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Dating by age: Top Platforms to Choose in 2021

GOOD FOR meeting an older partner

Best Dating by age sites

  1. Good for Iranian singles who are in search of serious relationships Iranian Singles Connection
  2. Good for the representatives of the BDSM community Collarspace
  3. Good for chatting with strangers from all over the world Omegle
  4. Good for creating family and marriage Dabble
  5. Good for meeting a Chinese partner ChinaLoveCupid
  6. Good for finding sex partners near you FuckBookHookups
  7. Good for meeting a Ukrainian girl UkraineDate
  8. Good for searching for a perfect match Bookofmatches
  9. Good for finding hot singles Hot Or Not
  10. Good for finding a Thai partner ThaiCupid

Some info about dating apps by age

Generally speaking, online dating services are contemporary trends, uniting people globally. Dating apps by age, religious orientation, ethnicities, and other criteria help users meet like-minded people.

The up-to-date world makes everything possible to minimize the number of single people, offering a diverse array of opportunities for representatives of various age groups. According to sociologists, the older a person is, the harder it is to find significant others.

Dating services specialized in particular age groups are not exceptional – both their number and popularity are rising. For instance, some platforms are oriented for 50+ people, helping divorced, widowed, or just single aged persons to meet a special one to share life’s ups and downs.

What are dating apps by age?

There is no secret that all generations have their principles, interests, and priorities. The contemporary world makes the difference between generations even more apparent; hence, most persons prefer to find their significant other from the same age groups (a 5-years gap is considered normal). The best dating apps by age help persons of the same age group connect internationally.

Why is age so important while talking about dating? When you are young, your life position and the system of principles and interests have been forming, and that is easy to compromise with a person you build relationships with. Aged persons frequently have firm principles and interests, which is hard or even impossible to change.

The main idea of services specialized in particular age groups lies in the possibility of finding like-minded people, but there are no age limitations in most cases. For instance, a 20-year-old person may easily get an account on the dating platform for 50+ people.

How to do dating by age?

Dating apps by age group are numerous; hence, a person should not have problems with the search. Users point out the following stages of finding the platform corresponding with demands and preferences:

  • Foremost, specify age groups suitable for your preferences. Sometimes, girls or men wish to date older people.
  • Read some experts’ opinions to understand which applications specialized in a particular age group are the best.
  • Get an account on several platforms, filling in your profiles. Don’t purchase any premium features first.
  • Spend some time understanding whether a platform is effective for you to fulfill some specific goals.
  • When a dating service is about to meet your expectations, you may pay for the premium membership to extend your abilities and get some privileges.

Which are people who find dating apps by age?

At first sight, there are no differences between platforms while talking about their general purposes. All dating websites and applications help their subscribers to find someone special among crowds of registered users. Meanwhile, there are massive differences people have while speaking about their preferences and expectations.

What do younger subscribers find on dating services? According to statistics, most young male representatives are looking for hookups, being not interested in long-term relationships. They pay more attention to photos and appearance, ignoring most filters and other information.

As for aged persons, they are much choosier, looking for long-term relationships. Furthermore, such users understand personal information, investigating profiles thoroughly. Aged subscribers don’t need someone for a one-night stand, but a lifetime partner to find care-about and support. The best dating apps by age are somehow the second chance to make life full of happiness again. Aside from dating, aged people use those services to make new friends based on common interests.

The year 2021 marked new trends the world has to cope with. The pandemic changed dating processes as well. Our lexicon includes such terms as ‘social distance’, ‘self-isolation’, ‘face-mask requirements’, etc. Online dating services came to a stage, removing barriers between people, helping them overcome this difficult period and find their significant others.

The world is getting to become even more speedy, and aged people frequently cannot keep up with the time while speaking about dating. Meanwhile, more senior citizens get to be friends with the Internet; hence, dating apps by age gain more popularity.

How can an aged person find a significant other? That is a challenging task referred to real lives – perhaps, you need to initiate contact in a park or a museum, but there are no guarantees your relationships will go well. The Internet offers crowds of members corresponding to your demands. When there are things in common with one person, you may quickly switch on another one. Thus, online dating services provide senior citizens with more chances to find someone truly special.

