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Inmate Dating – Is It Worth It?

Meet an Inmate
Meet an Inmate
GOOD FOR inmates from the USA

Best Inmate Dating sites

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Something About Inmate Dating

Inmate dating will probably be a new dating category for many people. It is a niche that doesn’t get as much attention and is subject to prejudice and misconceptions. In fact, inmate dating sites have been around for a while. They are extremely helpful in connecting inmates with the outside world and ensuring that they also have the chance for quality interactions with other people.

Many people must think that inmate dating is a joke. However, it is essential to remember that, inmates are also human. Although their experiences may be different from other people, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want or don’t deserve a chance to date and find a romantic partner. That is why there are plenty of free inmate dating sites that cater specifically to inmate singles.

What Are Inmate Dating Sites?

Inmate dating sites are online platforms that allow inmates and people with prison experience to connect with people who can understand and accept them. These can be penpal websites where you can exchange letters with inmates, or full-fledged dating websites with profiles and many online dating features. Most inmate dating sites are free to use. They might not have the sleekest design or a variety of functions, but they indeed serve their purpose well.

How to Do Inmate Dating?

Inmate dating may be a little different from your regular online dating experience. Usually, you will register on a dating platform, create a profile, and search for singles available to chat. With inmate dating, the procedure is not the same. Usually, there are inmate profiles that are listed on an inmate dating site. You can browse through these profiles and choose someone to write to. For many free inmate dating sites, the only way you can contact a prisoner online is through the site’s email system. Alternatively, the profiles typically state the prisoner’s correctional facility’s address, so you can either send letters or visit.

Which Are People Find Inmate Dating Sites?

There are different categories of people who might want to use free inmate dating sites:

  1. Those could be people with any sort of inmate experience who want to reach out to people in the same circumstances.
  2. There are people who want to show understanding and support and offer inmates a friendly communication exchange.
  3. The main category of people you’ll find on an inmate dating site is the inmates currently serving their term in prisons and other types of correctional facilities.

You may not realize it, but many of these people hope to find someone to exchange letters with. Inmates listed on inmate dating sites are not necessarily looking for a romantic partner. Instead, many will be happy to receive a friendly letter or simply have someone to talk to.

Inmate dating can hardly be considered a popular online dating niche. Nevertheless, it has been around for a while, and it deserves a place in the online dating world. The reason for the rising popularity of inmate dating sites is the general increase in the use of the Internet for communication. We live during the times when a big part of our life is happening online and in the digital world. For inmates, being left without any contact with the outside world is extremely challenging. Therefore, inmate dating sites aim to provide an opportunity for them to stay connected.

Another side of the coin is that not all people are ready to accept former inmates back into society. Most employers do background checks and consider people with past convictions very reluctantly. It is mostly the same when it comes to dating and relationships. Inmate dating sites can help individuals who went to prison to find people who will give them a chance without judging them. In fact, apart from inmate dating sites, most common dating platforms don’t perform background checks on their users. Therefore, former convicts can try their luck finding a good match without worrying that people will judge them based on their past only.

Stats at Inmate Dating Sites

The prison incarceration rates have been going down in recent years. However, there are still more than two million inmates in the US only. Many out of these are convicted for non-violent crimes and are left to fend for themselves in the harsh reality of prison life. According to some statistics, most prisoners end up losing all contact with the outside world within two years of serving their term. Therefore, so many inmates and their relatives turn to inmate dating sites for a point of contact. There’s almost always an option to list a new profile for an inmate so that other people could contact them via mail, email, or visit.

The Main Advantages of Inmate Dating

Many people may not feel comfortable contacting an inmate. This can be explained by the reasonable fear of what a person who serves a term in prison is capable of. However, as we’ve mentioned, nothing is as black and white, and you should not forget that inmates are also people with feelings and emotions like others. They still want a chance for friendship, love, and normal life after they get released. Moreover, many of them are either convicted for non-violent crimes, or they simply made a mistake and are regretting it. If you remove these experiences, there might be many interesting people with a beautiful personality and attractive appearance. If users allow themselves to move their focus from their inmate status to these things, there are a plethora of opportunities to meet a successful match.

Inmate dating is more old-fashioned because of the email and traditional mail exchanges instead of quick communication via instant messaging. This method may seem slow and troublesome for some people, but others will find it more genuine. Moreover, you can always be sure that the person you are talking to is 100% real and waiting to receive your letters, unlike the numerous fake profiles you’ll find on regular dating websites. Finally, the benefit of inmate dating is especially evident for people with past convictions or other similar experiences. Free inmate dating sites give them the chance to build friendship or romance with someone who won’t judge them and who’s lived through similar experiences.

Where to Find an Inmate Dating Platform?

You’ve heard about or probably, even used one of the most popular dating sites such as, Tinder, OkCupid, and others. However, where should you go looking for inmate dating online? In fact, nothing is stopping you from using a regular dating site if you’re a former inmate. Usually, dating sites don’t do any background checks, so it’s entirely up to you if you want to mention your past experiences on your profile.

