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Perfect Match
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Best Tattoo Dating sites

  1. Good for finding a partner from Europe EuroDate
  2. Good for finding a plus-size women BBWDatefinder
  3. Good for searching for love GirlsDateForFree
  4. Good for meeting people from all over the globe Mamba
  5. Good for finding a single professionals EliteSingles
  6. Good for people who like chatting Chatib
  7. Good for flirting and having fun Koko App
  8. Good for adult entertainment MyDirtyHobby
  9. Good for communicating with singles worldwide Talkwithstranger
  10. Good for meeting new people KIK

Brief Information About Tattoo Dating

A tattoo is a body art where a person makes a body design using special ink. Many creative people who have a need to express themselves use tattoos to decorate their bodies. Some people are incredibly passionate about the tattoo that’s why they try to find people who share their interests. This is the reason why tattoo dating sites have become more and more popular among tattoo lovers.

What Are Tattoo Dating?

The dating sites for tattoo lovers are a separate category of dating platforms that cater to tattoo passionate people. These dating sites help to unite tattoo fans from all over the world. Using them, any person can meet new people, make friends, and even find his/her love. Sometimes, it’s not simple to find a person who shares your interests in ordinary dating platforms. That is why it’s better to use the services of tattoo dating websites to find your perfect partner.

How Does Tattoo Dating Work?

Actually, it works like an ordinary online dating platform. You need to register and create an account to start communicating with tattooed singles. The registration is usually simple, free of charge, and requires a minimum of time. After the registration is finished, start searching for your perfect match. Usually, the site provides you with different search filters. After you have found the person who is interesting to you, try to contact him/her using different communication methods. Most of the tattoo dating platforms offer their users free and paid options. Most of the communication options require payment.

How to Find a Partner on Tattoo Dating Platforms?

Various dating sites for tattoo lovers use different ways to connect people. First of all, users can apply basic and advanced search options to start searching for a potential partner. Sometimes, a local search is also provided. It helps to find potential partners who live near you. After you’ve found a person you are interested in, contact him/her using e-mailing or instant messaging options.

There are two main reasons why tattoo dating sites are so popular:

  • Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in tattooing. They want to meet adherents; that is why tattoo dating platforms are becoming more and more popular.
  • It’s not easy for a tattooed person to find love on ordinary dating sites. That is why such people start searching for platforms where people who share their interests meet. These platforms help tattooed people make friends, find people with whom they can discuss their hobbies and interests. Such platforms also help to find love and long-lasting relationships.

Stats at Tattoo Dating

According to the statistics, over 3 percent of Tinder users have mentioned tattoos as their interests. It is a fairly large number of users because Tinder is used by millions of people worldwide. According to the statistics, the number of tattoo dating platforms is constantly increasing.

The Main Advantages of Tattoo Dating

The obvious advantage of tattoo dating is that it unites people with the same interests. It allows any person on the site to feel free when it comes to self-expression. Such dating sites are also a great way to find a perfect partner.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Dating Platforms?

If you want to choose the best dating platform for tattoo lovers, here are some recommendations:

  • Always read the users’ reviews. They will help you to understand whether the platform is reliable or not.
  • Pay attention to the security measures the platform provides. Carefully read the safety page on the dating site.
  • Study the information about the site’s special features and whether they require payment.

Where to Find the Best Tattoo Dating Sites?

Actually, it’s not difficult to find dating sites for tattoo lovers. There are tens of them on the Internet. Choose the most suitable platform for you to meet people who share your interests. Don’t forget to read the users’ reviews before you join the dating platform.

What Is the Best Dating App or Website for Tattoo Dating?

There are some criteria a person should follow to find the best dating site or app for tattoo lovers:

  • Free registration. Most of the reliable dating platforms allow their users to register for free.
  • A number of users. The more users the dating platform has, the more chances you will have for finding a suitable partner in the shortest possible time.
  • Search options. The best dating sites and apps offer their users basic and advanced search options.
  • Special features. Good dating platforms try to attract new users; that is why they provide a lot of cool features for online dating.
  • User-friendly interface. The best dating sites and apps have a simple and convenient interface.

The Best Tattoo Dating Platforms for Having a Good Time

Some people may think: “Where can a person find a reliable dating platform for tattoo lovers?” It’s not difficult to do, actually. Here is the list of the best tattoo dating sites and applications.

Tattooed Personals

It’s a great dating platform where a person can find tattooed singles. To use the services of this platform, you need to register. The registration is simple and includes several steps. The platform offers its users great dating features. Some of them can be used free of charge, while others require payment.

The platform also offers search filters, which can be used for free. By applying them, a person will be able to find his/her perfect match. It must be mentioned that free users will be somewhat limited. To use the site’s dating options in full, it’s recommended to purchase a premium subscription.

Tattooed Singles

Another free website that unites ink lovers is Tattooed Singles. It helps its users to find people who share their interests and meet their soul mates.

The registration takes time on this dating platform. It has a long registration form every user needs to fill in.

After you’ve registered, you can see the profiles of hundreds of people ready to meet. Their profiles are quite detailed, so you can choose a user according to your preferences and interests.

The site uses a matchmaking system, so you will be provided with the matches that the site has chosen for you. The matches are selected according to your preferences indicated during the procedure of registration.

As for the site’s interface, it’s somewhat old-fashioned and doesn’t seem attractive.

Tattoo Lovers

This dating platform is great for tattooed people. To start using it, you need to register. The procedure of registration is simple and won’t take much time. The interface is somewhat old-fashioned, but it’s easy to navigate this platform.

