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MaiOtaku Review 2021: Is It Good for Dating?

MaiOtaku Review 2021: Is It Good for Dating?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple matching tools;
  • Free registration;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • A decent base of anime lovers;
  • A decent base of anime lovers.
  • There is no app.

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The MaiOtaku dating website lies in the hobby and special interest dating sites category. This site welcomes people with various sexual preferences; you can be straight, gay, or lesbian. MaiOtaku celebrates a nerd in all of us and helps singles locate like-minded individuals in the same fandom community. Anime is a unique universe, and what makes it even more unique is that you can share your interests with someone who is just as passionate about anime as you are. If you are a huge anime fan, MaiOtaku is your best friend. There you can fill out a dating profile for free, comment on other users’ profiles, upload unlimited content, look for compatible matches (as well as receive automatically generated matches), join forums, and exchange messages.

Reputation and History of MaiOtaku

Reputation and History of MaiOtaku

MaiOtaku platform was launched in 2009, so it has been operating for 11 years. It is not just a mere dating site; it’s a hybrid of an anime social network and dating platform.

Social Network Features:

  • Building a profile
  • Finding new friends
  • Uploading content
  • Reconnecting with con friends

Dating Platform Features:

  • Discovering other anime fans
  • Getting set-ups according to your anime preferences
  • Sharing your personality
  • Meeting people you’ve never known been there

At MaiOtaku, you can write about your favorite anime and manga, anime conventions, and cosplays. And your anime experience doesn’t end there. You can also rate shows and track your anime progress, join anime community and post on your friends’ pages, send private messages, or join forum threads.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Unlike most dating destinations, MaiOtaku belongs to a special interest dating category. Apart from personal information, you also have to list your favorite anime series. The moment you join the community, you will get matches with other anime lovers who have the same preferences. Forums and exploring features will help you settle your first date in a few minutes and experience awesome moments.

As for the website itself, it is totally different from other dating destinations. The design seems outdated but is apropos considering the specialty. MaiOtaku colors represent a classic combo of white, red, and black, which definitely catches the eye, but can seem a bit overwhelming. The interface is intuitive and user friendly. If you are at a loss, you can tour around the site by pressing the ‘Tour’ tab at the bottom of any site page.

The MaiOtaku platform doesn’t have an app. Still, you can enjoy a fully responsive portable version that retains all features and allows you to navigate the site on the go. Also, the registration process is simple but has a few peculiarities based on the website dating niche.

Signup Process. Is it Easy Here?

When you come to the site, you are offered to join the ‘World’s #1 Anime community’ by filling out a registration form. All you need to do is to provide your username, password, and email. A verification link is then sent to your email. The email verification is aimed at proving that your email is valid, so it can be used in case you forget your password or want to receive notifications.

Once you’re done (the entire process literally takes one minute), you are offered to build your profile. In-depth details include your location, ‘About Me’ section, anime list, and your birthdate. It is possible to hide your location, birthday, interest, and status from other users if you like. Make sure to add a main photo, and you are ready to go.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Are the Accounts Real Here?

As you can explore MaiOtaku with basic profile info, most profiles don’t include any additional bio besides your name, gender, and birth date. As for the authenticity of profiles, there are no obvious fake ones. Also, most users have anime pics as their main photos. Users can choose to be open to chatting with anyone; they appear with a blue dot. If you would like to be available for public chat, you have to change your option to ‘Public’; the default option is ‘Friends Only.’

MaiOtaku is a generally safe community of welcoming anime fans. But make sure not to drop off your guard. Even if a profile and communication seem genuine, it’s always better to double-check. Precaution measures will prevent identity theft, stalking, digital abuse, catfishing, and other scams. Don’t disclose any personal or financial details and stay within the dating platform. Only by following these safety measures, you can ensure a secure dating experience.

Website and Mobile Version

MaiOtaku is a mostly free anime dating site. It takes your anime interests and matches you with other anime lovers nearby. Although we are living in a digital era where most dating platforms offer an app, MaiOtaku is not one of them. But don’t worry as you still have the opportunity to dive into this amazing world on the go. You can navigate MaiOtaku by opening it on your mobile device. The portable version is mobile-friendly, so you won’t have any problems with accessing the service functions.

