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Music Dating: Top Services You Can Find Online

GOOD FOR people with similar musical tastes
GOOD FOR flirting and finding a partner

Best Music Dating sites

  1. Good for meeting Christian singles ChristianCafe
  2. Good for transsexuals TS-Dating
  3. Good for swingers SwingLifestyle
  4. Good for teenagers who want to flirt and communicate OurteenNetwork
  5. Good for finding black partners SoulSingles
  6. Good for chatting with strangers from all over the world Omegle
  7. Good for those who prefer older women Milfaholic
  8. Good for flirting and long-lasting relationships CheekyLovers
  9. Good for communicating, flirting, and finding a partner Tinder
  10. Good for finding a Thai partner ThaiCupid

Some about Music Dating

In the 21st century, music dating allows musicians and music enthusiasts to find partners and soul mates who share the same music taste. Finding such a perfect match is a huge issue, especially for musicians, since they devote all their life to music and need their partners to be as passionate about music as they are.

However, nowadays, finding a music enthusiast partner isn’t an issue anymore due to music dating platforms. After creating an account on a dating site for music lovers, users receive match recommendations immediately. These suggestions are based on users’ musical tastes, which increases the accuracy of matches.

What are Music Dating Sites?

Music dating sites are platforms where users meet like-minded people, music lovers, and enthusiasts. These websites aren’t “pure dating” platforms. They are intended for social networking where people can meet their ideal matches and make friends, form bands, cooperate, create songs and compose music together, etc. After getting registered on a dating site for music lovers, users can share their works such as videos and songs for other people to listen to them, make comments, or rate.

How to Do Music Dating?

For using a music dating site or app, you should, first of all, create an account. Most websites and applications offer a quick sign-up option with Facebook, which takes 10-30 seconds. After registration, it’s recommended to edit the profile and complete the missing information by filling in the corresponding fields. For some platforms, email and identity verifications are mandatory, so make sure to undergo these procedures.

After providing the required information, you can explore the music dating app or website, get familiar with its features, and start using them. At some point, you’ll encounter locked functions. The problem is that some online dating platforms suggest most of their functions for free but for accessing all features, users have to upgrade their accounts by purchasing a premium subscription plan.

What People Can You Find on Music Dating Platforms?

Music is free of language, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or other prejudices. It has no owner, but at the same time, it belongs to everyone. Music unites millions of people worldwide. The love for a song, a singer, or a band makes people soul mates. These are the same people that join music dating platforms with the hope of finding a person who is as passionate about music as they are. You can find Americans, Canadians, English, Italian people, or music enthusiasts with Asian, African, or Latin American heritage. Skin color doesn’t matter unless you can talk about the Beatles for hours or quote Adele or Cardi B. As for gender, of course, you cannot date another man who likes Eminem if you’re a straight man, but nothing prohibits you from being friends.

The proverb “Time is money” means that time is too valuable to waste it on worthless things. The reason why niche music dating sites are so popular refers to the idea of not wasting precious time on useless platforms. Overall, there are three common reasons why music dating is so popular now.

  • The matchmaking algorithm of music dating apps matches users according to their music tastes. Unlike other online dating platforms, music dating sites prefer criteria like favorite music genre, favorite group or singer, song, etc.
  • Music dating sites are social media platforms that allow networking, sending music to each other, discussing interesting topics, listening to other users’ songs, and making friends.
  • Most users are musicians, singers, and composers interested in dating/connecting with other musicians only; hence, music dating apps and sites are their best choice.

Stats at Music Dating Platforms

The member base size, user location, gender proportion, age distribution, and other demographic characteristics of music dating platforms varies depending on the site. There are small platforms with only a few thousand members, and there are some platforms the user number of which exceeds a million.

The majority of users are from the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, particularly from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, etc. There are also users from other countries of the world, but as a rule, their percentage is too small.

