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OkCupid Complete Review October 2021

OkCupid Complete Review October 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 22-27
Profiles 30.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a vast database of people, which helps in much more frequent matches due to the density.
  • Many advanced filters that you won’t easily find in other similar services to get you an accurate match.
  • Most useful features are free of charge, which is excellent
  • People with any age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality can use this service, so there is no barrier for anyone except those who try to abuse the freedom of these criteria.
  • You can link your Instagram to your profile, which makes it much more genuine, and keeps creeps away.
  • You can’t message anybody unless you both are a match, thus reducing the chances of spam.
  • As for any other similar sites’ dead profiles, catfishing can also be found on OkCupid.
  • No random messaging feature is useful, but an option should be provided if an individual wants to let people text them without matching.

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Are you looking for a trustworthy dating app? OkCupid is one of the best choices. The reason for being so sure while making this statement is because of how this App/Site is built. The quality of services they provide and the ease with which we can find what exactly we are looking for is impressive.

OkCupid is a platform that provides a comprehensive database of people from which you can choose to make friends. You can have a fling, casual hookups, or a long and short term relationship, and even get married, but again it depends upon what you are searching for.

The algorithm of OkCupid is built in a unique way that helps you to find the closest if not the accurate match you are interested in. This is based on various factors such as your age, location, gender, sexuality, native language, and much more. The more information you are willing to put out about you on the site, the more accurate results or matches you’ll get.

Now that we have a basic idea precisely what this platform is about, let us dive in a bit deeper to get the in-depth review of the site or app.

Reputation and history of OkCupid

OkCupid Review 2020

OkCupid was started back in 2004, and since then, it has made so many positive changes/updates which have currently made this platform one of the fastest-growing dating platforms in the area.

There are over 30 million active users, and the site pulls a massive 3 Billion page views every month, which is a sign that people like the service, and it has helped them find what they exactly were looking for.

So people putting their trust in this service is an excellent sign that the reputation of OkCupid is outstanding among the users.

Website and App Interface, Registration

OkCupid can be used on a website or through an app on your smartphone, which gives you the freedom to experience the interface the way you like. But according to statistics, most of the users are youth, and they prefer to use this service via the app on their smartphones. As we all know, young people almost always have their smartphones with them nowadays.

The Registration process is simple, whether on the website or the app, with just some essential credentials.

Sign-up Process: Is it easy here?

The sign-up process is straightforward: as you have to provide the most basic information about yourself, such as name, age, gender, and something to describe yourself, which will help people know you better and help you discover.

Furthermore, it’s up to you to answer questions about yourself and display them on your profile so that people get a better idea about you, and you find a much more accurate match.

Are the Accounts real here?

As mentioned earlier, OkCupid has a whopping 30 million active user database from all over the world, and where you are supposed to connect your Instagram makes it much more authentic. But as you know, things can’t be perfect. There always will be some flaws, and OkCupid is no exception. You’ll find fake profiles and people pretending to be someone else, but the platform is trying their best to eliminate such accounts to make the user experience enjoyable.

Three years ago, in 2017, the creators rolled out an update, which made users put their actual names instead of any random usernames such as ‘Silly Simon’ or ‘Dirty Megan.’ This eliminated many creeps who were not comfortable sharing their real names and were using others’ identities.

Website and Mobile Version

OkCupid Review 2020

Most People use OkCupid on their smartphones as it is much more convenient than sitting in front of your computer screen. The OkCupid app is available both on Android and iOS stores.

Of course, there are people who prefer PCs over smartphones, and an excellent UI is available on the website.

Special Features

OkCupid has a standard swipe feature to like or deny a particular profile, but some features make OkCupid stand out from others.

There is an option where you can answer as many questions about yourself and display them on the profile, which gives the person browsing a much better idea about you. The profile itself is highly customizable, and if used correctly, your chances of increasing the number of matches go up drastically.

You can directly search for people with similar interests in the explore page and swipe right on the profiles you find interesting.

First it happens by swiping left or right, and if both of you match, you can go ahead and continue to know each other more by texting.

Secondly, you can find profiles with similar interest in the explore page and with premium features get to know who has liked you before you talked.

How does OkCupid Work?

So the fundamental way OkCupid works begins with signing up for an account where you put your username, profile picture, and more information. You can put up a bio that you think might help others to choose if they want to match with you, it’s a match, and further. You can know people more by texting them right away.

Searching options and filters at OkCupid

The basic search and filter option you’ll find on other similar services will be age, gender, and location. Still, OkCupid lets you filter people based on many more factors such as their body type, their native language, similar interests, and most of these filters are free to use.

The benefit of providing these extra filters will help you find a tailor-made match. You won’t receive a match based on just a few factors, and then find out that they aren’t actually what you were searching for.

Communication Methods

The most basic communication method is via messaging, but as mentioned above, you just can’t randomly text anyone unless you’ve matched with them.

