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One night stand: Find instant dates hassle-free

One night stand: Find instant dates hassle-free

Are you looking for a one night stand? You should find your next hookup hassle-free. For some people, this might mean that you have to use a dating app to connect with people who share your interests. So, where do you start? This article covers some of the best hookup apps that you can try to find sexual partners for non-committal relationships. Let’s get started!

The dating scene can be quite interesting if you find someone who doesn’t mind sharing life with you. Think of it as a world where you can be true to your feelings without feeling judged. Meet-up sites cater to all sorts of relationships, ranging from straight to LGBTQ hookups.

The best way to thrive in this unique space is to sign up on a platform with higher possibilities of finding people like you. It can be anxious meeting someone for the first time. But since the relationship is casual, don’t deny yourself the chance to know someone. Take things slow as you get to understand who your hookup is before planning for a night out. That said, let’s dive into some of the best apps you can use when looking for casual encounters.

Best one night stand apps

Amid many dating apps we tried, only the following make our list of top 8 websites you can try for one-night stand dates.

  1. Adult Friend Finder –best app for instant casual dates
  2. BeNaughty –perfect for exploring all your fetish desires
  3. Ashley Madison –best for ideal affairs
  4. Grindr –ideal app for gay hookups
  5. Bumble –perfect for women who want to be in charge
  6. Plenty of Fish –best app for newbies
  7. OkCupid –ideal budget-friendly app for hookups
  8. Match –best app for all relationship needs

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a renowned hookup site that caters to individuals desiring instant dates. The good thing about it is that you get to connect with like-minded singles. On this site, almost everyone is looking for something casual. It’s a community of open-minded singles.

The one night stand app is perfect for people who want to try something unique with romantic partners. Signing up takes few minutes. First, you need to provide data about who you are (name), who you are looking for (gender and type of relationship), location, and age. Then, finding a hookup doesn’t take more time either.

You can browse through profiles to see if someone catches your eye. Adult Friend Finder doesn’t work like other apps where swiping right means you are interested. It’s your call to look for someone who fits your criteria.

Alternatively, searching for matches in your location is available. So you find someone you can’t wait to meet! Send them a message and invite them for a one night stand! If the user finds you attractive and compatible, it won’t take long before you can enjoy your first date! And remember, everything is casual; committing to the relationship can only be an option if you agree.

This makes Adult Friend Finder app perfect for swingers looking for casual instant dates. Approximately 2.5 million people view the site. Plus, most of the subscribers are from the United Kingdom and Canada.

It’s easy starting, get an email, a password, and a username, and grab the opportunity to explore new fantasies with people like you! Be sure to upload your best pictures because they give the first impression. And a match is likely to hit your inbox if you can catch their eye with a striking photo.

Initially, there were concerns about the safety of user’s data following the attempted hack recorded in 2016. However, we are confident that the issue was resolved, and you don’t have to worry about other parties jeopardizing your data.


  • A very active user base; it won’t take long before you find a match.


  • Costly memberships


So you don’t mind casual arrangements! With the click of a button, you’ll connect with thousands of singles who prefer such suggestions. BeNaughty is a leading one night stand dating site you can use to gratify your sexual whims.

Women outnumber male subscribers on this site by 52%. This might be an advantage for men looking for women and enjoy casual sex. Another striking bit is that BeNaughty records approximately 13 million new site visitors per month.

A site with such massive activity guarantees that you will have plenty of singles to choose from. Plus, it will be easier to get laid. Creating a profile is almost instant; you don’t need to submit data that are always required on other one night stand websites.

Once you sign up, you will see several profiles of users who are ready to hang out with you almost the same day. You can start chatting if someone pleases you. One messaging feature that will interest you is the ability to send one message to several users. This function is one way of getting attention from several users. Note that you can only mass message after every 24 hours.

Besides, your profile sells you; you increase the chances of finding matches if you have a catchy profile. Otherwise, the automated suggestions might not impress you.

Consider a scenario where you send one message to ten members; at least three or two would respond. And you can pick from there and hook up as you plan for a one-night hookup.

Note that there are more ladies on this app. So, if you are a man, grab this opportunity and get your next date with a sexy woman.


  • Plenty of active, open-minded members ready to mingle
  • The support team delivers top-notch services


  • You can only chat upon purchasing a membership.

Ashley Madison

Are you looking for a one night stand app free of premium subscriptions? Then, you should try Ashley Madison. However, this privilege is only enjoyable for female subscribers -only men require VIP membership.