Usually, the gender proportion of music dating platforms is imbalanced. For example, the percentage of men on the Tastebuds music dating app is 64%, and women occupy the remaining 36%. Both for male and female users, the eligibility age is 18. The outstanding share of users – 42% are young people aged between 25 and 34 years old. Second place by size takes the 18-24 age group with about 20-25%. The number of users belonging to other age categories is gradually decreasing. So, the share of senior members over 55 years old is 5% at the maximum.

As for users’ sexual orientation, all music dating platforms are open-minded and don’t impose restrictions on users’ sexual orientations. During the registration, users are free to specify their sex and mention the gender of the people they expect to connect.

The Main Advantages of Music Dating

Let’s say that you are a music enthusiast who would like to find love, but you don’t understand why you should choose niche music dating app. Here are some excellent arguments and advantages of music dating:

  • After creating an account on a dating app based on music, you can be sure that everyone on that platform is passionate about music.
  • You always have a topic to discuss. The matchmaking algorithm of music dating platforms connects users with those who have the same taste in music. Hence, you don’t have to worry about finding icebreaking questions or discussing topics equally attractive to both of you.
  • A second opinion about the music you create: since music dating platforms connect musicians, singers, and people who love music, you can always ask them for an opinion on a song composed or sung by you. You can make improvements based on their comments.
  • Opportunities for cooperation. Music dating sites and apps are more like social networking platforms that encourage dating and friendly relationships. For example, a band looking for a drummer or a lead singer searching for backing vocalists can come across your profile and suggest you join them.

Where to Find a Music Dating App?

There are two reliable options for how and where users can find music dating apps and websites. The most straightforward way is searching on Google. For a successful search, choose correct keywords and keyword phrases like “best music dating sites in 2021”, “most popular music dating apps,” etc.

The second option is reading review articles where authors make a general overview of the platform, describe its demographics, special features, how to get registered and create quality profiles, etc. Pay special attention to the “Pros & Cons” section to learn about the dating site’s advantages and disadvantages for music lovers.

How to Choose the Best Music Dating App?

The variety of online dating platforms is so large that users get lost and confused and cannot orientate which app or website to choose. That’s why users need some criteria or guidelines by which they can navigate.

  • General vs. niche dating sites. Before starting your research, decide on what kind of platform you want to join. Usually, general websites have millions of users globally and do not necessarily concentrate on music dating only. Niche dating sites are more targeted and connect people interested in music.
  • Read user reviews. The way you read customer reviews when you buy a phone, a bicycle, or a bag, the same way you should read user reviews about music dating platforms. Pay attention to both positive and negative opinions, which will show you the real value of the application or website and help you make the right decision.
  • Paid vs. free platforms. Before signing up on a particular music dating site, you should find out whether it’s free or paid, which features are included in the basic version and which ones are available only for premium accounts. If key functions like messaging are unlocked for premium users only then, you should decide whether you are ready to upgrade your account or no.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Music Dating?

Nowadays, the Internet is full of hundreds of online dating platforms – both websites and apps that guarantee meaningful communication and successful matchmaking. Like, OkCupid, and EliteSingles, some are general dating platforms with millions of users globally. However, instead of a general website, it’s reasonable to join a niche music dating site with a targeted audience of musicians, music lovers, and enthusiasts. Radiate, Tastebuds, Techno Dating, Vampr, Mix’d and CLiKD are among the most famous music dating platforms. The fascinating thing about these apps and sites is that they aren’t exceptionally dating platforms. They also contain features of social networking sites where users can share music and discuss it in forums. Hence, people join these platforms to find a date and friends and like-minded people who share their love of music, play a specific instrument, or sing songs.

The Best Music Dating App for a Wild Time


Tastebuds is popular music dating app created in 2010 in London. Tastebuds isn’t just an online dating platform that matches singles according to their ages, location, gender, and other personal characteristics. This music dating platform connects men and women who want to make new friends and find their significant others that share the same taste in music. Registration on the music dating site takes up to two minutes due to the availability of quick sign-up with Facebook option. After creating an account, users should complete their profile by providing detailed information on their favorite singers, bands, songs, etc. It’s particularly crucial because Tastebuds’ matchmaking system matches people relying on the compatibility of their taste in music.