This was made because females do complain about creepy guys spam their inbox on the dating platforms, which is not what they are looking for. So letting people text only when they match makes the security element a bit safer.

OkCupid Alternatives

There are tons of somewhat similar services present on the internet, but to be honest, they aren’t that good as compared to OkCupid. The services also differ according to what you are looking for as some websites revolve around casual dating. Some revolve around hookups, some are just for finding new friends, and some let you find the life partner most commonly through matrimonial apps and sites.

The similar competitors for OkCupid are Tinder, Bumble, woo, happn, tantan, lamour, Grindr, and many more.

Comparison with other dating services:

Membership Price and Payment Methods

OkCupid Review 2020

The free membership provides you almost all the necessary features like creating your profile, adding a profile picture. You can also add a description and add answered questions about yourself in the description. A free subscription also enables swiping on the profiles you are interested in, letting you text once you match, looking at full profiles of others, and many more.

But they still provide you with two other options, A-List and A-List Premium, with separate charges. You can opt from any of the above if you don’t mind spending some bucks for a bit more easy match.

The payment can be made Via Apple Pay, Google Play credits, credit, or debit cards, which is the most standard mode of payment. So making your payment for the services is not that big of a deal.

Free membership features

  • Create Your Profile.
  • Add your profile pictures.
  • Swipe left or right on profiles you like or aren’t interested in.
  • You can Message right away if both of you match.
  • Look at others’ full profiles.

Premium Membership features

  • You have an unlimited amount of likes for the profiles.
  • Look at who liked your profile before you swipe right on them.
  • Advance Search filters such as body shape, etc., to find much more accurate results.
  • Profile boost makes your profile more visible to other users, which will give you more likes.
  • Read receipts are another premium features you get after upgrading, which shows if the user you’ve sent a message to is busy or is ignoring or ghosting you.
  • Another useful feature some might prefer is the incognito mode, which lets you browse the app or profiles privately.

How much is dating on OkCupid

OkCupid Review 2020

As mentioned above, if you go with the free version of the app or on the website, you will be charged nothing. Among the 30 million users, most of them are young people who prefer not paying for such services as they are using it for just casual purposes. Still, on the other end, if you consider the elder members, they don’t mind spending some money on these services as they are looking for something specific like a long term relationship or even marriage.

Membership 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Free Membership 0 $ 0 $ 0 $
A-List Membership 15.99 $ 35.99 $ 47.99 $
A-List Premium Membership 29.99 $ 74.99 $ 119.99 $

Is OkCupid safe?

Now let’s just keep aside all the features, pros, or cons of this service for a while, and let’s talk about if this is safe for users who give their information expecting total privacy. Privacy is one of the key features that should be considered during developing such a service because that is one department that people look out for before trusting and providing their credentials.

This service started in 2004, but it has drastically improved in the security department since then, with every single year passing. The creators have made linking their social media, which gives much transparency about the registered user. They also made it compulsory to use their actual name instead of any random username, which also spiked up the security level.

With all these security measures taken from the creator, users should keep in mind some essential rules. These include not sharing your address or financial details to someone you just started talking to, even after you’ve known well unless there is a legit reason to do so.

Along with these improvements, if you come across a profile which in any form abuses or misbehaves, you can report that particular individual. If the creators find the reason for the report satisfying, they will take down the profile.

So now, all that said, we can consider OkCupid as a safe platform, keeping in mind all the factors. Go ahead and make use of the fantastic features if you haven’t yet because of the security concern.

Technical side of Protection

OkCupid Review 2020

The technical measures of Protection are taken care of very well while the platform was developed, an example of this is once you match with another person. You take it further by sending them a message. It is very crucial to make sure that the conversation between you is secured, OkCupid makes sure that the communication between you is end to end encrypted.

Customer Support

The site has a dedicated FAQ page to help you solve the most repetitively observed issue by the users, and you can find the solution for your problem on that page. However, if you don’t see the answer on the FAQ page, you can always directly contact the OkCupid support team via different mediums. You can directly mail your issue to the support team, and they will revert you as soon as possible with the required solution. So technical support is not a problem here.

However, if you are curious if there is phone support available, unfortunately, the only way you can contact us via the contact form or mail.

When a user registers for such service most of the time, they are curious about a lot of things. Let’s take the most common questions or queries users have about various topics such as the functioning, security, support, and some others.

How to pass OkCupid Photo Verification?

  • You should upload a photo with your face visible.
  • No images with contact information on them are accepted.
  • No group photos are verified.
  • No nudity and sexual images will be approved.

How to delete an OkCupid account?

OkCupid Review 2020
  • On the website: you can find a text saying “Need a break” on your settings page you can click on that which will further help you to delete your account.
  • On the App: When you tap on your profile page, you further go to the account settings and then select the Disable my account button and then follow the instructions.

