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  2. Good for Latter-day Saints singles LDSSingles
  3. Good for older ladies in search for relationships OlderWomenDating
  4. Good for finding serious relationships Blendr
  5. Good for finding an ideal partner The Inner Circle
  6. Good for helping friends to find matches Meddle
  7. Good for South Asian singles from all over the world Dil Mil
  8. Good for those who search a partner from Armenia Little Armenia
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Some about Beard Dating

Dating sites for beard lovers are getting more and more popular among the representatives of the young generation. Although there are not many beard dating sites or apps, the existing ones provide their users’ best services. The singles interested in especially beard dating may encounter many challenges while using international dating sites. It is difficult to go through thousands of profiles and to date a guy with a beard. Many dating sites offer advanced searching filters, which include narrowing down the search results according to appearance. However, this does not mean that finding users with a beard may be easy, even with those filters. Dating a guy with a beard has some advantages that encourage many female singles to look for beard dating apps and sites. You will be introduced to those benefits later; however, you need to be sure that men with a beard are considered more elegant nowadays. Their appearance appears more attractive to women. Moreover, if you want an unusual experience, beard dating may be a good point to start.

What Is Beard Dating?

Beard dating means dating a guy with a beard for casual hookups or long-term and committed relationships. Your aim of applying to beard dating sites and apps may vary; however, the experiences you may get from it may be among the best ones. In the past, it was a shame for many to go out with a beard. People with shaved faces were considered a part of an elite group, while men with beards were considered poor. This tendency has always changed in different periods. However, dating a young man with a beard was unusual for many women. Nowadays, you will witness it almost everywhere. Men with beards nowadays are viewed as more handsome and masculine. Youngsters also do not shave their beards and grow them for this reason. Surely, a beard also requires some care; therefore, men with beards spend a lot of time taking proper care of them.

How to Do Beard Dating?

Generally, if you are interested in any dating, including beard dating, you have two options. The first is the traditional way. You may find someone with a beard and try to build up a relationship. The other option is using a beard dating app or site. There are not many beard dating sites, so you may use the ones that have an extensive user database. The users of those websites may be very different in terms of appearance and characteristics. You have to go through various profiles and check to choose the ones that you like. On the other hand, many dating sites offer you a recommendation list based on your profile information and dating preferences. You need to provide reliable and accurate information, and the website’s matchmaking algorithm may bring you the most optimal matches. You may mention “having a beard” as a determining feature for you, and the website will find and offer the ones that match your preference. Moreover, mentioning that you are interested in beard dating is another useful way to be viewed by your desires users. All these difficulties disappear when you use a beard dating site; however, the lack of it may be filled in that way.

Which People Can Be Found on Beard Dating?

One common feature for a beard dating app or site users is that male users have a beard, and the women are interested in dating a guy with a beard. What refers to a characteristic or other appearance features, you may meet many different users. People are different in real-life, and this is usual for dating platforms as well. At first, people may not reveal all their personalities, but step by step, using the communication tools provided by the dating website or app may help you to make a final impression of a user. After that, you may decide whether you want to take your relationship to a real-life or not. The choice is yours. However, what refers to personality or appearance, you may encounter many different people on online dating platforms.

As stated earlier, beard dating was not popular in the past. Many women preferred shaved men considering them more elegant. However, time has had its influence on this aspect of dating as well. Many young girls currently prefer dating a guy with a beard. The advantages of having a beard will be introduced later; however, they are quite many to justify this new tendency. Moreover, people have become more practical, and they think what is natural is beautiful. Having hair on the face or other parts of the body is considered normal, and no one is ashamed of it anymore. Therefore, both men and women try to look more natural but at the same time, elegant. Taking into account the advantages and fun, beard dating has become one of the popular dating preferences in the dating world. If you are eager to try it, you may find it an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Stats at Beard Dating

According to some of the surveys and reviews, men preferring a beard compose 33% and above. This percentage is overgrowing and may meet thousands of men with a beard. Except for this, there are more statistics connected with beard dating. According to some studies, 68% of the men having a beard are ready to shave for their beloved people if they ask them to do it. However, it turns out that girls prefer dating a guy with a beard, and only 40% of the women may ask their partner to shave off their beards. 15% if the women prefer to ask their partners to do it without waiting for their relationship to get serious enough. The rest that composes 25%, will ask to shave off only after making a final decision about their relationship and taking it to a more serious level. These numbers show that beard dating is quite popular, and girls prefer men with beards, although the men are ready to shave their beard off if their partner asks.

The Main Advantages of Beard Dating

Beard dating has some advantages, and if you are interested in dating a guy with a beard, you are encouraged to look through them.

  • Men with beards are sexier and hotter. Man with a beard looks more attractive compared with their shaved counterparts. Many girls state that men without a beard look a little bit childish in terms of appearance.
  • Kissing a man with a beard is funnier. Kissing a man with a beard feels like getting some free chin scratch. Soft and combed facial hair may message your face and make you laugh.
  • Men with a beard look too elegant when they dress up. Beard may serve as an accessory when a man learns how to wear suitable clothes.
  • You may use a beard to make him happy. Running your fingers through his beard and softly combing may be inexpressively enjoyable for your partner due to the never endings located on the face.
  • Beard keeps men warm. It is not a secret that hair on our skin serves as a protector for us. It protects us from cold and dirt.
  • Men with beards are healthier. Some studies conducted in the United States claim that a beard helps to prevent skin cancer. Moreover, bacteria living on a beard help you get immunity against some diseases.

