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The best Filipino Dating in August 2021

GOOD FOR meeting Filipino singles
GOOD FOR meeting Filipina ladies
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Best Filipino Dating sites

  1. Good for older ladies in search for relationships OlderWomenDating
  2. Good for meeting a Russian partner Love ru
  3. Good for people from LGBT community BGCLive
  4. Good for people in search of partners Smooch
  5. Good for gays who want to exchange messages and videos GuySpy
  6. Good for transgender women who are searching for men MyTranssexualDate
  7. Good for open-minded people Feeld
  8. Good for finding a partner without wasting your time Three Day Rule
  9. Good for disabled singles who want to find love Dating for Disabled
  10. Good for swingers and flings WellHello

Some Facts About Filipino Dating

Filipino dating is a beautiful opportunity to meet beautiful Asian singles. The Philippines is famous for its breathtaking nature and beaches and the friendliness of its people. But the country also has the reputation of having the most beautiful Asians. That’s why many men dream of knowing how to flirt with a Filipino girl. If you don’t know much about how Filipino women dating works, then the tips below will help you win some of their hearts.

What Is Filipino Dating?

If your dream is dating Filipino women, you must be aware of these girls’ mentality and learn more about the dating culture in their country. Otherwise, you will experience culture shock very quickly and not understand certain things. In the Philippines, the family is essential. And when we talk about family, we don’t just mean the ten siblings, but we also include uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces.

If you desire a serious Filipina girlfriend, you will have to be on good terms with all the family members. You will have people in your home all the time, and it won’t be easy to find privacy. It’s a concept Filipinos don’t know about.

In case you don’t like it, then dating a Filipino man or a woman maybe not for you unless you mainly stick to long-distance relationships. You can try to make your partner understand that you want privacy and that you don’t want all of their family members on your back all the time, but if they are poorly educated and very traditionalist, they won’t understand it. All in all, dating Filipino singles via dating sites is convenient and effective. Such platforms allow you to quickly find your match and move to the Philippines or invite your significant other to live with you.

How to Use Filipino Dating?

Asia is a vast continent with many different countries and cultures. Thus, each country has its specificity. For example, you wouldn’t seduce a Chinese woman how you would try to pick up a Vietnamese woman. It will be the same with a Filipina woman, although you can find some similarities.

If you want to succeed in dating Filipino women, here are some tips to follow:

  • For a serious relationship, you will need to tell the girl that you plan to stay in the country for a while. Otherwise, you can only have girls for one night. Serious women will not be into you if you are passing through.
  • Learn a little about the history of the country and have basic English to communicate conveniently online. While the Philippines was initially a Spanish colony, the state later became an American colony. It is a common mistake for foreigners to think that people speak Spanish on the island.
  • Pay the bill at restaurants and bars or send your partner virtual gifts via Filipino dating sites. The purchasing power of the Filipinos is very low. It is difficult for them to afford restaurants. As for you, it will cost you less to eat outside.

Which People Can You Find on Filipino Dating Sites?

People have an indescribable passion for many things in the country and are quite open to other cultures. Like all the girls globally, the Filipino woman also adores shopping and spending time at the beach. While the first activity is rather strenuous due to a lack of money, the second is completely free.

You can meet Filipino singles of all kinds on the local dating sites. If you wish to find a person to accompany you on your holiday to this exotic country and spend a few days at the ocean, online meeting platforms will help you. Filipinas also enjoy going out with friends or having a few drinks when the right opportunity arises. So do not hesitate to become this good opportunity.

In terms of educational background, it is a misconception to consider Filipinas illiterate. Singles in this country finish schools similarly to people all over the world. The difference starts at a higher educational level as not many of them go to universities. Most girls plan to marry a wealthy man and do not focus on self-development. Be ready for the fact that dating Filipino women mean being a potential future husband for them.

Some men travel to the Philippines to marry a Filipino woman. If marriage is commendable, you have to be careful not to get ripped off. The Philippines is a developing country. As a result, it will be straightforward for a foreigner to find a potential wife. However, there are many scams and substantial cultural differences between this country and the Western countries.

The most common scams are to make you sparkle with love. When you decide to marry a Filipina, the trap will close on you. The woman will do everything possible to get as much money as possible from you and blackmail you all the time. To avoid this, you must first know your future bride for a certain period. Filipino dating sites free help you in this matter. You can communicate with a person for some time before visiting them. Serious marriage agencies help you enter into a contract to avoid scams.

Stats at Filipino Dating

Millions of Filipino singles use dating sites. Filipino Cupid claims to have over 3.5 million registered members if you take the most popular one. In terms of numbers, these are very real. But be aware that the right half of the members are men, which leaves around 1.5 million Filipinas. From this number, you must also remove all those who do not meet your beauty criteria, which are not the age you want or do not plan to have an easy affair.

Considering that you are very strict, there will be around 200,000 women left who can meet your criteria. To put that in perspective and give you some idea, this is equivalent to meeting one girl a day for 600 years.

The Main Advantages of Filipino Dating

Filipino dating sites have created a gib market in the country that is in huge demand. There are many free sites for dating a Filipino guy or a girl. You will have access to a vast number of other singles. The filter systems will allow you to directly find the type of partner who is right for you.

You can compare the asking price for a subscription with the number and quality of people available. These platforms are probably one of the best values for money in the internet dating industry. The answer lies in the fact that the subscription prices focus on the country’s average income, and costs will be low for foreigners. You will be able to find Filipino singles living near you or bring them to your city if you don’t want to travel there.

Where to Find Filipino Dating Sites?

