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Passion.com Review 2021 – legit or a scam?

Passion.com Review 2021 – legit or a scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a huge user base spread throughout the world, with close to 90,000,000 registered members.
  • You can choose between several different kinds of engagement. These range from one night stands, friends with benefits, or even an open relationship.
  • The site offers excellent customer care and support.
  • The site offers a bunch of features, even without a price. Some of these are messenger and chat rooms, which are immensely useful.
  • The site has been active for over 20 years, making it a classic in the dating game.
  • The site offers you a lot of filters such as age, sexual orientation, and location.
  • It is a goldmine for women. The site witnesses a much higher number of male participants as compared to female ones. So if you're a woman, you'll have a great time meeting many different men.
  • The high ratio of men to women can mean that men may have a little trouble hooking up with the women of their choice.
  • Passion.com doesn't offer you applications on your mobile. It is a deterrent as most people are on the move and prefer to hook up that way.
  • The site does witness several fake accounts.

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Today the world lives in a fast-paced environment where not everyone has the time to commit to a full-fledged relationship. Many of us seem to be searching for a hot and steamy night of passion without the added strings attached to it. Enter Passion.com. Their slogan is “Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles,” which is an accurate representation of this platform. This website is designed for you to fulfill all your sexual needs as and when you please.

This platform is meant for one-night stands, short term flings, and hookups. Passion.com offers you a large basket of bare-bodied men and women ready to jump into bed at the flip of a switch. All you need to do is to register and get going.

The site is also immensely popular, garnering close to 90,000,000 registered members on the platform. What it means for you is a greater selection among the pool, which drastically increases your chances of getting what you truly want. This review for Passion.com is intended to serve as an exhaustive guide for you to decide whether the platform is right for you or not.

Reputation and History of Passion.com

Passion.com Review

Passion.com is a name well established in the dating industry. It has been helping people hookup for close to 20 years by now and thus has built goodwill in the industry. Their engagement with their user base is a testament to just how massively popular they are. The US alone witnesses close to 67 million members on the platform. It is also estimated that more than 100,000 members can be found at any time on the platform. The site also has a very loyal fan base with members who keep coming back for more.

Website, App, interface, registration

The registration process for Passion.com is extremely simple and straightforward. The website for the platform is also exceptionally well designed. It is easy to use with all the essentials in the right place. You don’t have to waste any time on the website trying to understand it. You can instead jump right into the action as soon as you get yourself registered.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Passion.com Sign Up

The sign-up process is straightforward on Passion.com. Let’s follow the steps and see how to do it for yourself.

  • First, the site demands your details, including age and sexual orientation. The site is exceptionally liberal concerning this and accepts all genders and sexual orientations under the Sun. You can be gay, straight, lesbian, or bisexual. There’s something for everyone on the website.
  • Then you’d be asked to enter your location. The site needs to determine the locals around you.
  • The next step is to verify your email account. You’ll be asked to enter your email account, after which they’ll send you a link for verification. Just confirm by logging into your email and clicking on the link, and you can move on to the next step.
  • You’d be asked for some other details, including race, whether you’re married or not, and body type. Please note that you don’t need to enter all these details. You may skip these if you don’t feel like answering them.
  • The last step is to enter a short bio about yourself. You can keep it extremely short and simple, or go about describing yourself in graphic detail. It’s entirely up to you.

    • That’s it. Just follow these few simple steps, and you should be done in no time. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to register for Passion.com, where exciting stuff awaits.

      Are the accounts real here?

      The website has been active for a long time now and thus has established a legacy in the industry. However, the site does witness its fair share of fake profiles time and again. It is because Passion.com doesn’t maintain a very high standard of security on its platform. The moderators are responsive. They don’t stack up against the sheer volume of fake accounts out there on the site. It’s recommended to be cautious of who you interact with, as it is highly likely that you’ll at least encounter a couple of fake profiles.

      Website and mobile version

      The website for Passion.com is simple yet effective. It’s effortless to use and won’t cause you any unnecessary hassle. However, it’s unfortunate that the website doesn’t offer any mobile application yet, which would be highly beneficial for many people. You can always access their site by loading it on your browser. But the process seems to be slow and takes up a lot of time.

      Moreover, you may notice some noticeable differences between the desktop and the mobile site versions. The desktop version seems to be well organized, with all its different components arranged perfectly in place. But the mobile version is chaotic with a bunch of stuff just crammed together in one place. These issues serve to be a drawback to an otherwise well-designed platform, but with a little patience can be overcome easily.