Stats at dating apps by age

The whole community of online dating services has already surpassed a mark of one billion users. This number is giant enough to show the rapidly growing popularity of such services.

  • More than 30% of millennials use online dating services to find their special ones.
  • Male representatives spend about 90 minutes on dating services daily, while women devote some 75-80 minutes per day, looking for their perfect matches.
  • Most dating platforms include from 2 to 10% of persons aged over 50.
  • 58% of subscribers prefer to browse online dating platforms via mobile devices.
  • While talking about age differentiation, the following statistics appears:
  • People aged 18 – 24 are 38% of all dating services’ subscribers.
  • Users from 25 to 34 years are the most widespread audience – their percentage is 45% of the whole community.
  • Subscribers from 35 to 44 years form 13% of the dating platforms’ audience.
  • People from 45 to 54 years are just 3% of all members.
  • The lowest age group consists of senior citizens aged over 55. Their part is only 1%.

Meanwhile, if taking into account the whole community, more than 10 million people using dating apps by age group, and the amount is about to continue growing. Such statistics show dating platforms are quite popular among senior citizens.

The main advantages of dating apps by age

Users registered on the best dating apps by age group outline the following key advantages of such services:

  • Foremost, such platforms narrow your choice, making it easy to meet significant others. For instance, there are few chances to meet a young person on a platform specialized in 50+ dating.
  • Dating services specialized in a certain age group meet the expectations of the target audience. For instance, young seekers wish to obtain a wide scope of features and bright, stylish design. As for senior citizens, they need an understandable and functional interface.
  • With the increase of years, your life preferences may change. For instance, from discos and bars, you move step-by-step to traveling and reading. Reliable dating applications offer corresponding filters (platforms for a younger audience are full of appearance filters, while services for senior citizens help a person choose subscribers by relationship status, life views, cultural values, etc.).

Hence, dating applications categorized by target age groups are about making a person not lost in users’ crowd. Find some suitable services and start diving into the world of online dating.

Where to find dating apps by age?

According to experts, the number of online dating services has already exceeded 8000, and each year the sphere meets about a thousand new platforms. That’s easy to get lost and face scam services; therefore, a person needs to follow the algorithm of choosing the best dating apps by age. Such an algorithm consists of the following steps:

  • Look through reliable experts’ opinions where the ranking of dating services is determined.
  • Select several apps that match your age group. Meanwhile, sometimes people wish to meet younger or older persons, especially while talking about sugar daddies and sugar mommies.
  • Find out more information about each platform to understand whether its functionality, the scope of suggested features, and pricing meet your demands.
  • Don’t make any payments first – open an account and discover a service for a while.

There are numerous dating services for each age group; therefore, it’s not a problem when some platforms don’t correspond to your expectations. Note that the stronger a verification system is, the fewer chances for scammers to get on the service.

How to choose the best dating apps by age?

There is a simple and understandable step-by-step guide on how to find the best dating apps by age. Take the following steps into account:

  • Start with the experts’ opinions.
  • Rely on a platform equipped with a robust verification system.
  • The more matchmaking filters, the better.
  • Detailed profiles catch the attention; hence reliable apps offer many fields to fill in.
  • Free dating apps by age group frequently are scamming one – users should better find platforms that offer free messaging and contain some exciting premium features.

What’s the best dating app or website for dating by age?

Foremost, users need to understand that each age group has its favorites referred to online dating. Let’s point out some most important criteria; users base their choices on:

  • Design. Most users prefer relaxing tones that don’t irritate them: aged persons love white and blue more, while young users call pink and red stylish and seducing.
  • Seducing options.Young subscribers prefer to use various flirting features: winks, likes, emoji, comments, messages, etc., while older members accentuate the messaging features, audio, and video calls.
  • Information. Younger generations are not involved in reading much; therefore, they ignore information, but aged persons love to read success stories, blogs, useful tips.
  • Profile quality. While talking about available profile fields, young users wish to complete their profiles like a test by matching one among several variants. Senior citizens prefer profiles that allow them to be creative and fill in fields on their own to reflect experience.

