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Pet Dating Sites – How Does It Work?

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Some about Pet Dating Sites

These days the online dating market offers various services, and pet dating sites also exist. The industry is so diverse, and you can come across surprising dating platforms. At the same time, humans are different, so it is not possible that everyone wants and likes the same thing. While some people have fetishes and kinks, others loved their pets so much that they want a person who would share their love for pets. 

What Are Pet Dating Sites?

They happen to be dating sites for pet lovers, and it means that numerous members have at least one thing in common – they love animals. The thing is that regular dating services such as or Plenty of Fish may not be suitable for people who have pets. They can meet many people they have a lot of things in common, except for one – their potential partners may not like animals. Thus, it is hard to find a perfect partner who is also compatible with your pet.

Consequently, pet dating sites are an excellent solution to the problem in this case. However, it is still important to choose the best dating platform possible because there are many online services on the market, and some of them are not worthy. That is why this article should be extremely useful if you want to find your soul mate. 

How to Do Pet Dating?

Overall, looking for an ideal partner on pet-friendly dating sites is similar to seeking potential partners on other kinds of dating services. At the same time, there are several helpful tips for you if you choose such websites:

  1. Be clear about your pet devotion. There is no need to hide your love for animals from your potential partners, especially if you are searching for someone who will share it. Thus, you should upload at least one photo in your profile of you hanging out with your pet. You should also include your interest in your bio.
  2. Scope out your date. These days, there is no shame in looking through a person`s dating profile or his or her pictures on social media. Furthermore, you should look for signs that your potential match is cool with pets.
  3. Share photos, but do not go overboard right away. Being fond of your pet, you may find it hard to resist swiping through your phone to show pictures of it. While there is nothing wrong with being proud of the animal, you should let other members of pet lovers dating sites that you have other interests.
  4. Show interest in their pets. Another important thing you should do is to ask others about their pets. See pictures and let them know how cute their animals are.
  5. Let your pets meet. If you find a person you like and believe that you can be together, you should meet with your pets. The thing is that it is essential for animals to have their own introductions.

Which People Are Found on Pet Dating Sites?

Using pet dating sites, you will get acquainted with people who either already have a pet or have none but want to date someone who has it. There are even pet rescue dating sites where like-minded people communicate. The bigger part of pet dating sites` members is looking for serious relationships. The thing is that when it comes to hookups, it is not important whether your partner likes your pet or not. Hence, if you want casual dating, you should go for a different kind of dating platform. 

People have always loved their pets. Centuries ago, when there were cameras, they even had them painted. Things are not hugely different these days, as people still adore the animals they have. Moreover, they can use pet dating sites to find a soul mate who will fall in love with their pets as well. That is why the popularity of these online dating services is increasing. 

Stats at Pet Dating Sites

Pet lovers dating sites can be different in terms of the provided services` quality. That is why there can be a different number of users, but most of them have thousands of members. You should be at least 18 years old, and you can find people that belong to various age ranges. The bigger part of users, though, is usually from 25 to 34 years old. When it comes to gender, there are usually as many female members as the male ones. 

The Main Advantages of Pet Dating Sites

Any online dating service has its own strengths and weaknesses, which is a common thing for any website. When it comes to pet dating sites, there are the following advantages:

  • You will meet like-minded people. When you sign up for such a dating platform, you can be sure that you will interact with members who adore animals as much as you do. Hence, it will be easier for you to meet an ideal partner;
  • You will have many options. Dating websites tend to have thousands of users, which means that you will have many potential partners. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the best match;
  • You can find someone in a short period. Pet dating sites will save a lot of time because you are free to learn some information about others on their profiles. In this case, you can understand whether you are compatible before you start interacting;
  • Dating services are responsible for the matching process. Many dating websites choose the best matches according to your preferences. It means that you will receive suggestions knowing that these pet dating sites` users are already suitable, and you can start communicating with the one you like more;
  • You can stop communicating whenever you want. If you start interacting with a member, it does not mean that you are obliged to meet. Thus, you can stop communicating with a person at any time, and he or she will never reach you.

Where to Find Pet Lovers?

If you want to find pet lovers, you can go to a park and meet a lot of people walking with their pets. At the same time, you cannot be sure whether they are ready to get acquainted with a relationship. Besides, there are animals they do not usually go for a walk with, such as cats. Consequently, it is better to use pet dating sites and applications if you want to date someone who loves animals. The good part is that there are many online dating services that cater to this kind of audience, and you can choose to use any of them. 

How to Choose the Best Pet dating Sites?

Choosing a reliable online dating service happens to be a significant aspect of dating; consequently, you need to consider the following things:

  1. It must be one of the safest pet dating sites.
  2. It should be a reliable and reputable dating platform.
  3. The chosen dating website should have many users.
  4. There must be a few or no fake profiles.
  5. It should be easy to use and navigate.
  6. The dating platform should have many features that are to be well-organized.
  7. It should be affordable if it is a paid online dating service.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Pet Lovers?

