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European Dating Sites REVIEW 2021

GOOD FOR finding a partner from Europe
Polish Hearts
Polish Hearts
GOOD FOR meeting polish singles
GOOD FOR people who are in search of European partners

Best European Dating Sites sites

  1. Good for meeting new people and finding love Lovoo
  2. Good for helping friends to find matches Meddle
  3. Good for South African swingers and doggers Swinging Heaven
  4. Good for hookups Onenightfriend
  5. Good for meeting new people Instabang
  6. Good for meeting a Russian girl Russian Brides
  7. Good for meeting people and finding love Hitwe
  8. Good for finding an Indian partner IndianCupid
  9. Good for finding love LuvFree
  10. Good for those who want to meet sugar daddies and sugar babies Sugarbook

Some Facts About European Dating Sites

Have you always liked Europeans? European dating sites are your option. If, after much thought, overcoming doubts and fears, you decided to register on a quality dating site, you should weigh out all pros and cons and learn how to choose the best platform for dating a European man.

Unlike men, when it comes to dating, finding a life partner, and relationships, European women are too emotional and are often very impatient. Consequently, if they put in efforts for a specific time, concentrated their efforts on communication, and experienced hope, they can quickly become frustrated and stop trying without achieving the desired result in a short time.

The expectations of both parties on European dating apps are different. Women expect pressure from Europeans, while men expect sincerity, warmth, disinterestedness, and kindness from Eastern European women. Very often, Europeans like spectacular photographs of a woman and expect to receive an answer as soon as possible. However, dating a European girl or a man is not that straightforward. Read below to find out more about what European meeting platforms have to offer and learn how to win the heart of your dream partner.

What Are European Dating Sites?

Each love story is unique. Think about whether already established married couples could have ever predicted where and under what circumstances they would meet? It happens that single men and women on the best European dating sites cannot find a decent person in their country. Fate did not work out, there is not enough time, or there are no worthy candidates. They register on dating sites in their countries, and foreigners interested in dating someone from overseas get an opportunity to communicate with them.

In our time, online dating is a reliable way to arrange your personal life and find a suitable partner to create a family. You can try to find your love in Europe without even going out of the home. Who knows, maybe a man destined for you by fate does not live in the next house at all and speaks a different language. Doubts and fears that may overcome you are quite understandable. However, is it possible to change your life without taking the first step? Eastern European dating sites will make your hesitations fade away.

How to Use European Dating Sites?

Just a few years ago, when you mentioned online dating, you might have faced condemnation and skepticism. Today, dating with the help of atop European dating sites has become commonplace. You can notice the success and reality of dating with foreigners by the stories of happy women who married a foreign man and men who have found their dream wives.

Follow four simple steps to use European dating sites properly:

  • Register on a dating site of your choice.
  • Review profiles regularly. Perhaps among them, you will find the description or a photo of someone who will make your heart beat faster.
  • Do not be afraid to take the first step and write to the person you like. European men treat women who text first with respect and do not consider them too independent.
  • Read tips about European dating from time to time. They will quickly tell you about meeting Europeans about common mistakes and misconceptions to help you understand the European dating culture’s specifics.

Which People Can You Find on European Dating Sites?

Do you want to love and be loved? Feel the care and support of your beloved partner, and, in turn, give your love and affection, create comfort and warmth of the hearth for a worthy person? All these simple dreams can come true as soon as you decide what type of person you want to meet. And now the central question: why not meet him in Europe? European dating sites provide you with millions of decent singles to every taste. You can meet representatives of various professions and age groups.

Men often pay for the opportunity to send a message to the girl. Even if there are free dating sites in Europe, they often work just for women, and men have to pay. Thus, males should be responsible for communication and respond to letters on time. If the person did not attract their attention, women should refuse politely.

Many self-sufficient Europeans do not have time for offline dating, and therefore are looking for a life partner online! It is no secret that many European men are looking for a Slavic woman on dating sites to connect their lives with her. After all, it is not for nothing in Western Europe that there is an opinion that women from Eastern Europe are devoted wives who know how to love sincerely.

Stats at European Dating Sites

On international dating sites in Europe, men are not looking for uncomplaining housewives, women for procreation, and home comfort, but for women equal to them, who will be their real “partners” in family life. Yes, perhaps, due to circumstances, the beloved from Eastern Europe will take care of the house and not work, but this is not a man’s main desire. 70 % of Europeans want to see next to them a confident woman who knows what she wants from life, who has her own opinion and position in life. She will not silently listen to her husband’s orders and obey them implicitly. Such a distribution of roles in the family is more typical of Muslim countries. While dating a European man, you should be ready to face some cultural challenges because only 30% of them look for an easy affair.

The Main Advantages of European Dating Sites

In modern Western Europe, the idea of ​​equality of men and women is widely popular in society, in the business sphere, and in the family. For example, a German man can also go on maternity leave if his spouse does not want to “fall out” of her familiar atmosphere or miss out on her career development prospects. This step proves his willingness to share equally joys and worries with his beloved woman. This true partner vision of the relationship between spouses and responsibilities in the family is what many single women dream of. When using European dating apps, you can meet a person who will take an equal role to yours.

Where to Find European Dating Sites?

Unfortunately, many ladies have requirements for dating sites and men. However, the manner of an acquaintance of the ladies does not indicate the seriousness of their intentions. Men have to wait for days or even weeks for an answer, and when they receive the long-awaited lines, they are short messages that sound rude, are full of negativity, distrust, and hostility to the male sex. If you want to choose a decent European dating app, read the reviews of the users. Check the user statistics. If most ladies on a platform are from Eastern Europe, you shouldn’t waste your time there. Search for mainly British or Australian dating sites.

