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Tinder vs POF – Which Is Better?

Tinder vs POF – Which Is Better?

Why would one want to know which is better – Tinder or POF? The reason is that the popularity of online dating is growing day by day, so it even starts making its way into movies, songs, TV, and other forms of pop culture. Consequently, many people find their way into an online dating service at some point or another.

The number of available options can be overwhelming because there are more than two thousand dating websites in the USA alone. Tinder and POF are considered to be reliable and trustworthy platforms – both have been on the market long enough to prove it. However, POF appeared earlier than Tinder, founded in 2003, and is one of the pioneers in the industry. Tinder was launched in 2012, but it has become well-known worldwide thanks to its outstanding features.

In this Tinder vs POF review, you will find their comparison, which should help you decide which site is more suitable for your dating needs.

What’s the Difference Between Tinder and POF?

Features tend to be the first thing people pay attention to because no one wants to use an online dating service that does not allow message others, for example. Both platforms offer great and diverse features that make the experience enjoyable, so let`s look at Tinder vs Plenty of Fish in detail.

You can download and use Tinder free of charge, but you should remember that being a standard member, you will only access basic tools. For example, you will be allowed to use the swipe feature to find matches, which is the most well-known Tinder service. However, there are more tools in place besides right swipes, left swipes, and super likes, such as detailed bio sections, private messaging, etc.

If you decide to upgrade your account, then you can access Tinder`s unique perks:

  1. Super Boost – make your page more visible, so your potential partners are more likely to see it.
  2. Super Like – this is a blue start, clicking on which you emphasize that the member seems attractive to you.
  3. Passport/Swipe around the world – it picks potential partners near your location, so if you change it, you can find users from every corner of the world.
  4. Rewind – undo your left swipe. You can use it if you accidentally swiped left or changed your mind.
  5. Noonlight for Tinder – an integrated panic button that lets members share where, when, and who their date will be with. If they feel that it goes bad, users can send a signal. Thanks to this feature, they feel safer.
  6. Swipe Night – this is a dating game: members can take part in a story by swiping right or left, and those who make similar decisions are matched together.

When it comes to POF, it allows its standard users to access more basic features free of charge. Even though they can upgrade their accounts, they do not have to, as they will still enjoy the online dating platform. Here are a few free features:

  • Sending messages;
  • Matchmaking;
  • Adding people to Favorites;
  • Taking the Compatibility test;
  • Sending voice messages;
  • Interacting with others in forums.

POF has some special perks as well:

  1. Chemistry Predictor – members can take any of the tests, including needs assessment, chemistry assessment, keeper test, psychological assessment, and sex test. Thus, POF can find an ideal match for every user.
  2. UltraMatch – shows the most compatible individuals.
  3. Top prospects – a list of all users you interacted with during the previous month. Many members end up being in a relationship after they were included on this list.
  4. Meet Me – it is similar to Tinder`s swiping. You will see profile photos of other members, and you can tick “yes” or “no.” Two people who have a mutual match can start communicating.
  5. Send Priority Messages – there is a box to turn off or on this feature. If you choose to turn it on, the receiver will see your messages first on the list, which can increase your chances.
  6. Tokens – act as a booster and can be utilized to highlight yourself or use a “Super Yes,” for instance.

In this POF vs Tinder review, Plenty of Fish is the obvious winner. Even though both websites have unique features, this platform allows its standard members to access more functions.

Pros and Cons

In the table below, you will see the pros and cons of every site, which may simplify your choice of Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

POF Tinder
1. An impressive user database.
2. Standard members can access a lot of features.
3. The design is modern.
4. There is a wide variety of special features.
5. It is easy to navigate.
6. A nice search option.
7. The mobile dating app is available for free on the App Store and Play Store.
1. The number of users is impressive.
2. Members receive matches based on their location.
3. The registration process is easy and fast.
4. There is no time restriction on sending messages.
5. It offers a mobile app that they can download from the Play Store and App Store.
1. The registration process is lengthy.
2. A few restrictions on sending messages.
3. No integration with other services.
1. The age demographic is relatively narrow.
2. Members do not usually use it to find long-term relationships.
3. Standard users cannot use most features.

Tinder vs POF: Audience Comparison

It is also crucial to see which service is better, POF or Tinder, when it comes to their audiences.