The best dating apps by age for a wild time

That is impossible to distinguish some websites perfect for all age groups. There are the best dating apps by age group that meet the mentioned-above criteria:

  • 18 – 30 years. Badoo is the best solution for a younger audience.
    Such an application is based upon a matching-roulette principle and enables subscribers to find people they’ve crossed the path locally. The app makes it free to send messages; therefore, standard accounts don’t limit their owners. Look through the profiles, and swipe left or right, depending on your preferences.
    The application is convenient in use, as members can access any features in seconds. Meanwhile, the registration process contains just some basic information – other fields are optional. Subscribers complain about incomplete profiles most users have, but full-size, high-quality photos are accessible for every registered person.
    Badoo heads the ranking of the best dating apps by age while speaking about younger users. 57.2% of subscribers are from 18 to 30, while the total community exceeds 400 million registered persons. The application is accessible in 190 countries; hence, this platform can truly be called global. Standard accounts are rather functional, and the premium membership enables persons with some exciting privileges. The service enters the top-3 ranking of the most successful European applications.
  • 30 – 50 years. OK Cupid is the choice of people from 30 to 50.
    The OK Cupid app is a dating platform with over 50 million subscribers globally intended for people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and dating purposes. The service is OK for hookups, one-night stands, long-term relationships, or even friendship.
    According to the developers’ idea, this platform is a huge hub to unite people wishing to find their significant others, share interesting thoughts and passions, broaden horizons, etc. Hence, OK Cupid catches the attention of several generations. 61.9% of users represent the age group from 30 to 50 years.
    The platform’s design is smooth enough, being based on the combination of white and blue. Profiles are detailed enough; nevertheless, the registration process takes a person about 2-3 minutes. The messaging option is free, but members are available to obtain some privileges by purchasing fee-based packages.
  • 50+ years. The Silver Singles matches better the expectations of 50+ persons.
    91.7% of Silver Singles subscribers are people over 50, while the total community comprises more than 3 million users. The service cannot be called global, as 98% of subscribed persons represent the USA and Great Britain, but this dating platform is still effective and useful for senior citizens.
    Dating services intended for people aged over 50 are among the most hurtable from the viewpoint of potential scammers. Silver Singles has a robust verification system; therefore, members are safe and protected. The developers made everything possible to make users feel comfortable on the platform.
    Meanwhile, such a service is a fee-based because messages are available for premium subscribers only. Standard accounts’ owners are empowered to send smiles only. Prices are quite high, but according to users’ testimonials, the service is effective.

Do dating apps by age actually work?

Foremost, it depends upon the dating purpose. For instance, services for aged persons are mostly specialized in friendship or long-term relationships; a person can hardly find any hookups there. While talking about applications for young people, one-night stands outnumber the purposes. Moreover, the efficiency depends much on a website. Some platforms may boast of thousands of successful love stories, while others are less useful.

Are members on dating apps by age real?

Scammers and catfishes are walking alongside the online dating industry, and that is hard to avoid fake profiles while you start initiating contact. Meanwhile, the best dating apps by age group have robust verification systems. Newcomers validate their emails and phone numbers. Sometimes, an additional photo verification step is required. Some users complain about these measures, but in fact, they protect registered persons.

What about security on dating apps by age?

Reliable dating services pay much attention to the security of subscribers – contact information is not displayed anywhere. Furthermore, a person may block and report users in case of the platform rules violation.


The world is standing on the threshold of massive global changes. Many spheres are moving towards the online space, and the dating industry is not an exception. People have understood that top-ranking dating services provide them with more chances to meet their perfect matches. Matchmaking filters, detailed profiles, high-quality photos help a person to understand whether your interests are mutual or not.

The world-known sociologists indicate that marriages commenced from online dating are firmer than traditional ones, and such tendency makes online platforms even more popular. As for aged persons, these services multiply their chances. The audience of dating apps by age is steadily on the rise.

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