Special Features

Special Features

MaiOtaku is the website for meeting single anime fans – Otaku, getting connected, finding love. It is not only a unique dating and social network platform, but it also has its own vibe. The site has gained popularity among anime fans mainly thanks to its special features:

  • Fast Rendering – The latest AJAX technology is specifically designed to make exchanging and deleting messages simple and quick.
  • Past Friends – This feature allows you to locate your old buddies from anime conventions and get reunited with some of your fellows.
  • Anime Conventions – The site also offers you a list of local conventions where you can track your attendance. Anime conventions are another way to meet other anime fans and even find hotel roommates.
  • Heart Pieces – they are used to measure your activity on the platform. The more heart pieces you have, the more cool benefits you can unlock.

MaiOtaku also allows you to keep track of anime and manga you’ve watched or read. This feature helps the website matching algorithm to work more effectively. The database is constantly expanding, but there are already dozens of anime shows included. The database also enables you to:

  • Track Titles – You can keep track of the anime you’ve seen or the manga you’ve read.
  • Rating – You can enlist your favorite anime or manga with a rating system.
  • Where To Watch – You can browse through DVD retailers or legal streaming websites.
Partner Search

MaiOtaku is the #1 active website in an anime niche. Thousands of daily users post comments, send funny gifs, and join forum topics. It makes MaiOtaku the world’s largest and most open dating site. Becoming a part of this community means joining one of the busiest anime-oriented websites on the Internet. There are hardly any other anime dating sites/social networks that can boast so much daily activity. This also attests to the fact that it’s super easy to find a partner, friend, or an engaging conversation there.

As for the partner search, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You can either manually search for potential partners or use the automated matching system. The website search tools include the ‘Search,’ ‘Newest,’ and ‘Forum’ tabs. While ‘Search’ and ‘Newest’ are specifically designed to help you locate a match, the ‘Forum’ tab allows you to join threads and discover the most interesting conversations.

How does MaiOtaku Work?

To search for other Otaku fans, don’t forget to build your profile. As you’re an Otaku, your interests already match the interests of several other users at the site. The system needs to figure out what you’re really interested in to make the matching process more elaborate.

You start with a basic profile because it’s obvious how things work here. Then, you can use the matching system, where you update the top list of your favorite anime, manga, and anime conventions. As it is an anime dating site, your favorite anime series help the platform get to know you as close as any other Otaku would like to. The matching is mainly based on your anime preferences plus a few classic filters, as you’d want to be sure you hit it off right with someone who likes the same things as you.

MaiOtaku operates one-of-a-kind software that runs an anime analysis for you. The first Otaku matches you are going to get will show users nearest to you. Your potential partners are also picked according to the same interests and an overall compatible personality. If you strike a match, you can browse a profile, chat, or leave a comment. As the MaiOtaku community has a comforting and hospitable atmosphere, you’ll be welcomed right away.

Searching Options and Filters at MaiOtaku

Searching Options and Filters at MaiOtaku

As for the search tools and filters, you can either have more control over the system or let the algorithm do its job. Searching options include the ‘Search,’ ‘Newest,’ and ‘Forum’ tabs that you can find at the top of the page. If you want the website to do the search for you, you can opt for a matching feature.

The ‘Search’ feature looks like any search tool on other dating websites. You can locate your potential anime match by setting up various filters. Filter options include your preferences, gender, age, and location. Here you can also choose to look for users near you (a premium feature).

The ‘Newest’ feature shows your newest female Otaku, newest male Otaku, and Featured Otaku.

MaiOtaku Forums is a platform where you can stay up for hours. There are thousands of forum threads that include such topics as anime news, video games, art share – you name it.

Communication Methods

MaiOtaku is not only a dating platform, but also partially a social network. Hence, the variety of communication tools is something you’d be surprised at. As you sign up for the service, you have a list of users who are ready to chat with you. You can have direct private messaging with other single Otaku or multiple conversations at once. Instant messenger allows you to exchange data as well. If you are too shy to put yourself out there, it is possible to comment on other users’ profiles. Messages show up instantly; they are well organized and easy to read. If you are good friends with another user, you can also add posts to each other’s feed.

MaiOtaku Alternatives

MaiOtaku Alternatives

MaiOtaku.com is a new, fresh, and visionary platform that caters specifically to anime and manga fans. It claims to be a forward-runner among other platforms in the niche. It is not just a basic dating site with occasional anime features. It’s a whole universe that serves as a dating venue and a social network at the same time. Indeed, MaiOtaku hardly has any prominent competitors worth mentioning. You can check out Anime Dating Site and Kosu app, but they won’t be enough for you since MaiOtaku has it all. The site not only uses the latest technology but is also built on a really awesome framework that makes interacting with the website fun. Most of its features are free to use, including unlimited messaging.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The service is constantly being developed, and premium members have the fullest access to MaiOtaku’s latest features. Initially, the majority of main features cost you nothing, including creating profiles, matching with other Otaku, and leaving comments. However, premium members have even more fun and more functions.

