Also, users of the messenger can send an emoticon. If you want to diversify the selection of emoticons, buy them in the KIK store. To do this, the user clicks the «+» button and goes to the KIK store. You can send photos and videos in messages, but their size cannot exceed 12 MB. If you want, you can add a comment to the photo or video. On some mobile devices, especially iOS, the first time you try to send a photo or video, KIK will ask you if it can access the photos. After confirming the data transfer, the user will be able to send messages with photo and video content. In addition to taking photos and videos through KIK, you can send YouTube videos, thumbnails, images, and more.

KIK Alternatives

KIK started providing messaging functions since 2009, and during this time, many changes and improvements to the service took place at KIK. Nevertheless, comparing KIK with competitors such as WhatsApp, we can say that this application still has work to do. With more than 200 million users, it has yet to upgrade its messaging and information functions to compete worthwhile with the main messaging players in this market.

Membership Price And Payment Method

The application is freely available on platforms such as Google Play or the App Store. This means that you do not pay money to download the application. Accordingly, the installation and configuration of the account are also free. You free to send messages, photos, and video content.

Free Membership Features

KIK Messenger is a free mobile application. It specializes in instant messaging, without using regular SMS from the phone, which you usually pay for. To send messages to other users, KIK uses the tariff plan of your smartphone or Wi-Fi connection.

Premium Membership Features

The KIK messaging app is free. You use it using the tariff plan of your mobile network operator or Wi-Fi network. The only paid feature is the ability to purchase stickers in the KIK store. One sticker will cost no more than $2. But most users claim that they do not need to purchase additional emoticons since the set of free ones is too large.

How Much Is Dating On KIK?

How Much Is Dating On KIK?

The KIK messaging app is free.

Is KIK Really Safe

Using Internet resources and services, we randomly begin to think about the security of a particular resource. In the modern world, hundreds and thousands of unscrupulous users are ready to take over your data and use it for their purposes. But using KIK, you can be calm. During registration, you do not indicate your phone number; each KIK user has a unique QR code. Using this code, the user gets access to find or invite new members to the service. The service also constantly requests access to perform certain actions related to your data, photos, and videos. You must allow access to your camera. The application is still safe, and because there is no connection with the phone book and any other applications, there is also no access through popular social networks, like Facebook.

Sometimes the application is used by children, although it indicated that it is available only from 14 years of age and older. And even if your children use it with good intentions – sharing photos, etc., you need to be very careful in this, because all the same, all conditions created for anonymity – neither your name, nor address, and scammers can use it. But since you can add a user only knowing his nickname, you can control who the imperfect summers add. And if it seemed to you that the user is not the one for whom he takes himself, you can delete it.

Technical Side Of Protection

The company has made every effort to make its service more secure for users. The application has an age limit of 12 years. A special QR code also developed for users, with the help of some actions are performed in the application.

Customer Support

Customer Support

By default, the «KIK Team» added to your friends` list during registration. This is a program that will try to answer any of your questions. Send any message to KIK Team and read its response. If you send KIK Team a message like «I need help,» the program will send you a link to the KIK support page (help.KIK.com). You can send requests to KIK Team at any time of the day. Never give your KIK username or password. Remember that KIK employees will never ask you to give them this information. Remember that sending any content in the application; you can no longer cancel the sending. So think twice before sending the offensive message or indecent photo!

Users are not always able to contact the support team on time. In such cases, user reviews and various reviews, which are publicly available on the Internet, help. Such reviews have both a description of the service and answers to frequently asked questions of users about the KIK application. We bring to your attention only a small part of such questions and answers to them.

How To Pass KIK Photo Verification?

The service does not require verification by the user’s photo, and you don’t enter a phone number. All you need is a valid email address.

How To Delete KIK Account?

You can find out how to delete an account correctly from KIK Team.

How To See Who Likes You On KIK Without Paying

How To See Who Likes You On KIK Without Paying

KIK Messenger informs the user about the delivery of the message and its reading. If your interlocutor writes the answer, you will see it on the screen of your smartphone.