You’ve probably heard of Ashley Madison as your go-to app when looking for sex partners. And we can confirm this; the app is full of horny members looking to get laid. Most members are above 30 and perhaps married but still don’t mind having casual affairs.

You can start using the app after registering. Note that you need information that will be useful in hooking you up with people of similar interests. So, in this case, your data determines who your sex partner becomes.

If you are looking for one night stands in a new location, it will help if you use the travel feature. The matchmaking algorithm suggests men within your region, and you can get laid as soon as tonight. And the good thing is that you don’t have to reveal your identity; anonymous browsing is available. So it’s time to try this app if you are looking for something casual tonight or this weekend.

One thing that sets Ashley Madison from other one night stand sites is that you can find threesomes and any casual flings that you could be looking for. The app also avails top-notch privacy. Besides, you can browse without revealing your identity.

It’s easy to find hookups outside your relationship commitments as the site has plenty of members (over 5.4 million people have been using this app for casual encounters).

Sometime back, there were claims of security threats. However, this was resolved, and you can be sure no one can access your data.


  • Excellent membership
  • You can customize privacy settings and connect with other members discreetly.


  • You won’t miss some fake and inactive accounts.


Do you want a sex partner in your location? Then it would be best if you gave Tinder a try. And the good thing is that you will view a user’s profile picture and make a move if you like her by swiping right. Note that you can dismiss someone by swiping left.

You can become Tinder’s member by signing up through Google or Facebook. Both processes are straightforward. There are some questions you might need to fill, but it’s not mandatory. But you should know that complete profiles help impress online daters. Free members have unlimited swipes per day. Sending messages is only available for premium subscribers.

Tinder app is full of young subscribers -it could be viable if you are looking for sex partners aged below 30. The app is the greatest sensation for finding instant love in your location if you have heard of it.

For some people, it is easy to find a date, while for others, it will take more. While you could match with plenty of users, it doesn’t mean that you will get a date immediately. This might be the reason why most people find their search unsuccessful.

The restriction on finding hookups within your location is one thing that makes it almost impossible to find dates. But we can say that it is a viable option for meeting someone in your town. After all, most dating sites have people from other countries, and it could take a while to meet them in real life. But, you can enjoy virtual sex.

Since Tinder has been instrumental for close to 50 million global users, you can be sure to meet someone on the app. Plus, the ratio of men to women is equal, implying equal chances of meeting hookups of the opposite gender.

Men use this app to find casual flings and one-night dates. On the other hand, women use Tinder to meet new people. So, you can find a woman for one night on this app hassle-free. On the flip side, some couples have met on Tinder and made lasting relationships. So, it’s a mix of casual dating and long-term relationships.


  • Excellent chance to meet new hookups in your location.
  • Match suggestions are renewed after every 12 hours.


  • Since matches are renewed every 24 hours, you could miss out on a potential partner.


If you love Tinder’s swipe function geared to gay dating, we got the right app for you. Are you looking for queer men for quick sex? Try Grindr; it has countless men looking for casual arrangements. Some, too, are interested in meaningful relationships.

Grindr hosts a global user base of more than 27 million users. Most of them are from the UK and USA while the rest are spread worldwide. A majority of them are in their mid-twenties and thirties. Approximately one million visits are recorded on the app.

The one thing that makes Grindr popular is that it was the first app designed to cater to homosexuals. Most of the men who have used this site are looking for their next hookup.

It is almost impossible to miss a date on this app; Grindr has plenty of active users at any given time. The good thing is that you can use the app’s excellent search tool to find bi, transsexuals, and gays in your area. Since there is a lack of verification, you can easily sign up and meet naughty singles like you.

It takes few minutes to start using the app; sign up via email or Facebook. After that, it is up to you to submit additional details. But as we advise, doing so is like putting your best foot forward. One thing you should know is that uploading a photo subjects you to verification that could take longer.

We noticed that most of the profiles have some basic information, including a user’s location. Something we couldn’t ignore is the users’ health section. Unfortunately, some users ignore filling it because it’s not mandatory. Besides, there are twelve more sections, including tribes. These sections allow users to be as detailed as they wish to. Note that free members can only pick one category.

Grindr works like Tinder; you will only see profiles within your location and click the ones you find interesting. Clicking a profile generates three prompts; send a message, see location, or receive a photo. Sending messages is free for all its members regardless of their membership. In addition, there is no limit to how many messages you can send.

