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Sapiosexual Dating: Top Platforms with Reliable Services

Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish
GOOD FOR searching interesting people

Best Sapiosexual Dating sites

  1. Good for finding a single professionals EliteSingles
  2. Good for finding plump partners Feabie
  3. Good for chatting with new people Paltalk
  4. Good for swingers who want to have fun SDC
  5. Good for finding the Jewish singles Jdate
  6. Good for finding a partner from Europe EuroDate
  7. Good for Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel fans MouseMingle
  8. Good for chatting with strangers Chatstep
  9. Good for meeting people worldwide Fruzo
  10. Good for meeting a Caribbean partner CaribbeanCupid

Some about Sapiosexual Dating

Sapiosexual dating sites choose people according to their intelligence level – only those who successfully pass the IQ test and score high results will access the dating service. The IQ test can take directly on the main page of a dating site for sapiosexual. If you can do it successfully – you will receive a notification by email that you are not stupid and have the right to join a company of your kind to communicate and get acquainted. By the way, the Sapiosexual Dating service creators officially declare that those wishing to join the closed community of single intellectuals will be able to pass the test just once. It will control by the entered email address, IP address, or intelligence power.

What is Sapiosexual Dating?

Sapiosexual dating sites are the perfect place to meet your intellectuals. The choice of such sites is vast. Of course, do not forget that you can go through more than a dozen candidates on the site for sapiosexual before you meet your only one. Users on Sapiosexual Dating sites can find people with whom they can talk. They pay more attention to the intelligence of a person than to appearance. Of course, looks are important, but nothing can replace an exciting conversation. Smart people find them exciting and inspiring. Their main characters are famous scientists and writers, about whom they know almost everything. And of course, they cannot imagine a life partner who does not possess these qualities.

How to do Sapiosexual Dating?

To start dating on the Sapiosexual Dating website, the user needs to:

  1. Decide and choose the site or application that suits you and start writing a resume for dating (age, gender, geolocation, dating goals, interests, etc.).
  2. Upload photos (composing your “portfolio” for dating is the most crucial and difficult moment because we primarily choose by clothes in social networks and applications. We mostly select by clothes).
  3. Write a few words about yourself.

What is calling an “intro” is a couple of sentences in a questionnaire that, along with your photographs, will let others understand what kind of person you are. Here we remember our goals and write depending on them. You can write your weight/height if this is important to you (although it is better to choose photographs in which everything is visible). Like, correspond, well, fall in love with your intellectual.

Who are people looking for Sapiosexual Dating?

Sapiosexual dating website users are intellectuals, i.e., sapiosexuals. They usually boast a high IQ and, therefore, can see and appreciate others’ erudition and eloquence. Such personalities have a broad outlook, are free to use metaphors, and they often answer stupid questions with Irony. But why then doesn’t the popularity of sapiosexuality stop growing? According to experts, this is due to the rapid development of technology and the special admiration that scientists and inventors evoke today. Of course, the media play a significant role in the growth of this trend. It is not for nothing that many of the heroes of foreign television series are geniuses who, although they cannot boast of huge muscle mass and perfect facial features, still attract women like a magnet thanks to their brilliant intellect.

The media play a significant role in the fact that sapiosexuality and the Sapiosexual Dating sites themselves are now at the peak of popularity. Thanks to television, it is difficult not to note that in recent years, projects, the main characters of which are very erudite personalities, are mostly in demand among viewers. A rich vocabulary or excellent general education attracts many people. The concept of sapiosexual is nothing more than a tool to differentiate yourself from those you think are more stupid than yourself. For them, knowledge is the fuel that they need for the mind to work. They are obsessed with new experiences and quickly become addicted to unusual and exciting theories. The best way to attract a sapiosexual is to talk about a new scientific discovery or invite them to a physics lecture.