There are two premium options if you decide in favor of paid membership. You get extra benefits for paying only $3.50 a month and $9.50 for three months. Your money goes to boosting the service since it is used to attract more users and make MaiOtaku better. Payment methods include via credit card and PayPal. But make sure to note your PayPal email address on your account.

Free Membership Features

Free Membership Features

Free services include:

  • Registering an account
  • Building an account
  • Searching and matching tools
  • Filters
  • Forums
  • Messaging
  • Commenting

Premium Membership Features

Fee-based services include:

  • Matching improvement
  • Nearby matches
  • Picture sharing
  • Better exposure
  • Giving items
  • Ad-free experience

How Much is Dating on MaiOtaku?

In comparison with other dating apps, MaiOtaku is less expensive. While other dating sites charge you for literally every feature, MaiOtaku offers you tons of free functions and reasonable membership costs.

Duration Per Month Total
1 Month 3.50 USD 3.50 USD
3 Months 3.16 USD 9.50 USD

Is MaiOtaku Really Safe?

Is MaiOtaku Really Safe?

The site creates a secure community by implementing security measures. However, the site can’t guarantee full safety, considering the nature of the service. MaiOtaku strives to keep this site protected and neighborly for everybody. Your profile contact data can be either visible to other users or be private dependent on the protection approach. Be that as it may, make sure you have the presence of mind and use some security measures with regards to managing others on this site simply like you would do at any place else. Do not reveal any personal or credit card information and keep the communication within the service. If you’ve encountered any improper behavior, don’t hesitate to report the user. MaiOtaku has the right to ban or terminate any account deemed suspicious.

Technical Side of Protection

As for the technical side of protection, MaiOtaku implements a mix of AI and human interaction to detect fake profiles or scammers. Moderators are extremely meticulous when it comes to the safety of users. The site uses captcha to prevent hackers. Also, all transactions are encrypted, which secures your financial details.

Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding the platform, your account, or premium membership, there is a help section covering the most popular questions. If the section doesn’t answer your question, you can use a contact form to contact administrators.

MaiOtaku is a user-friendly and straightforward service. However, if you have any inquiries, here is a set of the most popular questions:

How to Pass MaiOtaku Photo Verification?

There is no photo verification on the platform, as most users set anime pics as their main photo. However, no sexually explicit, obviously fake, or improper content is allowed at the site. All inappropriate content will be banned.

How to Delete MaiOtaku Account?

If you are unhappy with the experience or have any other personal reasons, you can delete your account at any time. All you need to do is to deactivate your account by pressing ‘Account’ and then ‘Deactivate.’

How to See Who Likes You on MaiOtaku Without Paying?

This feature is accessible for free accounts.

How to Block Someone on MaiOtaku?

To Block a member, go to their profile and press the ‘Activity’ button. There is a ‘Block this member’ option on the right side of the page. When a member is blocked, it is permanent. You will no longer be visible to the person you have blocked.

How to Cancel MaiOtaku Subscription?

The paid subscription is recurring, but you can cancel it anytime you want to. All you need to do is to go to your PayPal account, find the transaction, and press ‘Cancel the subscription.’ If you have any difficulties, you can contact customer support, and they do it for you.


MaiOtaku is the perfect destination if you are into this anime thing. It’s a half dating service half social network site that offers you an extraordinary experience. The site is a self-proclaimed #1 anime dating platform, but this title is well-deserved. MaiOtaku has a plethora of communication and matching features, plus tons of benefits if you decide to join this community. An important perk worth noting is that the site is mostly free to use. Even if you go for a premium to support the community, it will cost you less than $4! MaiOtaku holds special room parties, convention panels, and events. This is done to promote MaiOtaku and grow its community. MaiOtaku was designed by anime fans, not by some cheesy dating corporation. It adds to the attractiveness of the platform that the service was developed with love. The team builds its own software, manages its own servers, and they are huge fans of anime. All the facts mentioned above demonstrate that MaiOtaku will turn your dating experience into something non-trivial and unique.

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