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Travel Dating: User Reviews, Best Features, Prices

Miss Travel
Miss Travel
GOOD FOR finding a travel companion
GOOD FOR meeting new people worldwide

Best Travel Dating sites

  1. Good for people who are in search of serious relationships as well as hookups Mate1
  2. Good for transsexuals TS-Dating
  3. Good for hookups and one-night flings FriendFinder-X
  4. Good for those who prefer to stay anonymous Reveal Dating
  5. Good for meeting new people KIK
  6. Good for finding people with similar interests Amor en Linea
  7. Good for gays, bi, and trans Grindr
  8. Good for finding a single professionals EliteSingles
  9. Good for starting the serious relationships Be2
  10. Good for chatting with new people Paltalk

Some About Travel Dating

Do you feel lonely during long voyages? Need a companion when you are on tours? Travel dating platforms come up with the idea that makes trips and vacations thrilling and entertaining. Connect with people who always explore different places and travel across the globe. If you like each other and feel something special, you can even take your relationship to the next level.

In essence, these platforms let people find their love and globetrot companion at the same time. If you are tired of solo traveling, then it is the right place for you. Connect with people based on mutual interest and explore different places together!

What Are Travel Dating Sites?

It is a social networking platform for those looking for an ideal relationship while traveling. People can connect with locals to make their trip more interesting and learn about their lifestyles, cultures, and ethnicities. Here you can plan/book your tour destination and take someone with you to make a real connection or get a partner for a whole life.

Now there is no need for sightseeing solo. Get a companion for fun, romance, casual outings based on your compatibility and interest. Singles can make their trips memorable by connecting with an adventurous, beautiful woman or a handsome hunk.

How to Do Travel Dating?

With various online travel dating apps and websites, one can register and seek a partner who can accompany her/him on their tourist spot. Spending days and valuable time with each other helps you build a strong bond of affection, love, and caring relationship. Know the users on the platform via chat, video calls, and messaging before meeting them in person on board or at your vacation destination.

The user can avail of the site’s functionality and is all set to experience the online dating world. The key features and functions of every website involve the following:

  • Registration and login
  • Profile creation
  • Uploading profile pictures
  • Browsing travel destinations
  • Booking a tour
  • Searching for an ideal partner
  • Communicating via chat, emails, sharing photos, and sending gifts

Who Opts for Travel Dating?

Those who find travel dating interesting are crazy about globetrotting with a partner they met online or about to meet at the destination. Many solo voyagers are happy and exhilarated by connecting with someone attractive. Going on a journey with new love would be a brand-new experience. Want to try it out on your next trip?

Seek partner, explore new destinations, and plan trips with:

  • Bumble BFF
  • Tinder
  • Tourbar
  • Miss Travel
  • Travelmeetdate
  • Travelhostdate

Today’s generation is crazy about exploring unique places. Everyone around the globe visits different countries, explores new places, cultures, and lifestyles. Tours and trips are considered an integral part of our lives. Heading to locations you have no idea about can mess everything up because it may not turn out as expected.

These websites have done wonders for such singles in making their trips thrilling, memorable, and pleasant. They offer services that help like-minded people meet and converse with the purpose of creating relationships.

Why deny an affair on vacations? When you plan a trip with your partner who shares the same interests and understands you completely, it ultimately makes your holidays more special. You can experience a whole range of new feelings while discovering amazing places across the world. It sounds interesting to single globetrotter lovers. It helps them find a long-awaited partner to kill the loneliness.

Stats for Travel Dating Sites

The study shows the massive increase of users on these platforms. Today, more than half of the population relies on online social networking tools. The following facts and figures show statistics for different websites:

Travelling Dating Sites No. of users Over 30 million users Tourbar Over 35 million users Miss Travel Over 6 million users Your Travel Mates Over 1 million users

The Main Advantages of a Travel Dating Website

There are many advantages to using websites and apps for frequent travelers. Here are a few benefits that may surprise users who are afraid of using such portals.

High compatibility

Find a partner who suits you best and shares mutual interests. Browsing users’ profiles helps you learn about their hobbies, culture, passion, and so on. Thus, it becomes easy to communicate and meet people with similar traits.

No more solo traveling

No matter how regular you go on trips and tours, solo journeys become boredom at one point in time. To keep the pastime engaging and entertaining, you can easily find your travel buddy on one of these portals.

Comfort level

It is not easy for some people to take the initiative to communicate with someone you find hot and attractive in clubs or parties. However, you can connect and interact with everyone on travel dating websites before going out. These online interactions make you comfortable and easy to speak on your first date. You do not feel like strangers to each other.

Perfect partner

Who knows when and how you will find your soulmate? Social networking platforms boost your chances of meeting someone special. Embarking on a journey together allows you to spend a lot of time with each other, leading to a healthy relationship that may last for your entire life!

Where to Find Travel Dating Sites?

You can find travel dating sites on any search engine. All you need is the website link and internet connectivity. You can also download the apps from Google Play Store and App Store.

How to Choose the Best Travel Dating Site?