How to see who likes you on OkCupid without paying?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can see who liked you without paying for the premium service unless both of you match. If you are curious and this makes a big difference for you, you have to spend extra money for the A-List or A-List Premium membership, which lets you know who liked you before you like them.

How to block someone on OkCupid?

  • On the website: You can go to the profile of the user you want to block and select the three-dotted menu and select block.
  • On the App: You can block similarly by tapping on the profile and then select a block from the menu or by clicking on the block pop up when you receive a text from them. You can view the blocked users or accounts in the privacy settings.

How to cancel an OkCupid subscription?

Go to your account setting, click turn off the automatic billing in the payment tab, which will stop your subscription from the next cycle.

If you’ve paid through PayPal, then you need to go to the payment gateway on the browser and cancel the subscription.

If you’ve subscribed via Google Play or Apple Id, you need to go into the manage subscriptions section of the respective platform and cancel the subscription there.


OkCupid Review 2020

Now that we’ve covered almost all the crucial topics above related to the OkCupid website, let’s just compile all of this and give you the conclusion.

The usability, privacy, ease, and accuracy with which you find a match is because of the algorithm which makes OkCupid one of the best and the fastest growing platforms in the whole world.

So, if you’re looking for a casual hookup, a short/long term relationship, or even a fling, you should start using OkCupid immediately.

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Mike Raven
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Customer reviews
by Rokkjær Oct 15, 2021
Cool dating website! We joined it just last year and since subsequently met several relatives with amazing benefits. Likewise, I chat with many people from the best checklist. Conversation is excellent, as a chat window is really handy. Consumers were open-minded, genial, and productive. You will find specific choices, and no people judges me personally. Therefore, i'm entirely as well as safe.
by Seth Oct 07, 2021
I discovered personally trying to sit back and go into recoil sex or perhaps even everyday online dating after a breakup. But I got not a clue of how to make they on the web. Nothing experiences forced me to be afraid. I attempted swiping, but these types of a shallow method isn't really your good fit. We seek out the software where customers happen to be starting up, but I nevertheless required a quality web site. This turned out to be a middle ground I think. No-strings-attached connections, good profiles, and matches, straightforward screen, forums. This is all we ever desired. I went on certain very hot schedules, and now Seriously feel great. Fantastic services for single men and women with no-cost possibilities and good functionality. The neat build is definitely an enjoyable reach.
Jose Stanley
by Jose Stanley Oct 05, 2021
Your sex life was not extremely rich before I've joined up with this app. Everything that modified immediately right after I sign up and began texting those I've favored on the webpage. Clearly, some owners denied me personally, but that's maybe not a problem. Preferences change, because it is stated. Generally, I've have fairly accurate meets that allowed me to build a few family. At least one actually received under the complexion. Within a month or more of communicating, most people had gotten the fundamental day. As almost everything had been tip-top, we've booked the 2nd go out before long. It seems I've chose my personal excellent match.
Marc Johnston
by Marc Johnston Sep 26, 2021
Excellent service for those who are not afraid of internet dating and open dialogues. The software is well organized and it has most signed-up individuals. Texting is not a worry, and all of other options are easy to access and understand. As to myself, I've already receive a buddy with who our very own chemistry is really pressing.
by Bekker Sep 23, 2021
I enrolled with our site this past year and received a fantastic experience. Currently, We have a competent and mind-blowing companion, and we're excellent collectively. I'd highly recommend the software because We have learned from drive feel it works. I note that lots of people often grumble about no fits, believing that they simply waste time and cash. Nonetheless, i ought to note that when individuals cannot pick a person, they frequently boot their own failures to outside factors. Career, family relations, online dating sites, simply put, there is always somebody at fault. Nevertheless, you shouldn't give up hope, and all shall be all right. Case in point, it required nearly 7 days meet up with my personal mate.
by Payton Sep 18, 2021
Very good perceptions. I've found an abundance of nice and interesting everyone and a few freaks . that's a norm when you are on line. Some matches are not my personal location . that's why we remained buddies. I will claim that this service brings most equipment for making additional users bear in mind one. To begin with, it's enough space generate the member profile and supply enough the informatioin needed for your appearance and identity. Consequently, chatting happens to be all right. Generally speaking, you receive whole online communication and that can receive a night out together at any time whenever you're willing to see your favorite in real life.
by Saylor Sep 15, 2021
Great impressions. I've found an abundance of ready and intriguing people and a few freaks . that's the norm when you are on the internet. Some suits are not in my own venue . that's why we kept buddies. I ought to declare that this particular service brings many instruments to make other individuals keep in mind we. First of all, it's enough space to develop your own account and supply plenty of the informatioin needed for your appearance and figure. After that, messaging happens to be all right. Normally, one access complete online interaction and that can see a romantic date anytime when you find yourself equipped to satisfy the best in real life.