You will also love the function marked ‘Tap.’ Clicking on it prompts three suggestions; Hot, Friend, and Looking. However, this is a paid function.


  • Plenty of gays on the app.


  • Fake profiles can be a bother


The digital dating space can be difficult to navigate for female subscribers. But you can counter this, thanks to the Bumble dating app. Women are more welcome to use this app because they control who makes it on their list of compatible dates. So what does this mean for men? You can only wait for a lady to text you first before you can respond.

Is this a good thing? Let’s give a try to break this down for you. Women being in charge is a good thing for them because no random people will be hitting in their chatbox. Plus, in an era where the world is still embracing gender equality, you can be sure that Bumble is on the right track.

On the flip side, men find this approach intimidating. This is because men love pursuing ladies, and it might feel odd if it is the other way round. However, some men embrace this idea and don’t mind when a lady makes the first move. It feels good knowing some woman is hitting on you; give yourself the chance to experience this.

Getting started is easy; you need to create a profile. But we should be honest with you; it will take some time to find a date due to the matchmaking structure. Let’s break this down for you.

It is common for dating sites to pair you with like-minded members. Besides, you can customize match suggestions to filter people meeting particular descriptions specifically. Once you become a match, any of you can send a message.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case on Bumble. A man might be compatible with, say, lady X but cannot send the first message. You must wait until the lady texts you first. You are only a match for 24 hours, and if she doesn’t text you, there’s nothing you can do. The downside is that you will not see that user again. For men, it is a disadvantage, and there’s too little you can do about it.

So, if you are wondering why it got on our list even if it disadvantages men, we couldn’t ignore the fact that ladies are in control of who they think makes an ideal sex partner. Plus, a lady doesn’t have to worry about countless messages in her inbox from men she doesn’t prefer. While it is a disadvantage for men, take a chance and see who thinks you are sexy and makes the first move. You will still be lucky to find one night stand dates. We should remind you that it will take longer to find a date, but we guarantee that it is worth the wait –you will meet genuine ladies who don’t mind casual sex.


  • Women take the lead; they initiate chatting by sending the message.
  • Bumble has more female genuine users!


  • Bumble is not ideal for instant one night stands.
  • Men cannot be in control of sending the first message once a match is made.

Plenty of Fish

If you are still reading this, then you are still looking for more sex hookups. Well, Plenty of Fish features on our list because it is newbie-friendly. So, if you are new to dating online, Plenty of Fish is the first app you should seek membership.

Like OkCupid and, Plenty of Fish has a large user base. But still, some profiles are questionable –there are fakes, scammers, and even bots. The good thing is that you can distinguish fakes from genuine users by chatting with them –you can ask for a photo with a specific sign or even hop to chatting via the webcam.

So, why does Plenty of Fish feature on our list even though we know you can’t miss fakes? There is no way we would have ignored the fact that sending messages is free –you don’t have to pay. Though premium plans are available, you can still use POF as a free member –it is one of the free one night stand apps.

It is possible to pull off a one night stand, but we can tell you that it will take you a lot of time. This is because you have to browse through profiles before finding a real user.

You can start using Plenty of Fish after signing up –it takes less than two minutes before you take advantage of this platform. Though you can view profiles and send messages, the search criteria might help generate accurate matches.

You can also find sex partners on Plenty of Fish by clicking on the ‘My Matches’ function and the Chemistry Matches. This way, you will see people who match your biodata. And from there, you can decide to proceed with the hookup.

Keep in mind that Plenty of Fish is viable if you don’t know how to navigate the dating space. Even so, be careful because predators tend to use search sites to further their malicious intentions.


  • Messaging is available for all subscribers at no cost.


  • Security can be a significant concern for members –Plenty of Fish doesn’t carry out any verification checks.


If you have ever been in the dating space, then you should have heard of OkCupid. This website has been in existence for close to two decades. And the user base is pretty impressive. You can find quick dates and one-night stand hookups thanks to the search filter tool.

One thing is sure on this app; you will meet plenty of subscribers ready for casual dates. Though the site’s members are quite inactive, we couldn’t ignore its low pricing. OkCupid is almost free, and you can easily find someone who will be looking to get laid.

Though we find free websites counter-effective, we can’t say the same about OkCupid. So, give it a try if you are working on a budget yet you want to hook up for sex. Starting doesn’t take forever; you need an email address, password, and username. While creating a profile, you’ll receive questions (answering is not mandatory). However, be sure to answer at least 15 of these questions to help find someone compatible.