Besides a website, the platform also has a music dating app launched by Tastebuds Media Ltd. in 2018. Unfortunately, the application is compatible with iOS devices only, but developers will hopefully introduce the Android version. The Tastebuds dating app based on music can be downloaded from the Apple App Store entirely free of charge. The customer satisfaction score – 4.2 stars prove that Tastebuds is genuinely a successful platform for musicians and those in love with music.


Here is another fantastic music dating app for music enthusiasts. The application functions just like Tinder – users should swipe left or right for rejecting or accepting the match recommendation. However, unlike Tinder, the Vamper users can also swipe up to see the profile again later and tap the photo to open the profile and learn more. As you could notice, Vampr is more like a social networking platform where musicians and music lovers can connect and share their ideas on music.

Users’ journey with Vampr begins with creating an account. Those impatient about finally getting started can choose to sign up with Facebook and create a profile within seconds. Like in all online dating and social networking platforms, the first step after registration is the profile completion. Here, users should pay close attention to the “What are you looking for” field where they have various choices – backing singer, band, bassist, blogger, DJ, guitar tech, etc. Due to YouTube and SoundCloud integration, users can also mention their accounts and allow other Vampr members to check their videos and songs on these platforms.


CLiKD is a social networking and online dating site for music lovers from the United Kingdom. This music dating platform’s mission is to help single men and women make real and meaningful connections with people who share their passions, interests, and music taste. CLiKD aims to change the world of online dating, which offers only lengthy meaningless chatting. Instead, CLiKD focuses on people’s personalities allowing users to create photo tests. For example, you can add a photo of a couple climbing a mountain or having dinner at a restaurant with a question “What does a perfect weekend look like”? The other user’s answer will inform you whether you have the same interest and tastes or no. Based on the test results, you can decide whether you want to connect with that person or no.

Though CLiKD has a music dating site, it has an informative purpose solely. Users have to download the CLiKD the music dating app compatible with Android and iOS devices for accessing the platform. Besides basic features, the platform also offers four packages – one, three, six months subscriptions, and a lifetime membership. Payments for purchasing CLiKD Premium are charged to the credit card attached to users’ Google Play and iTunes accounts.

Do Music Dating Apps Actually Work?

Many music dating apps and websites have pages for success stories. You can read many heart-melting testimonies of how that dating app based on music helped the couple find each other. Those who doubt these stories’ authenticity can search for customer reviews and read unbiased opinions about the platform’s functionality and work efficiency.

Are Members on Music Dating Sites Real?

Usually, people like to share their experiences, especially the bad ones. The best way to find out whether there are fake accounts on that music dating app or site is by searching for customer reviews and reading them. But if you haven’t done it beforehand, be careful. Follow the safety rules such as never sharing your personal information with anyone, don’t click any link in a private message, and don’t send money to anyone. By following these instructions, you’ll stay safe.

What about Security on Music Dating Sites

Some platforms have strict email, photo, and profile verification procedures that prohibit fake users, bots, and spammers from registration. Some music dating sites conduct regular scans of profiles to discover and ban fake accounts. And finally, several music dating apps claim to use anti-fraud detection systems that discover suspicious profiles and protect other users’ data.

Users, on the other hand, can take additional precautionary actions by blocking and reporting suspicious profiles. That way, the music dating app’s administration can investigate the profile’s behavior and remove it if proved to be a fake one.


Music dating websites and applications are perfect platforms where musicians and music enthusiasts can meet like-minded people, make friends, and find love. Unlike most online dating platforms, music dating sites’ matchmaking system is based on users’ music tastes and preferences. Like music has no race, religion, and gender, music dating apps don’t impose limitations based on users’ ethnicity, religious or sexual orientation, etc. So, no matter where you are from, how old you are, and your nationality, join music dating app to explore the world of music with a friend or a partner.

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