Connecting with globetrotters and building a relationship with them is an easy and suitable option, but choosing the best and the right platform is essential to avoid any uncertainty. Users should take some steps before registering on any website to ensure that the service meets their requirements.

  • Easy registration
  • Easy to navigate
  • User-friendly design and visuals
  • Optimum quality of search results
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Explore new places
  • Communicate via emails, chats, video calls, and send gifts
  • Make sure there are no fake profiles

What’s the Best Dating App for Travel Dating?

Going on a solo trip is not everyone’s cup of tea. You no longer enjoy your monotonous lonely tours at some point in time, and all you want is someone to accompany you and bring some fun during your journey while exploring places. Travel dating websites and apps can help make your vacation unique with your voyage partner. When traveling, bring along your globetrotter buddy for some real fun and excitement.

The best travel dating websites and apps are listed below:

Travel Dating Websites

1. TravelHostDate

THD is a well-thought-out platform for solo riders. It is easy to access and engages users to stay for a long time. It boasts free registration with just four simple steps.

How it works:

  • Simple and Easy Registration
  • Enter Gender
  • Enter Email ID
  • Enter Password
  • Click Go
  • Select the destination on the inbuilt map:
    1. The locals will receive your location
    2. Interested locals will get in touch with you

2. Tourbar

Tourbar is a growing and influential travel dating network platform that connects people from different places. It allows users to communicate with locals to experience and cherish their next destination’s lifestyles and culture. You can easily plan your tour to Europe, Asia, and the United States.

3. Travel Meet Date

Are you planning to explore an exotic and unique place with someone who is entertaining and compatible with you? If yes, join this community. The only focus of this platform is to offer excellent and engaging tour packages to their users.

4. Miss Travel

Miss Travel Dating site is a free service that ensures that its members never go on tours alone. Join a platform after registration, plan your trip, and search for an ideal partner. Explore places together!

The Best Travel Dating Apps

1. Hinge

Hinge allows users to connect with people who like to explore exciting places and meet new people. Hinge has a unique feature that defines members.

2. Tourbar

Tourbar lets you connect with another user before meeting in person. It helps members know each other better before a real date happens. People have to invest some amount of money to access all the services.

3. Flip the Trip

It is a fantastic app where you can connect with locals and ask them for the best places, restaurants, and bars in their particular area. You can even offer them to keep you company on your tour.

4. Bumble BFF

If you are a solo voyager, this app is for you. Access and connect with other adventurers and locals of a particular destination. Meet and join travelers who are in the same place. Locals may host your trip by taking you along to their popular and unique hometown spots.

The Best Travel Dating Platforms for a Wild Time


LadyTravels help users search for an ideal match. On this platform, beautiful and successful people connect to make their trips memorable. People build relationships, have fun, create and accept trip offers, and so on.

Women are free to access the site, whereas men must invest a few pennies to avail of all the tools.


Seek a sightseeing buddy, view users’ profiles, connect with someone who you think is a perfect partner for you. Communicate to know each other well before meeting on your vacations. You can also share your views and recommendation regarding what to do or not to do in a particular place.


It allows members to meet the locals for travel dating. It is the best way to experience and learn about new cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. It focuses more on connecting with the local people rather than looking for a perfect partner. Relationships can eventually happen if users get engaged and like each other.

Do Travel Dating Sites Actually Work?

Yes, travel dating sites work for real. They have made tours and journeys more fun, entertaining, exotic, and memorable. Travel dating connects two souls who fall in love with each other while traveling and makes a perfect match that lasts forever. Can one ask for more?

It is the right platform for single voyagers looking for a lover for dating and traveling who can make their tours memorable.

Are Members of Travel Dating Portals Real?

Yes, members on travel dating sites are real. Only verified users can register there. Verification is not easy, and not every person is allowed to get in. People have to provide their personal information, answer security and privacy questions, and add more details about their identity to prove that they are real.

Once users submit everything required, the profile is sent to the authorities to check whether it is real or fake. If it looks okay, they approve it, and the user gets verification mail or notification of becoming a member of the site.

What About Security on Travel Dating Sites?

Going on vacation with someone you have never met earlier sounds ticklish. Some people still think it is not a safe experience. Dispel your doubts because it is a great way to make new acquaintances while exploring the world.

Every platform has its privacy and security concerns. The policies assure that users registering are real. The administration verifies each account so that no fakers can join. People can communicate via video chats and chatrooms to get to know better about their traveling partners.

For your safety and security, always make sure that someone (your friend, guardian, parents, or siblings) are aware of where you are and who accompanies you so that they can track you and help you if anything bad happens.


To conclude, tours and vacations always leave fun and pleasant memories that last forever. Travel dating sites ensure that you have endless fun and entertainment during your travels. The idea of connecting two strangers to accompany each other while globetrotting and build a strong relationship has made a huge success.

Make your tour journeys unforgettable so that you can cherish your memories throughout your life. Search for partners, go for casual dates, and build relations. Connect with people and plan the next travel dating tour together. Meet locals to explore unique and popular destination spots.

It is simple and crazy. Sign up and create profiles. You are free to enjoy advanced features that facilitate user interaction. Find the next destination and arrange an exotic destination tour to experience new feelings with someone special.

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