On the international free dating sites in Europe, you will find single men and women who want to meet someone for a serious relationship. You receive an opportunity to find a person to create a family and browse the profiles inside a favorable and friendly environment.

How to Choose the Best European Dating Sites?

When registering on a European dating app, you should think: what kind of person do you want to meet? What do you know about Europe, and, most importantly, how do you see your future partner? It is essential to understand and accept that Europeans are significantly different from males in Asian or American countries. You cannot proceed to use a dating platform without a clear vision of these matters.

The idea of the dominant role of men in all spheres of society, especially in the family, is characteristic of the Eastern (Muslim) and Asian cultures and the Eastern European (Christian) society. Choose a dating service where you can decide who and when you want to give your contact information.

For the most part, Europeans love their country of residence. They have a job that is interesting to them, friends, and a hobby. They have everything for a happy life, but there is no woman they love. When they decide that it is time to start a family, they want to meet a special woman from their dreams. Not just a woman who will fit in specific parameters, but their perfect partner with whom they can live their lives.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for European Dating?


Its participating countries are the USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, England, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. It is also possible to meet people from other countries through eHarmony International.

Unlike other dating sites, takes a scientific approach to find compatibility partners. This approach focuses on comparing 29 characteristics needed to create a lasting relationship. There are various special offers, free registration, and discounts on this European dating app. Several subscription options varying in duration and cost.

The Best European Dating Sites for a Wild Time


The characteristics of this site’s user base are equally exciting. More than 38 million girls and guys on the MyLove website, with more than 20,000 thousand users actively communicating every day. It is one of the best free European dating sites for dating Slavic singles. MyLove dating is prevalent among both men and women, moreover, of any age and social status. Therefore, finding yourself a mate for a serious relationship and just communication, with such an abundance, is only a matter of time.

Their official website appeared in 2008. Everything on it is entirely free, and you do not have to provide a phone number during registration. Despite this, the security level is still very high, and you should follow the community’s terms of use not to lose access to the site. Any user can report another one to the moderators. If they see a fraudulent component in your actions, they will delete your account forever.


Dating here is possible with residents of any country. The home page of the site focuses on meeting people from the United States and Canada. However, you can select any other country by clicking on “Outside the US or Canada?” Similarly to many other free European dating sites, this one uses a partner selection system based on your personality analysis. The developers consider your values, ideals, and spheres of personal relationships and provide you with the people of the highest compatibility. PerfectMatch offers dating by category. Several subscription options varying in duration and cost are present.

Decide what you can offer, and the site will seek singles like you. If you want to find a person who will provide for you and invite you to move to their country, you should better choose marriage agencies. European dating sites like PerfectMatch differ from platforms where men pay for communication. Males should be ready to invest in relationships on equal terms with a European woman they want to meet. Ladies from Western Europe will not tolerate a man who mistreats them or earns less.

Do European Dating Sites Actually Work?

When personal communication between two people begins, the work of the site ends. Whether the acquaintance will lead to the desired goal depends directly on the partners and not on the site. Even the best European dating sites cannot communicate with a person for you and correct communication mistakes.

The site cannot make you “fall in love” with each other. The moderators check the profiles of new users, listen to criticism and wishes, and help with advice. If you are ready to talk openly about dating, relationships and listen to criticism, Europe’s dating sites will work for you.

Are Members on European Dating Sites Real?

If you register on many dating sites with foreigners, you communicate with different people, but they can sometimes “disappear” too quickly. If you cannot find your partner, think about it. Perhaps the problem is not in the sites and not in the authenticity of users.

Not to miss out on any communication opportunity, you should timely respond to letters from other users. Ideally, the same day you receive your first message. While a person is waiting for an answer, especially for the first message, they do not languish in anticipation. Their feelings do not grow stronger, but they gradually lose interest. If you did everything right, and the user still ignores you, then the reason may lie in the site. Some European dating sites use bots to raise activity and attract more users. If one day you notice an overflow of messages to your chat box and the next day you receive nothing, this site may scam you.

What About Security on European Dating Sites?

Not all European singles have good intentions. Some of them may use your email addresses and phone numbers for different purposes: advertising, telemarketing (offering/selling products or services over the phone), hacking mailboxes and related social media accounts, fraud (marriage scammers save email addresses gullible ladies), persecution (sending letters, messages, calls) to cause moral harm to a person.

To avoid getting an email address, for example, in the mailing list of advertising letters, you should follow a few simple rules even on the safest European dating sites:

  • make sure that the email address is not publicly available on one of the Internet resources;
  • when registering on a new site for you (it does not matter on a forum, on a dating site, or a portal of private ads), carefully read the terms of use of the site and the provisions of the privacy policy;
  • do not send your contact information to new friends in the first message;
  • you should not post your email address or phone number on classifieds portals, forums, or dating sites where personal announcements, forum posts, or profiles are available to unregistered users.

If you do not check the site’s reliability and register there, the fraudsters may use your contact information published in an ad or in a profile to fool other European singles.


When using European dating sites, remember the basic rules of polite communication. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, you cannot quickly respond to a person, send them a short message so that they do not lose interest. Stay open and honest because European dating is a beautiful opportunity that connects you to many exciting and kind people. If you use European dating sites correctly, you will find the partner of your dreams.

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