You may find Filipinos in many parts of the world, especially as domestic workers. However, these people often go to work in neighboring or Gulf countries. They are not very present in English-speaking countries, which will make it challenging to meet a woman from the Philippines offline.

The best way to meet a Filipina is to use Filipino dating sites. Once you register, you will have different options for meeting people according to your criteria. To find these sites, consult the ratings you will find online and the list presented below. You may communicate with singles from this country on forums and Facebook. Another convenient yet not effective way to meet Filipinas is by using regular dating sites like Tinder or Match and switching your geolocation to the Philippines. The number of singles you will get will be relatively small compared to the audience on the unique Filipino dating sites.

How to Choose the Best Filipino Dating Sites?

When choosing the platform that suits you, you should focus on the aspects of security, privacy, and audience quality. The official fillies of the big media companies like OkCupid or ChinaLove are good options because you can be sure about their reliability and use.

When visiting any Filipino dating app, pay attention to the next:

  • Does the service encrypt messages and disables unauthorized users from entering the platform?
  • How many messages do you receive after registration? The overflow of them means the site uses bots.
  • What are search filters there available to apply? The more accurate results you get, the faster your search will be.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Filipino Dating?

FilipinoCupid is arguably the best site for dating a Filipino man or a woman. On the site, you will find inhabitants of all regions of the country and those who live outside the country. You may find a Filipino partner who lives right next to you without your knowing about it.

Navigating FilipinoCupid is easy thanks to its well-structured interface, which allows you to understand how the site works quickly. It will not take more than 5 minutes for a new user to get started. It is available in many languages, allowing non-English speakers to use the site in their mother tongue.

To help you find singles, FilipinoCupid has designed an immensely powerful and efficient search section. You will have the option of choosing the city of residence (or country), the age of the person, what they are looking for as a type of relationship, and other criteria. This accuracy will allow you to access a list of Filipinas that totally match your requirements and directly start talking with the matches you like.

The Best Filipino Dating Sites for a Wild Time


This one is among the leaders in the niche of free Filipino dating sites. After the quick and easy registration, you can enjoy dating services that allow you to meet thousands of single men and women: chat online, send messages, browse ads with photos and videos. You can meet seniors there, sort people out by the city, and not be afraid of fraudulent profiles, facilitators, and other tricks made to embellish large dating sites.

All types of people use LeveDrignans. This niche dating platform is most popular among locals. Thus, you will not meet many fakes and scammers on it. Only serious people who know what they expect from their perfect partner use the site. You can be sure about the security provided by the moderators who check all new profiles. Share personal data to attract interested users. The site promises not to transfer your details to third parties. Therefore, you can safely enjoy communication with Filipino singles and be open about your intentions.


If your dream is to meet a woman from the Philippines, then EliteSingles is the dating platform you must join. This one is not specifically an Asian dating site but a reliable global network where you can meet the most girls from this country. No matter what type of Filipinas you are looking for, there will be one right for you. Is your goal to find the love of your life? Do you want to find an intelligent partner? Are you more of the type who likes to chain together adventures without serious Filipino dating? Whatever your goal, it will be possible to find a match looking for the same thing as you.

If you did not enjoy the number of people with fake profiles on other free Filipino dating sites, this would be for you. The quality of the audience is high. The singles will want to talk to you about romance and get into a relationship without asking for money.

Does Filipino Dating Actually Work?

When going to attempt a seductive approach with Filipino girls, there will be some things you should avoid saying or doing. Otherwise, Filipino dating will not work. It is essential to avoid the following points as much as possible:

  • Don’t tell her you to have a thing for Filipino women. If you do that, she might get upset because she won’t think it’s just her. She’ll think any Filipina will do.
  • Avoid being too gentle and caring with her. She will see it as weakness on your part, and then you risk being seen merely as the bank on your feet that will have to pay her everything.
  • Don’t be too rude when you talk about her family. The Filipino family is something sacred. Even if it bothers you to always interact with all the family members, don’t make the mistake of saying that you cannot stand it.

If you follow these little tips, Filipino women dating is a beautiful opportunity, and the local dating sites will surely make this dream come true for you.

Are Members on Filipino Dating Sites Real?

When it comes to the girls’ quality on Filipino dating sites, you’ll get them of all types. You will find both serious and real girls and a few fake profiles who will try to get you money. Nevertheless, sites put much effort into fighting against these false profiles, and almost all of the singles with whom you will speak will be real people.

If you want to find an intelligent partner, you can see a strong correlation of this characteristic because the person lives in the city. If they live in the countryside, they will be less likely to have had a decent education. You will also find singles with various goals on the site. Some will want to have sex with a stranger, while others dream of you bringing them back to your country with you. Others also hope you decide to live with them in the Philippines. As you can see, there will be singles for all tastes. There is no way you won’t find at least one Filipina that’s right for you on a Filipino dating site, even if you’re the picky type.

What About Security in Filipino Dating?

Filipino dating sites do not force you to travel to the country to meet people. Marriage agencies offer such services, but it doesn’t mean that someone will require money from you to spoil Filipina singles with gifts or ask you to visit them. Some singles will agree to come to your country, while others may already live near you without knowing it.

The Filipino diaspora may not be very present in your country, so there is the possibility of meeting Filipina singles on Filipino dating sites. This way, you save money, time, and effort. If you are still afraid to pass your data to third parties, use big and reliable dating providers like OkCupid or ChinaLove. There were no significant controversies with these services, and you can trust them.


You will meet both types of singles on Filipino dating sites: those who seek one-night-stand adventurers and those looking for true love. You will have to know how to approach these types of singles to fulfill any of these desires. To meet Filipino people is easy with the help of online services. They will be your guides in Filipino dating. Do not miss your chance.

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