Most Tinder members are looking for hookups and casual dating, which implies that the bigger part of users is young people. At the same time, out of 50 million users, there are members in each age group:

  • 38% are between 16-24
  • 45% are 25-34 years old

There are also users who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Noteworthy, 76% of Tinder members live in urban areas, which means that they have more chances to meet someone nearby. When it comes to gender proportion, there are more male members – 62% of the audience. Even though it is famous for arranging hookups, 80% of its users stated that they wanted nothing but meaningful relationships.

POF has a more impressive userbase because there are more than 100 million members around the world. This website is also known as a more serious dating platform compared to Tinder; consequently, its consumers are a bit older. People tend to join the community when they are ready to settle down, so 40% of consumers are 35-49. The number of female and male members is almost equal – 48:52, respectively. Using this service, you can meet individuals of different ethnicities and various interests.

Although Tinder has a reputation of being a hookup service, they unfairly judge it because many members are still looking for serious relationships there. At the same time, POF has an older audience where the female to male ratio is more balanced. Another great thing is that the number of members is almost twice more than on Tinder. To sum it up, Plenty of Fish seems to win in this battle.

Who Has a Better App?

Both services offer high-quality mobile applications that are available in the App Store and Play Store. That is why their members tend to use apps, which are straightforward and convenient. However, the POF app can be better because it is compatible not only with iOS and Android but Windows as well. Thus, it is up to you what to go for, Plenty of Fish or Tinder.

POF vs Tinder: Interface and Usability – Who’s Better?

In this Plenty of Fish vs Tinder comparison, you will see that these two dating platforms are extremely different from an aesthetic point of view. It is understandable, though, because one service was built for desktops, while the other one is more focused on the mobile app.

POF boasts a clean design, but its interface is more complex. The dating website is easy to navigate, but it may be hard to figure things out for less tech-savvy people. You will be required to complete your profile and learn different sections of the platform before you get used to it.

Tinder is much more intuitive, so its users do not usually get lost, no matter how tech-savvy they are. The developers designed it so that people could find a match as quickly as possible. Furthermore, everything on Tinder is fast-paced.

In fact, it is not easy to compare these two dating websites, but mature members also find Tinder easier to get the hang of. That is why it takes the lead and wins this round.

Plenty of Fish or Tinder: Pricing

As mentioned before, both Tinder and POF offer premium subscription plans to their users. Thus, people can enjoy more features and make their online dating journey really exciting. Let`s see the prices and the perks they unlock.

Tinder POF
Tinder Gold under 28 Upgraded User
14.99 USD/month 38.70 USD/2 months
52.99 USD/6 months 51 USD/ 4 months
82.99 USD/12 months 81.40 USD/ 8 months
Tinder Gold over 28
29.99 USD/month
112.99 USD/6 months
149.99 USD/12 months
Tinder Plus under 28
9.99 USD/month
34.99 USD/6 months
54.99 USD/12 months
Tinder Plus over 28
19.99 USD/month
60 USD/6 months
80 USD/12 months

Fee-based services
You can see who likes you
You can get matches instantly
You can access unlimited right swipes and likes
You will be at the top of the line
You can search for potential partners worldwide
You can rewind your swipe
You can use Top Picks
You will be first in “Meet Me”
You can view full profiles
You can know the status of the messages you sent
You will use the service without ads
You can see when others view your page
You will get more emails
You will be shown first in search results
You are allowed to send 3 gifts per day

While Tinder is a better choice for the younger generation, POF has more competitive prices for its premium subscription. That is why this dating website wins in this POF vs Tinder battle.

What Is the Right Choice – POF or Tinder?

Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish
GOOD FOR searching interesting people
GOOD FOR communicating, flirting, and finding a partner

As you can see from this review, Plenty of Fish is the champion because it has won most rounds. It can be a great choice for both serious and casual dating, while Tinder is popular for hookups.

Both services have a lot of great features, but POF allows its standard users access more areas so that they can use it without paying for a premium subscription plan. Besides, the subscription costs are lower, which makes the platform even more beneficial.

You also have more chances to find an ideal partner using Plenty of Fish because it has more members. Another advantage is that it offers tests users can take to provide the best matches possible. Overall, these sites are outstanding, so it depends on your preferences. So, what do you think? Tinder or POF?

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