Even if you consider the mentioned above things, you may still be confused about which dating website to choose. For this purpose, you can check the pet dating sites` reviews on the internet. These days, there are many articles that offer lists of the best dating platforms, and there are usually brief descriptions of the services they offer. Thanks to this, you will get to know what a dating website is about before you get registered. 

The Best Pet Dating Sites for a Wild Time

You can choose one of these pet dating sites:

  1. Dig. It happens to be an application that caters to dog lovers, which was launched in 2016. The online service is developed for people that believe that love for their dogs is a top priority. The mobile application operates just like any other dating app where you need to create a profile. You will also be receiving potential matches in accordance with the information you submit. At the same time, you are free to decide whether you want to date members who currently have dogs or desire to get one. Note that the dating website will provide you with five matches, and you can specify if you “really dig” them, “dig” them or “pass” them. Another great part about this dating platform is that you can get the first date ideas, along with the dog-friendly locations feature. Thus, the application will show you and your potential partner parks, bars, museums, and restaurants nearby that allow pets to tag along. 
  2. It happens to be one of the pet dating sites that cater to people who adore cats. The online service also operates like many other websites, so you will easily find like-minded people in your area. Using it, you can search and browse profiles and photos added by others. The dating platform allows members to send private messages and flirts. The great news is that this platform offers live video chat rooms, which is just perfect to see your potential match before you meet in real life. Another good part about the online service is that it welcomes all kinds of sexual preferences. It implies that you can meet straight, gay, and lesbian cat lovers with the help of the dating platform. The registration process is easy and fast, which means that you will quickly understand how to join the community. Unfortunately, there is no mobile application, but you can always access the website via the mobile version.
  3. Tindog. Everybody knows Tinder, but not so many people know that there is Tinder for dogs. The number of those who have dogs is growing, so the creators decided to launch an application for these individuals. Just like many other pet dating sites, this app requires its users to create a profile. You will need to submit some information about you, but the bigger part of the details should be about your pet. The distinguishing part about Tindog is that you can use it to find friendly dogs for your dog to play with. At the same time, you can utilize the mobile application to meet other single people, and it may lead to long-term relationships. The app also has the swipe-right-or-left feature to match with other dog lovers and their pets in your area. If there is a match, you can interact in a private chat and meet up for a dog-friendly date after some time. 
  4. This online dating service happens to be one of the free pet dating sites. It means that you need to pay nothing to access all its features. The registration process is extremely easy, and you will need to submit your preferred username, password, date of birth, gender, and country. It is also necessary to upload a profile photo, which is a common thing for dating platforms. You can edit the profile information later, and you are free to delete it whenever you want. The dating website is also secure, while you can remain anonymous. The thing is that it is not obligatory to say your real name. The dating platform happens to be based in the United Kingdom; consequently, its members come from Wales, England, Ireland, and Scotland. However, the website is diverse, as its customers vary in terms of ages and backgrounds. There is also great customer support that can help you when you need assistance. 
  5. service welcomes individuals with straight, lesbian, and gay sexual orientation. It is one of the pet dating sites that have existed long enough to become reliable because it was founded in 2015. It implies that it has been on the market for 15 years so far. Using it, you will not see adult images, though. The online service offers a basic search, while there is an advanced search, which is available to premium members. There are no free trial plans, but you can get a premium plan for one or six months. Consider that you will not be able to access the bigger part of the features until you purchase a subscription. When it comes to the registration process, it is not lengthy. The thing is that there are only nine fields that you need to complete. There is also no mobile application, but you can always make use of an optimized mobile version. 

Do Pet Friendly Dating Sites Actually Work?

Although some people believe that it is not possible to find something worthy of pet dating sites, there are numerous positive reviews. It means that this kind of dating website does work, and members manage to find like-minded people. Thus, they can find someone they can be friends with, or they can date with. Consequently, you need to choose a reliable online service, which will help you find an ideal match.

Are Members on Pet Dating Sites Real?

All the dating websites have the same problem, which is scammers and fake profiles. Even though most pet dating sites check their users all the time, there are usually a few accounts that are not genuine. At the same time, the number of such profiles is not significant if there is a strict verification process. Besides, you can always block and report others in the case of suspicious behavior. 

What About Security on Pet Dating Sites

Security is crucial when it comes to online dating services because members must provide their personal and financial details. Consequently, there should be no third parties involved. Thus, the best pet dating sites make use of SSL encryption. There may also be more security measures, and you can always find out more information on the official website. You can contact customer support to learn more about it as well. 


Pets have always been a significant part of some people`s lives. That is why there is nothing surprising that there are dating sites for pet lovers. Furthermore, dating people who have no pets or do not like animals can be impossible. Hence, they prefer using such online services to find their soul mates. These dating platforms are not different from other websites on the market, so everyone can learn how to use them quickly. These online services have also proved themselves to be efficient because there are many success stories shared by their members. That is why you should choose one of the best pet dating sites and start looking for an ideal match. 

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