How To Block Someone On KIK?

Like any communication service, you can either delete the user completely or block him in the chat.

How To Cancel KIK Subscription

The KIK messaging app is free.


This is a free application that you can use in iOS and Android, will be a good thing in your arsenal. You can use it to connect with your friends and other people on different platforms. There many instant messengers that work cross-platform and serve their purposes. But after downloading, you will understand that this application is the only one that you need to use since it is intended exclusively for messaging. This application is not like WhatsApp, which designed for sharing content in real-time. You can meet at KIK new friends and chat with them.

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Customer reviews
Marie White
by Marie White Oct 14, 2021
Neat dating internet site! I enrolled with they this past year and since then achieved multiple close friends with perks. In addition, we speak to numerous owners from the best checklist. Communicating is very good, as a chat screen comes in handy. People tend to be open-minded, genial, and effective. I've certain needs, with no one judges me. Therefore, personally i think fully safe and comfortable.
by Jennifer Oct 11, 2021
I like this service. After being a subscribed cellphone owner for approximately two months, I stumbled upon latest relatives, generally there is not to grumble about. The program allows you to produce an attractive visibility with numerous appealing footage. Should you don't become they essential to fill out the farmland, you may possibly cut them. I guess that images are considered the main point due to the fact rest you could potentially unveil while messaging and talking. I don't need a person for going out with nowadays, but I'm on my ways. My home is a rural region, lots games is not even close to me. However, looking at your present preferred and our personal on the web relationships, I most certainly will go out soon. At any rate, the app actually works, and also the group rocks. We unapproved some freaks, but I've found no one extremely horrible with regards to obstruct these people from calling me personally.
Edward Owens
by Edward Owens Oct 02, 2021
The net schedules with this page became an outstanding and attention-grabbing event for me. It does the job properly for our self-respect and allows creating brand-new connectivity. They're not associations yet but appear guaranteeing. Likewise, its charming for my situation to stop the snow and speak to individuals from any region I like. Viewing pages is definitely engaging, sometimes. It's always fascinating decide just how people prove when looking for intimacy.
by DELEON Oct 01, 2021
Superb provider for those who are not afraid of online dating sites and available dialogues. The application is definitely well organized and also has several signed-up users. Texting is not hard, and other choices are really easy to use and comprehend. As to myself, I've previously receive someone with who our personal chemistry is actually pressing.
by Dianna Sep 21, 2021
This incredible website is great for me personally. As I'm a tad sick and tired of swiping, it came to be a middle soil for my favorite requirements. We don't approach any severe dating at this time, but I won't escape after I encounter my favorite enjoy. This website don't force me and allows acquiring all bells and whistles of standard romance. Besides, i love that software comes in handy to utilize, if it is about navigation or paying. Evaluation is actually regular, and I really don't grudge dollars for them since I have have the best worth for rates they might need. I've already met some respectable individuals and get horny periods. Besides, we content with a few customers to discuss, laugh, and negotiate a variety of issues, like intercourse. I feel that I am with my group due to the fact society is quite genial. Everyone don't evaluate we, mainly because it could possibly be whether you have found anybody in a bar.
Josephine Hunter
by Josephine Hunter Sep 17, 2021
The dating website is easy, and direction-finding is easy. I use an ample quantity of insights and insights for users that appear appealing to me personally. Actually, i actually do take pleasure in due to being on this website. We possibly couldn't run into my personal present buddy till now. Nevertheless, I recently found some fascinated individuals to talk to. Personally I think free and comfortable while emailing all of them. I firmly make this request our site to all or any who's seeking good friendship, whatever the variety of union.
by Felicia Sep 09, 2021
I want other daters to find out that this particular service 100% does its job without tips. Those who really need to discover in touch with someone special won't be sorry for their unique solution when enrolling in the working platform. The most important thing isn't to quit. I have already came across my favorite beloved, and also now we are presently happier. I feel arousal and relationships, hence mean a lot. Thus, we are now in love, as well as being never ever far too late for people of any age and demands. I would recommend this web site, hence merely check out.
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