Stats at Sapiosexual Dating sites

A daring mind and brilliant intellect will undoubtedly attract a sapiosexual’s attention. The presence of perfect facial features and a flawless figure is not at all necessary. The most critical thing turns out to be mind games that wildly turn on the lovers of smart people. It doesn’t depend on age or gender. It believes that women are the most frequent sites on Sapiosexual Dating sites, but men also tend to have such preferences. What makes a person attractive?

Kindness, sense of humor, and compassion are qualities that we usually look for in our soul mate. But for some people, the main criterion for attractiveness is intelligence.

The main advantages of Sapiosexual Dating

The main advantage of Sapiosexual Dating sites is that:

  • You don’t have to waste your time. Sapiosexual Dating sites are a tool that you need to use wisely. Choose those with a large number of matches and check the person for adequacy with short correspondence. Choose a few profiles that you like and make appointments, usually in a cafe, so that you can chat. And then everything is the same as with dating/dating offline.
  • All “inappropriate” candidates can be weed out much faster than in real life. The system will do apart for you. Users can send some messages from fans to the trash bin without even opening it, but just seeing a greeting.
  • Sapiosexual Dating sites help you decide. You will have to answer a lot of questions. And that means you have to define many things for yourself. So even if, in the end, you do not find a partner on the Internet, at least you will know what you want.

Where to find a Sapiosexual Dating?

On the Sapiosexual Dating sites, you can meet many people interested in the same topic as you. Internet forums will help you a lot in that, and you will have a relatively large and pleasant circle of intellectual friends. Finding such a Sapiosexual Dating site is quite simple in Google – enter the topic that interests you, look for the most visited resources and look for sapiosexual people.

How to choose the best Sapiosexual Dating?

In the case of the Sapiosexual Dating site, only the popular options should be considering. First, they have more users, which means there is more choice. Secondly, they have an excellent match rating – that is, the chance of finding a soul mate is higher. All Sapiosexual Dating work on the same principle: a special algorithm suggests suitable candidates for you. And you have to select those you like. You can start communication only in case of mutual sympathy.

What’s the best dating app or website for Sapiosexual Dating?

For users who value intelligence in a loved one, for the so-called sapiosexuals, a new application has appeared – Sapio. In this Sapiosexual Dating app, you can find a pair that meets your requirements for appearance and intellectual development. It helps to find a match for a common outlook and ability to conduct a dialogue. For this, users need to upload a photo, indicate their interests, and comprehensively answer several questions (300), but it is unnecessary to answer all of them). The items are completely different: from “favorite travel destination” to “what laws would you issue if you were the sole ruler of the world.” These answers should give users the best possible understanding of each other and not waste time on meaningless dates. After that, the Sapiosexual Dating app -Sapio starts looking for a pair based on similar interests, intelligence levels, and personality types. Then the application offers you candidates, and if your claim with them turns out to be mutual, the application will unblock the chat so that you can continue to communicate.

The Best Sapiosexual Dating for a Wild Time?

If you are single and trying to find a soul mate or friends with similar interests and have mental abilities – you have to register on the Mensa Match site for Sapiosexual Dating. But there is one condition – you will need to take an IQ test. Mensa Match, the largest American dating site, has partnered with Mensa, the world’s largest intelligence organization, to help such people meet peers.

Only people who have passed a strict selection and are in Mensa’s ranks can take part in the Mensa Match project – those who wish to try their luck and take the test online will have to pay $ 1 for this service. Only users with IQ 130 and above will get into the elite group, you need to be smarter than 98 percent of the world’s population. After successfully passing the test, the Mensa badge can be added to your profile.

According to Match, 80 percent of single people believe it is essential to a relationship to be on the same intelligence level as their other half. According to company representatives, the new partnership will allow people with above-average intelligence to search for and find partners easily.

Do Sapiosexual Dating actually work?

Not all smart girls or guys like dating on Sapiosexual Dating sites, so your message should “hook” your partner. Don’t be trivial, and don’t start your message with the words: “Hello, let’s meet?” Minimally study your interlocutor or interlocutor, and try to find common ground. Whether it’s a shared university, a love of science, or how well you can express thoughts, how witty and well-aimed your remarks turn out to be, your success with others depends. If we talk about harmonious relationships, then, of course, the union of two smart, intellectually developed people is favorable. Both partners know what they want, and in this sense, it is easier for them to avoid misunderstanding situations.