  • OkCupid has cheaper memberships.


  • User inactivity might be something that will make you think twice.


You thought was meant for lasting relationships. That is still true! But in our search for instant love, we found serving perfectly. The app is renowned for ideal life partners, and real sex isn’t an exception.

This app has plenty of subscribers globally, interpreting to more hookups. But you could be wondering how to exactly get a one-night hookup with any of the app’s members. We have the answer for you.

Your profile should tell more about what defines what you want to find. You should know that uses this data to determine and suggest people that fit your criteria. With this principle, you can capitalize on your profile and clarify your desire to land on casual flings.

Users can find partners and find excellent results using the search tool. In this case, we must tell you that your profile increases the chances of finding partners who want casual arrangements. So, don’t ignore filling these sections.

While it is possible to find matches as a free member, it won’t help unless you upgrade. The good thing is that the pricing options are not costly; a one-month subscription is worth $12.99.

Getting started is simple; you need no less than two minutes to complete creating a profile. You will submit details about your religion and physical appearance. also asks about your hobbies, traveling, cooking, volunteering, and politics.

Another interesting fact about is that you will indicate traits you are looking for in a partner. Plus, you also have the option of citing how important these traits are to you. Here, you can narrow it down to appearance since it could be a determinant for finding a sex partner.

If something is a deal-breaker, you won’t see matches with the specific data. Perhaps these are some of the reasons that make appealing to more users. Well, you will need more minutes to fill the entire questionnaire, but this is not mandatory.


  • You meet people who fit your criteria, thanks to the compatibility percentage provision.
  • Thanks to the reverse match function, users can also match with people who don’t match what they want in an ideal relationship.


  • The free trial plan is limited; you cannot chat with your hookups.


Zoosk is one of the best one night stand websites you could ever try. It is a classic casual dating app with chances of finding all types of relationships. The app is full of members of all ages looking for all sorts of arrangements. You can browse through profiles and find interesting dates.

Zoosk has an instant registration process that is simple and user-friendly. The app is thrilling to use with interesting but limited features. First, you can browse and swipe through photos you like and send messages to them.

Another interesting feature we liked was the behavioral matching system. How does it work? Well, the system takes note of your activity on the site, including sending likes and winks and messaging. For instance, if you message someone who prefers casual dating or one-night stands over a long-term relationship, you will get match suggestions with similar interests.

What does this mean for subscribers? It means that you don’t have to worry about lengthy questionnaires or details that determine who you meet. And as you can guess, this matchmaking option means that you will find more sex partners.

While browsing and viewing profiles don’t cost you anything, you need a VIP subscription to send messages. With several ways of finding your ideal date, you can be sure you won’t miss someone to take out tonight and enjoy some romantic moments.


  • Zoosk factors in your activity when suggesting matches; it rewards your behavior with more suggestions. This algorithm means higher chances of finding a hookup.
  • You can search for more partners if the automated algorithm is non-impressive.


  • Unlike other one night apps, Zoosk’s features are limited.
  • Understanding Zoosk’s pricing is quite complex; the app uses coins that are self-designed.

How we Chose our One night stand sites

There are many matchmaking sites in the dating space claiming to cater to casual hookups. But not all of them fit in our list because of the factors we were using to evaluate them. So, how did we arrive at our top ten dating websites for casual hookups? Below are some of the things that informed our decision.

  • The number of members on the site and user activity: It goes without explaining that active and plenty of subscribers increase the chances of finding love.
  • Quality of matches: we looked at how attractive other profiles are and a chance of meeting them in real life. We know sometimes bots and fakes can pose as hookups on dating sites. But we tried the sites and can guarantee that you will find quality matches.
  • The ease of finding a quick one-night stand partner. Since there are many apps, how will you be sure that the site will quicken and ease your search for love? That’s why we are here to make sure your search comes to an end soonest possible. Our apps have been tried and tested, so we know what we are saying and why we included them for you.
  • The sites’ features: We compared how each site’s features will help you find love. This factor also ties to what you are paying to use the sites’ features. And as we said, some are free (like Ashley Madison is free for female subscribers while BeNaughty is in the upper field).
  • Privacy and safety: We understand the need for a safe dating site. Plus, it is harmful if your data gets leaked. We found Ashley Madison discreet, so you don’t have to worry about your identity leaking if you are looking for an affair. Plus, these apps have anonymous browsing options, so you are safe from any third-party interception.