The best thing about this tattoo dating site is that it has forums for discussing tattoo-connected topics.

The platform offers various search filters, so it will be easy for a user to start searching for his/her ideal partner.

Tattoo Lovers allows registration via Facebook. It accelerates the whole process of registration because a user can use his/her Facebook information and photos to register on this dating site. So, register and start searching and dating a tattoo artist.

This dating platform is a safe place for any user, and it prohibits any harassment. Every user feels confident and convenient on the site.

The site has free and paid memberships. The free membership is somewhat limited. To use all the dating options provided by this dating platform, you need to acquire a premium subscription.

Tattoo Dating

With its extensive database of active users, this tattoo dating platform should perhaps be placed at the top of the list. It has profiles of millions of ink lovers and provides its users with a chance to find their perfect partners.

The registration is simple on this site. Moreover, you can register using the data from your social media account. It makes the signup procedure quick and convenient.

The site offers free and premium memberships. However, most of the features are only available to premium subscribers. Some of the cool features provided by the site are using various on-site filters, uploading unlimited photographs, exchanging messages using wink emojis. So, to use all the dating possibilities of this dating site for tattoo lovers, it’s better to purchase a premium subscription.

Tattoo Daters

Though this dating platform is relatively new in the sphere of dating services, it has already gained popularity. One of the reasons why this dating site is so popular is that it tries its best to fight against scammers on the site. The site provides a procedure of verification to make sure that a person is real. This dating platform can’t boast of a huge database of users. However, it’s reliable and safe. Using it, you can find people who are passionate about tattooing, and many of them want to start long-lasting relationships.

The customer support is responsive. So, if you have any questions, contact it, and get professional assistance as soon as possible.

The procedure of registration is somewhat complicated. After the registration is finished, you need to choose what the tariff plan is to use. The premium subscription is rather expensive. However, the site is worth using because it offers safe and reliable services.


This tattoo dating app offers an unusual feature of rating the body art and displaying the top trends to promote the body inking. To start using this dating platform, one needs to register and create an account. The registration is standard. You need to provide your personal information by filling in the empty fields of the registration form.

After that, a person can start searching for his/her perfect match, applying different search filters. As soon as a person finds someone to start communication with, different communication options will be offered for him/her.

The users of this dating platform are active. They gladly discuss different topics related to body tattooing.

This dating platform provides its users with great dating features that are helpful for finding a perfect match.

Does Tattoo Dating Really Work?

Using a tattoo dating app or site, the users can make sure that they really work. To start using any of the dating platforms or apps, you need to register and create an account first. The registration is usually simple and doesn’t take much time. Moreover, some dating platforms offer registration via social media accounts.

After that, a person starts searching for a perfect partner passionate about tattooing. Many sites have success stories of dating a tattoo artist written by the users. They encourage other tattoo fans to join the dating platforms to find a partner, make friends, or just meet new people passionate about tattooing.

Nowadays, dating sites for tattoo lovers are becoming more and more popular. And it’s not surprising. They are a perfect place to find people who share your interests.

Are Members on Tattoo Dating Sites Real?

Yes, most of the users on tattoo dating sites are real. The users of such dating platforms are people who want to find someone who shares their interests. That is the reason why people register on such dating platforms. Of course, there are no dating sites fully free from fake profiles and scammers. Still, most of the dating platforms for tattooed singles try their best to reduce the number of fake accounts to make staying on the site safe and reliable. Many dating platforms perform the procedure of verification. Besides, a block option is also available. It helps block a suspicious person or a person who behaves inappropriately on the site.

Still, to make dating a tattoo artist on the dating platform safe, all the users must stick to some simple safety rules. It’s not recommended to provide other users of the site with your personal information. Besides, a person needs carefully study a user’s profile before he/she starts communicating with him/her. Remember, there are scammers on any dating platform. Most often, they use fake profiles to hide their identity. So, following the safety rules will help not to become the scammer’s victim.

What About Security on Tattoo Dating Sites?

Most of the dating sites and apps are safe. They perform different precaution measures to guarantee their user’s safe staying on the dating platform. Depending on the tattoo dating app or site you’ve chosen, it will provide you with different security measures. Most of the platforms moderate the users’ information and their photos. Moreover, unregistered users can’t view the profiles of registered members.

Most tattoo dating sites and applications provide their users with safety tips. The safety rules are quite simple. It’s not recommended to provide the strangers on the site with your personal information. They may turn to be scammers whose aim is to fish your personal information out to gain a financial benefit. Moreover, it’s recommended to carefully study the profiles of the users you are going to communicate with. Remember, the fake accounts are usually undetailed.

To guarantee full security, many tattoo dating sites encourage their members to report profiles that seem to be unreal or suspicious. The site’s administrators will investigate whether the profile is reliable or not.

Another way to guarantee your security on a tattoo dating site is to purchase a premium subscription. This will help to get features that provide more security and privileges when contacting a customer support team.


If you want to register on one of the dating sites for tattoo lovers, it’s recommended to choose a reliable and safe platform. The registration is usually simple. You only need to provide your personal information to register. Some dating platforms offer registration via social media platforms. It helps to accelerate the whole procedure. Don’t forget to add nice and clear photos to your profile page. They will help to attract more users to visit your profile.

There are many dating platforms on the Internet. They can satisfy the tastes of all the users whose aim is dating a tattoo artist. Most of them offer free and paid options. The set of free options is rather limited. To use the dating features of the site in full, it’s recommended to purchase a premium subscription. The prices are different. It’s up to you to decide what tariff plan to choose.

So, register on the dating sites for tattoo fans to get an unforgettable tattoo dating experience.

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