      Special Features

      The primary feature that differentiates Passion.com from all its competitors is its no-nonsense approach to hookups and flings. The platform is meant for short term relationships, which is what is expected of its members as well. The site makes it very clear that it won’t waste any time in the irrelevant stuff but instead jump straight into business.

      Another useful feature of Passion.com is that it allows you to manage all your tasks with ease. The website neatly organizes all your activities by the tab at the top. You can just browse through whenever you need to.

      Some of the other features include:

      • Votes and Points: This option is used to climb up the rating ladder on the website. You can vote for who you think is hot. You can also partake in several activities promoted by the platform that award you extra points.
      • Virtual Gifts: Virtual gifts are features you can purchase using the points you earn.
      • Kink Search: This feature allows you to browse the website based on sexual preferences.
      • Adult Movies on Demand: Passion.com offers you up to 2000 full-length adult films to stream anytime and anywhere. It can be particularly useful if you intend to masturbate.
      • Member Blogs: You can read other members’ blogs on the platform since it serves to be a shared community rather than just a place to hookup.

        • The site ensures ease of usability for all its members at every step.

          Passion.com Search

          It’s easy to find a suitable partner on Passion.com. The site hosts an intuitive search functionality that suggests you the best match based on your preferences. The excellent functionality that the site offers is for you to change your choices along the way. Let’s say you’re a straight woman and signed up claiming that you were interested in straight men. Now, you seem to be liking the idea of exploring and venturing into other sexualities. A lot of other dating sites wouldn’t let you change your preferences, thereby hindering your search. Passion.com, however, lets you change your preferences as and when you want to, making it extremely convenient for you to find the partner you want.

          How does Passion.com work?

          Passion.com work

          The platform first asks you to sign using your credentials. It then asks you to submit your sexual preferences. As previously mentioned, these preferences can be changed at any time. The search function lets you see the person of your choice. After you find that person, you can simply drop a text and let him/her know that you’re interested. The rest is all up to you.

          Searching options and filters at Passion.com

          You get multiple options to search and filter on Passion.com. The search option is extensive and very responsive. The filters are endless, covering all your needs. Apart from your sexual preferences, you can also search based on who’s online or use the hot or not functionality to let the system know who you’re really into. Please note that some of the more advanced features are included under the premium membership, which you need to pay more. However, you can reap a ton of benefits, even just being a free member on the site.

          Communication Methods

          There are several ways to contact the moderators. You can either access the help option on the website itself or drop them either a call, a text, or an email.

          Brand name Alternatives

          Passion.com Alternatives

          It’s always a good idea to be familiar with some of the other alternatives out there on the market in case you want to switch or just aren’t satisfied with their service. The article has narrowed it down to three options that offer similar services as Passion.com.

          • Ashley Madison: Ashley Madison is a big name in the dating industry, with millions of members worldwide. You can never go wrong with them.
          • Adult Friend Finder: Another excellent alternative for interested users. This site provides a very high chance of landing a hookup or one nightstand. It has millions of users worldwide and is extremely convenient to use.
          • Tinder: Tinder is arguably the most popular of all the dating apps on the market. It is cheap and probably has the most extensive user base for all.

            • Membership Price and Payment Methods

              Passion.com Price

              One downside to Passion.com is that a couple of its features are behind a paywall. However, the site does offer you a bunch of features, even without a premium subscription. It is also extremely light on your budget if you do decide to subscribe and get a gold membership.

              Free Membership Features

              You get a bunch of features, even with a free membership. Some of the notable ones are:

              • You’ll get to use the search functionality either in its standard form or by typing in a username.
              • You’ll get to participate in chat rooms and also send messages directly on live chat.
              • You’ll get to view live webcam shows, although just one at a time.
              • You can select and engage with up to 200 people over on your customized hotlist.
              • You’ll be able to read blogs written by other members.
              • You’ll also get to join groups on the platform.

              Premium Membership Features

              Passion.com Features

              Passion.com offers you handy tools for your arsenal if you register as a paid user. These come in handy if you want to stand out from the crowd and reach potential partners faster. Some of these include:

              • You’ll get to participate in an unlimited number of live webcam shows on the platform.
              • You’ll get to select and engage with up to 1000 people on your hotlist.
              • You’ll get to send friend requests and flirts for better engagement with potential dates.
              • You’ll get to view complete profiles of individuals and not just the fundamental view shown to a free member.

              How much is dating on Passion.com?