Are members on Sapiosexual Dating Real?

When examining the profile of your interlocutor on Sapiosexual Dating, there are several signs that you should pay special attention to:

  • There are very few photographs, or there are photographs with a glamorous or model appearance;
  • The interlocutor is looking for acquaintances in your area but lives in another country;
  • Many scammers claim to be in military service in another country;
  • When using apps, scammers and bots add very little information to the profile and only one or two photos. Also, the shape, as a rule, is not tied to Instagram and other social media accounts. Never divulge too much information about yourself;
  • Especially those with whom you have never met in real life. Based on the information received (for example, regarding your financial situation), the scammer will be able to determine whether you are a dainty target;
  • If you get too many flattering emails and messages at the initial stage of dating, don’t reply;
  • In mobile applications, do not communicate with people whose pages seem suspicious to you;
  • Moreover, never send private photos of an intimate nature to your new acquaintances; Attackers can use the received images for blackmail and extortion;
  • If you notice one or more of the above signs and cannot verify the interlocutor’s identity, immediately stop communicating;
  • You should also pay attention to your data protection in general, which will allow you to protect yourself not only from scammers who trade online dating but other criminal elements.

What about security on Sapiosexual Dating

If you have chosen the Sapiosexual Dating site that suits you, then you should think about your safety and follow a few rules:

  • Do not indicate the phone number, real and email address, and other more detailed data if they are in the public domain (if it is necessary for registration and the developer guarantees the confidentiality of the information);
  • Trick about age in the range of more than five years;
  • Do not share your place of work;
  • Indicate one hundred and one hobbies, among which there are such abstract hobbies as “active lifestyle,” “travel,” “meeting with friends.” It is better to immediately prioritize: “I love snowboarding, hitchhiking in Europe and night cinema sessions.” So it is more accurate to find your person (if that is the goal);
  • Sync contacts. Some dating apps offer to link your account to other social networks or even a notebook. It is not recommending unless you want your employees to know that you are registering on a dating site;
  • If the correspondence lasts for some time, and you like the person on the other end of the smartphone more and more, you can give your phone number or nickname in Telegram to move on to more efficient and personal communication;
  • Always remember that the primary goal of communication in social networks is to translate acquaintance into real life! Please do not get carried away with the epistolary genre; it is better to meet once and understand everything than to splurge on each other for months on social networks.


In the age of Internet communication and information technology, intelligence is value much more than outstanding physical data. Add to this the fact that the world is oversaturating with eroticism in all its forms. And it became very fashionable to be a sapiosexual. The attention of the weaker sex for the coming years is providing for smart people. If you are a busy person and you do not have time to go to events where people usually meet: bars, discos, presentations, parties, concerts, and other places with a large crowd of people from which to choose, then it will be difficult for you to get to know someone.

Moreover, if you do not have the skills to approach random people, even if you went to such an event, then even the first contact, you are unlikely to succeed. Suppose you liked someone at the concert, then the likelihood that the person who was the object of your attention is lonely. There is a chance, but in general, how to determine whether a person is a partner or not? That is where Sapiosexual Dating sites come to the rescue. Sapiosexuals are considered pretentious and arrogant, but they can be great conversationalists and listeners. They will support the Sapiosexual Dating sites’ conversation, and please you with an inspiring quote from your favorite book. Such people can be wonderful companions in life if you are “on the same wavelength.” They learn how to appreciate the feelings and ideas of other people, which is extremely rare. Of course, sometimes their snobbery can be a little annoying. But they correctly understand their soul mate and always know how to behave. Many people find them arrogant and pretentious. However, it’s nice to see that people are increasingly interested in feelings, not just looks. Of course, appearance is essential, but nothing can replace interesting conversations and communication on the site for Sapiosexual Dating.

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