These are not all the benefits of beard dating; however, they may serve as a sound background if you still have doubts about dating a guy with a beard.

Where to Find a Beard Dating?

If you are looking for the best beard dating experience, the most effective and fun way is to apply to a beard dating app or site. There is only one dating website that exclusively targets catering beard lovers. You may also apply to international dating sites with a large user database and look for your partner with a beard with their search engines. Once you find the best beard dating site or app, you need to register. The registration is different for each dating site. Some dating sites have a time-consuming signing up process where you need to provide a lot of personal information or complete a personality test. Others may require only necessary information like your name, surname, age, location, etc. When you complete the registration, it is high time to create an informative and attractive profile. Your profile information is also used by many dating sites to offer you featured matches. The more details you provide, the higher the chances will be of finding the most compatible matches. You are also given communication tools to get to know your online partners better. More modern dating sites also offer video-calling, joining forums, or chat rooms.

How to Choose the Best Beard Dating Site?

Before joining this or that beard dating site, you should take into account some factors. First, not all dating sites offer their services for free. Many of them have both standard and premium memberships. Although you may go along on the website having a free membership, you may encounter some limitations. The price of premium membership is different for dating sites. Checking it before joining is a reasonable step. The other factor to consider is the aim of the dating site. Dating sites may help you find either casual hookups or committed relationships. Joining a hookup dating site and excepting to find a devoted and long-term partner is not logical. Last, yet importantly, you need to consider the features that the website offers you. Some dating sites do not provide communication tools, while others lack of advanced searching filters.

Following the above-mentioned steps, you may find the best beard dating site or app that will help you get the desired outcome of your online beard dating experience.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Beard Dating?

As stated earlier, there are not many beard dating sites. The most popular, or probably, the only one, is Bristlr. It is not a big surprise, the Bristlr started as a joke, but after its foundation, it began gaining more popularity. It was founded in 2014, and it currently offers its services in more than 100 cities in the world. This is categorized as a hookup beard dating site, which allows you to find partners without spending a lot of time and effort. The website does not offer a complicated matchmaking algorithm, which makes it easier to use. Bristlr resembles Tinder in terms of interface; however, functions are different. The search results may be offered according to age, location, appearance, and so on.

This website also is known for offering a beard dating app, which is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app has all the features that its desktop counterpart offers. The only difference between those two is the screen size, which may be adjusted according to your preferences. The users prefer the dating app more because of the convenience. It allows you to stay in touch with online friends and, at the same time, do another job. If you do not want the mobile application to occupy your device, you may also use the mobile version of the website.

The Best Beard Dating for a Wild Time?

There are not many beard dating sites offered for beard lovers. The only one that search results suggest is Bristlr, which has both desktop and mobile versions. You may use other famous international dating sites for your beard dating. This experience may be time-consuming; however, the extensive user database allows you to have more partner options.

Do Beard Dating Actually Work?

No dating sites work unless you make it work for you. The same refers to beard dating sites and apps. First of all, you need to find the most suitable dating site for you. Next, some dating sites require purchasing a premium membership to give you access to all their features. Therefore, you need to invest some money to make your dating successful. Finally, you need to make an effort and complete your profile with detailed information and upload photos to attract more users. Following these steps, you have higher chances to meet your partner with online dating platforms.

Are Members on Beard Dating Real?

Like other dating sites, dating sites for beard lovers are not free of fake users and scammers who may try to use the website’s advantages for their benefits. You need to be very cautious when you use online platforms and never provide any personal or financial information to third parties. Purchasing a premium membership allows you to use some features to avoid fake users and scammers. Some websites allow you to hide your profile picture and information from free users, which is one of the steps to ensure your safety. However, as a user, you need to be careful when you use online dating sites and be open with those you trust for one hundred percent.

What About Security on Beard Dating

The security measurements that beard dating sites take is another essential factor before joining them. Some dating sites have an email verification process that does not allow robots or scammers to join. Moreover, their administrative team does regular and thorough checkups to find and terminate the fake users. If you encounter a user with strange or fraudulent behavior, you are encouraged to report them. The website administrative team will view your report, and if they find something wrong with the user, they will remove the account from the website’s storage. If you are always getting unwanted messages from annoying users, you may block them. After blocking, that user will not be able to view your profile or send you messages.

It is crucial to bear in mind that some websites also use your personal information for commercial or advertising purposes without revealing your personality. If you want to find more information on how a particular beard dating site works, you need to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to ensure that you will not encounter surprising issues.


Beard dating is becoming more and more popular among youngsters. Having a beard currently appears more masculine and sexier. Many young women prefer dating a guy with a beard. Moreover, beard dating has some advantages that you may not have with other kinds of dating. Although there are not many dating sites for beard lovers that you may use to find your ideal partner, the existing ones do their best to make your journey enjoyable and fun. Follow the safety online dating tips, and your unforgettable beard dating is ensured.

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