              Passion.com price

              Passion.com offers a gold membership that provides all the features in one place if you sign up. Here’s a breakdown of the gold membership:

              Duration Price per month Total
              1 Month 27.95 USD
              3 Months 19.95 USD 59.85 USD
              12 Months 14.95 USD 179.40 USD

              There are other options available that let you access singular features, but it’s always advisable to opt for a gold membership plan. If you choose it, you get access to all the facilities at a much cheaper rate than if you were to pay for them individually. So, try signing up for the gold membership and save your hard-earned cash.

              Is Passion.com really safe?

              Passion.com safe

              Passion.com tries to maintain a high standard of safety on its platform, but there have been reports of fake profiles. It is since there are no added security checks on the website for added protection. The moderators are swift to respond and do resolve your problems in a short time. While researching for this article, the writer did try contacting their support and got a response within a matter of seconds. So it’s safe to say that they are responsive, but the safety features could’ve been better. Ensure your safety and keep a steady check on the accounts you interact with.

              Technical side of protection

              The Passion.com website provides a help option at the top-bar that lets you in on a bunch of FAQs and their answers. You can also contact the moderators from there. But there’s no added algorithm for detecting fake profiles and tackling them. The site is a hookup site and thus should maintain a higher standard of safety. It is the one area where Passion.com slightly falters.

              Customer Support

              Passion.com Support

              The customer support provided by the website is top-notch. They are extremely responsive and are available 24*7 at your disposal. All you need to do is either contact them via the help option on the top-bar or drop them a call, text, or email, and they’ll contact you as soon as possible.

              Passion.com questions

              Passion.com is liked by many across the world. It is why the users have a set of queries which they ask and for which no answers are provided. Here’s is a set of questions which are important:

              How to pass Passion.com photo verification?

              It is very easy to pass the photo verification test on Passion.com. A user just needs to upload their picture, and that’s it.

              How to delete a Passion.com account?

              You can delete your account through these four simple steps.

              • Open the website
              • Login to your account
              • Click on “My Account” and under Manage account you can find the option Close account
              • At the bottom of the menu, you will find the “Please delete my account” option, enter your password, and you are no longer a member of the website.

              How to see who likes you on Passion.com without paying?

              Passion.com does not allow users to check who liked them without subscriptions.

              How to block someone on Passion.com?

              It is very easy to block someone on the website. You need to just visit their profile and click on the “Block” option.

              How to cancel Passion.com subscription?

              A user can easily opt-out of the subscription. You need to email the team on the website that you want to quit the subscription, and they will do the necessary actions.


              Overall, Passion.com is a great bet for people looking for quick casual sex. The platform is meant for people who are willing to invest in flings and one-night stands and aren’t looking for anything serious. Apart from the security issues, the site should satisfy all your cravings and ensure that you have a great time. The writer of this content researched Passion.com thoroughly for writing this article and can recommend it to anyone looking for a no-strings-attached relationship or not looking to get serious. It is an absolute catch for the price in which it arrives and is one that you should check out.