Alternatively, if you’re looking specifically for current inmates, you will need a special inmate dating site. Typically, inmate dating sites will not give you the option to register an account and text your matches right away. Instead, you will choose the profiles you like and decide whether you want to email them, send them a letter by post, or visit them directly at the prison or the correctional facility. Continue reading this review to find out about the best inmate dating sites available at this time.

How to Choose the Best Inmate Dating Site?

Whenever you decide to try online dating, you will need to choose among the wide variety of dating websites available. There are platforms for different purposes and dating categories. When it comes to inmate dating sites, there’s quite a big selection of websites available. There’s no significant difference, however, as they work similarly and have similar features. Most free inmate dating sites have profiles of inmates you can contact but no other features that would allow you to get a match right away. Therefore, choose the best inmate dating site based on the quality of profiles you’ll find there and the variety of choices you have for contacting your matches.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Inmate Dating?

There are around ten great inmate dating sites that you can try for inmate dating today. Quite a few of them are mobile-friendly and give the option to send emails to inmates. These include Friends Behind Bars, Inmate Mingle, Prison Inmates, and others.

  • Inmate Mingle

This inmate dating site is one of the best online dating services for this particular dating niche. You can specify your preferences for an inmate match, straight down to their ethnicity or crime. Then you can go directly to writing a letter to an inmate you’ve selected. Inmate Mingle even has an app you can download for more convenience of use.

  • Prison Inmates

Prison Inmates is another great inmate dating site with over 1000 profiles of singles you can write to. Apart from that, you can post a profile for an inmate or become an affiliate. When it comes to search filters, you can search among male or female profiles, as well as straight, bi, or gay profiles. The website even allows you to look at profiles of inmates who are serving life sentences or are on death row. There’s also poetry and artwork of prisoners posted on the website.

  • Meet-an-Inmate

This inmate dating site is one of the largest online dating platforms for prisoners and those who want to communicate with inmates. It is less of a dating site than it is a platform for finding penpals and friends. You can choose a profile and use the correctional facility’s address information to send them a letter. You can only search profiles by age and gender here, but the selection of profiles listed here is one of the best.

  • Jail Babes

For those wondering if there’s female inmate dating available online, here’s a great website where you can meet a lady currently serving time. Although it doesn’t have that many members, the profiles are typically very genuine and detailed. The drawback, however, is that you can only contact your matches via regular post. If that’s not an option for you, there’s another female inmate dating website you can use. Women Behind Bars allows you to send emails to female inmates, although it doesn’t come for free. You will need to pay $4 to access a particular inmate’s email information.

The Best Inmate Dating Site for a Wild Time?

If you’re looking for some fun with your inmate matches, there’s only one thing you need to look out for – how soon their release date is. Otherwise, there are practically no features that would facilitate quick and fun conversations you’d typically have with your matches on regular dating sites. Flirting with someone over email or, what’s even worse, via regular post is hardly convenient, so you’ll need to stick with those inmate dating sites that offer on-site emailing options. Additionally, free inmate dating sites such as Inmate Mingle allow you to filter your inmate matches by the release date.

Do Inmate Dating Sites Actually Work?

Inmate dating sites are definitely not what you expect from an online dating platform. They look and work differently, and you can’t actually talk to anyone online instantly. The wait time could be quite long as you send and receive emails or letters. However, you can rest assured that most free inmate dating sites are 100% real. The profiles of inmates listed there are verified, and the mail system is usually a confirmed, government-approved service.

Are Members on Inmate Dating Sites Real?

Many dating sites are known to have plenty of fake and bot profiles. You can only verify whether someone is real if you message them and receive a reply. However, on inmate dating sites, it is not as easy for reasons already mentioned above. Still, you can be confident that most inmates listed on free inmate dating sites will be real people serving a term, enrolled by themselves or their friends and relatives. It is much more difficult to fake a profile on an inmate dating site since all information gets reviewed by the authorities.

What About Secuity on Inmate Dating Sites?

Mostly, when it comes to online dating platforms, you can never be 100% sure about your safety. Therefore, no matter how good the service is, you should always remember not to share your private info, including contact or financial details, with strangers. On inmate dating sites, this will not be a problem. You can’t really create a permanent profile on an inmate dating site to indicate your personal info. You may, however, want to be careful about telling your matches any of these. Moreover, since you’ll be writing to prison inmates, the privacy of your letters to them is not guaranteed.


To conclude, inmate dating is an unusual but much needed online dating niche. It allows people who are isolated from the outside world to find a penpal, a friend, or even a love match through a simple online dating system of an email exchange. You can use several websites, and you’ll see more free inmate dating sites than paid ones. The reason is that this niche is not quite as popular as other categories of online dating due to prejudice, preconceptions, and wariness when it comes to dating a convict. Still, prisoners have been successfully finding their love matches on online inmate dating sites. These websites are ready to receive anyone with an inmate experience – current or former – and those who don’t see it as an obstacle to interact with former convicts. If this is you, try free inmate dating sites today for a quality inmate dating experience.

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