Getting started on One Night Stand Websites

The psychology of one-night stands is to have sex with someone without being emotionally attached. Now that we’ve discussed some of the best apps you can find casual flings and non-committal relationships, it is time you gratify your Fetish desires. Here is a look at what you can do to find your next date hassle-free.

  • Choose a site that guarantees more chances of finding what an ideal date would be for you. The best way to decide this is to clarify your interests. Think of discretion, safety, user activity, membership, and how to find one-night stand hookups.
  • Sign up and sell yourself: You might disregard the bit of creating your profile since you want to connect casually. But this is what sets you apart from the rest. Think of it this way; you are looking for a hookup, but all you can see are avatars and blank profiles. Your guess is good –the chances of contracting such profiles are next to zero. Plus, some sites use your information to help you find matches.
  • Message users: don’t play hard to get even if you are a lady. Remember, the main thing that has compelled you and other members to use the platform is to meet people looking for casual sex.
  • Upgrade your membership: You can use OkCupid and Plenty of Fish if you are on a budget. The requirement for premium membership is common on dating sites as it sets you apart from other subscribers.
  • Hook up and plan your date: This is your final step and the most significant one. We cannot emphasize safety while meeting some people for the first time. Therefore, take care of your safety –at least notify a friend about your whereabouts.

Advantages of using one-night stand apps

Below are some advantages and facts about one night stand websites:

  • You don’t have to invest in finding a sexual partner. Though you will pay for a membership, it is little compared to how much you will pay when using traditional options like escort services. Plus, the amount you pay is to help you to find someone on the apps quickly.
  • No dramas: One-night stands are more of hit and run. After all, both parties do not commit to the relationship.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to try out your wild and fetish desires. Consider an LGBTQ person –some people frown at the mention of such orientations. Another scenario is for people looking for threesomes. Well, it’s almost impossible to express this in random conversations. But this shouldn’t be the case when using hookup websites. And if that was not enough, think of the people who want to have discreet affairs –there’s a solution in these websites.
  • You plan for dates with people you are attracted to. Uploading photos on a meet-up site is necessary. And as you presume, pictures leave a lasting impression (somehow, looks have something to do with sex). Good looks mean more chances of attracting a sex partner.
  • It’s less time-consuming: Thanks to technology, you can grab your phone, laptop, or PC and sign up on a hookup app. It will take between three to seven days before finding a true match. Who knows, you could be ready for casual sex as soon as the coming weekend.


There are many sites you could choose from, we have availed the best options for you. And, you have an excellent chance trying these sites in 2021 following the social distancing era where physical meetings are almost impossible –find one-night stand dates from the comfort of your couch effortlessly.

So, what app will earn your attention? It is more like what you are looking for, prices, and chances of finding a hookup. As per our review, we could say that BeNaughty stands out because of the diverse memberships. Adult Friend Finder is also viable because it has more active members compared to BeNaughty.

Couples who don’t mind mingling with people other than spouses would find Ashley Madison perfect. The app allows you to hook up discreetly. and OkCupid are perfect for all dating pursuits –you will find anything and everything on these websites.

You can give it a shot on either OkCupid or even when you are looking for something meaningful, making it our ideal option for finding love. And if you are looking for gays and other queer singles, look no further; Grindr will cover your needs perfectly.

Since many sites claim to be excellent options for finding casual flings, it will help if you are clear about your needs before proceeding. Otherwise, we hope you have an idea when looking for the best one night stand app.


What are the best one night stand apps

Some of the best sites you can try if you are looking to get laid are:

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Tinder
  • Grindr

How can I choose the best one night stand app?

It is frustrating hopping from one app to the other without finding what you are looking for. The search can be time-consuming. Plus, paying for sites that might not work for you can be disappointing. Here is how to choose the best casual fling app:

  • What are you looking for? While in this case, you could be looking for casual dates, think of your need in terms of who you want to hook up with. For instance, are you looking for a man or woman? What age would make the best sex partner? Think of what will make you tick and get your pants down.
  • User activity: we cannot emphasize this –it obviously boils down to the number of subscribers and how soon you are likely to find. After all, it is of no use to try an app with plenty of inactive users. So, check on the two.
  • How will you find your date? Are there roulette and sophisticated algorithms? But wait! You are looking for something casual, and maybe personality and relationship questionnaires might not help. In this case, you would prefer a website that allows you to search through profiles and find a one night stand member who matches your preferences.
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