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              Mike Raven
              Mike Raven
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              Charles Young
              by Charles Young Oct 26, 2021
              As a first-time manhood, Love it if more relish the ability. It's simple to make friends, so long as you become energetic and trust different customers. It's fun. Whether I'll discover our great complement? We don't attend to nowadays. A couple of close periods will do to me to date, and I'm looking and waiting a lot more recreation before targeting a potential wife. I ensure this site is definitely properly good for my favorite purpose. The city was all right, and not one person attempts to become using your your skin. Hence, I feel comfortable having on the web enjoyable together with my pals. We have some things to share with you, while the goes I've acquired had been truly stimulating. Hence, I'm pleased with our account, and an affordable outlay was an advantage.
              by Neal Oct 16, 2021
              Simple adventure yet might 100percent incredible. This is outstanding software with practical messaging. Technical support is also cool. As soon as I forgot a password together with to reset they. Okay, actually, things got resolved in a short while. I've already received some mate to chat with, but I'm maybe not pretty quickly to satisfy anyone outside of the internet. I'm experiencing and enjoying the procedures so far because the telecommunications using faves certainly cool and also converts myself on often. Big price, numerous beautiful profiles, and routing was a piece of cake. I favor such a simple and effective method of on the internet hookups.
              Melissa Sanders
              by Melissa Sanders Oct 15, 2021
              I enjoy this service. After becoming a signed up consumer approximately 2 months, I stumbled upon unique partners, generally there is nothing to complain about. The screen allows you to write a unique visibility with lots of attractive footage. Any time you don't really feel it required to add many of the fields, you can overlook them. I assume that pics will be the main point ever since the relax you can actually reveal while chatting and speaking. I don't get somebody for matchmaking nowadays, but I'm back at my means. I reside in a rural locations, many games were not myself. However, thinking about simple latest preferences and our very own on the internet relationships, I will go out pretty soon. At any rate, the software runs, along with society rocks !. We rejected some freaks, but I've came across nobody hence awful about prohibit them from calling me personally.
              Laura Scott
              by Laura Scott Oct 08, 2021
              I stumbled onto me wanting relax and increase into recoil intercourse or maybe informal matchmaking after a separation. But I managed to get little idea of making it on the internet. Zero event forced me to scared. I tried swiping, but such a shallow technique actually our solid accommodate. We try to find the app just where users are actually starting up, but I still recommended an outstanding web site. This option got a middle soil for me personally. No-strings-attached joints, decent kinds, and fits, basic program, forums. Which is all we actually ever sought. We proceeded a few beautiful schedules, and from now on Love it if more feel good. Big tool for singles with free choice and great operation. The cool style is a great reach.
              by Jolene Oct 04, 2021
              The web based schedules about internet site became a fantastic and attention-grabbing experience for me personally. It does the job completely for my personal self-respect and permits generating brand-new joints. They're not relationships however but take a look encouraging. Additionally, it is actually charming for me to-break the frost and talk with folks from any nation i prefer. Scanning profiles try appealing, either. It's always intriguing to see just how visitors promote themselves while looking for closeness.
              by Alisa Sep 30, 2021
              I'm widowed and really craved to find another opportunity at romance. Give thanks to our site for assistance since I acquired simple desire. We really do not make way too many lasting designs and just relish friends. You meeting, tour, and show a wide range of techniques. It's the most breathtaking part of the commitments. I love my personal mate and hope our personal relationship will develop and drive to the next level. Some individuals are looking for partners at relationships web organizations, and usually, that sort of issues was awkward because you feel like merchandise in specialist house windows. This software is not the same. Perhaps you may start out with communicating and end in the chapel. Needed have an appropriate technical history. I use the internet site largely to my laptop, but in some cases We keep in touch with people and look my own techniques from my iphone 3gs. No problems in any way. I've observed no bugs . all is very effective, without bugs. Right after I join, i personally use your website if i'd like without disturbances and aggravating reloads. I am hoping they remains like this, and additionally they maintain top quality. I wish everybody good luck since your has now determine me personally.
              by AYERS Sep 24, 2021
              I'm widowed and extremely craved to gather another potential at prefer. Thank this website for allow since I have received our intend. We really do not making unnecessary lasting programs and merely relish one another. We all date, journey, and promote numerous recreation. This is stunning thing in our personal interactions. I enjoy my favorite partner and expect our very own relationship will develop and drive to the next level. A lot of people are looking to get couples at wedding on the web agencies, and typically, that type of issues happens to be upsetting because you feel just like goods in retailer microsoft windows. This app differs from the others. You may possibly start with conversation and end in the chapel. This service membership enjoys a good complex back ground. I prefer the site generally on my computer, but occasionally I speak with users and look simple work from our new iphone. No troubles in any way. I've noted no insects . all is useful, without bugs. While I visit, i take advantage of the web page providing Needs without disturbances and annoying reloads. I really hope they stay this way, and additionally they uphold standard. If only everybody all the best ! since my has realized me.
              Jason Smith
              by Jason Smith Sep 17, 2021
              We joined our site last year and have outstanding adventure. Nowadays, I have a trusted and mind-blowing companion, and we're close with each other. I'd recommend the software because We have learned from immediate adventure which is effective. I ensure most people usually grumble about no meets, convinced that they merely waste time and cash. Continue to, I should remember that whenever people cannot get a hold of a person, they frequently boot the company's downfalls to outside things. Work, loved ones, paid dating sites, this basically means, you can find person accountable. Nevertheless, you should never disheartenment, and every single thing might be fine. Including, it required virtually 7 many months in order to reach your spouse.
              by Janiyah Sep 02, 2021
              Really good perceptions. I've discovered lots of ready and intriguing consumers and a few freaks . that's the norm if you're online. Some games weren't throughout my location . that's why we remained good friends. I will point out that this service gets lots of software in making other owners take note of your. First of all, it's enough room to construct your very own member profile and supply enough information regarding the way you look and individual. Consequently, texting happens to be all right. Commonly, your use full online conversation and certainly will obtain a romantic date anytime while you are willing to encounter your chosen in the real world.