420 Dating: Dating Platforms That Really Work

GOOD FOR people who search for perfect partners

Best 420 Dating sites

  1. Good for searching a perfect match Apex
  2. Good for furries Ferzu
  3. Good for finding a Thai partner ThaiCupid
  4. Good for chatting and meeting new people Minichat
  5. Good for beard suitors Bristlr
  6. Good for swingers who want to have fun Adultspace
  7. Good for finding an ideal partner Match
  8. Good for swingers SwingLifestyle
  9. Good for black and white people who are in search of relationships Afroromance
  10. Good for hookups and having fun OutPersonals

Some about 420 Dating

Have you ever heard about 420 dating sites? There are hundreds of different dating platforms today. More and more popular become so-called niche dating sites. They differ from usual mainstream dating sites because they focus on users’ specific interests, preferences, and lifestyles. Among them, you will face dating sites for people who are willing to date bearded men or those who like bacon, for Disney’s fans, and many others.

420 dating sites are designed exclusively for those people who cannot imagine their lives without smoking weed. Actually, these sites allow you to feel a quiet and easy atmosphere.

What are 420 Dating Sites?

When you join a dating website, and on someone’s profile, you see “420 friendly,” it usually refers to recreational marijuana use and means that it is comfortable for this person if you smoke weed, too.

420 dating sites were created to connect marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. In fact, there are millions of cannabis lovers around the globe. Only in the United States, there are more than 30 million stoners. That is the reason why 420 friendly dating sites gain popularity now.

How to do 420 Dating?

If you are an experienced user of the dating websites, you won’t notice fundamental differences between 420 dating sites and usual mainstream ones. Like most dating platforms, this category of dating platforms firstly offers you to join the community. You have to create a profile, upload a picture, fill out the questionnaire about yourself and your ideal partner. Then you should pay a fee for a subscription in case it is a paid website. After that, you can start to receive matches, message with other users you are interested in, send flirts, etc.

Most searching algorithms are based on several criteria: age, gender, sexual preferences, location.

Which are people find 420 Dating?

Despite popular belief, 420 dating sites are not crowded with outcasts and misfits. Conversely, on such platforms, you will meet hundreds of interesting creative individuals. There are many musicians, artists, photographers, writers, travelers using 420 dating sites. Most of them seem to be pretty young. Nevertheless, be sure you will meet older people as well.

People who like to smoke a joint or two after a hard working day or prefer to spend all their leisure time smoking pot are usually easy-going and open-minded individuals.

A tolerant attitude to marijuana is a very important factor for most stoners when choosing their ideal partner. No doubt, long-lasting friendships, as well as serious romantic relationships, have to base on shared interests, mutual preferences, similar beliefs, and goals. Is it comfortable for someone to have a partner who disapproves of your lifestyle? Many stoners prefer to look for their dearies on 420 dating sites to avoid such a misunderstanding with another person. When you join such a community, you are already sure that no one will blame you for your passion. There is no more dilemma for you whether to share such information about yourself with other members of the dating site or not.

Stats at 420 Dating

According to different researches, 1 of 5 relationships begins online today. Dating sites have become a start for many happy couples, strong friendships, and long-lasting relationships. 420 dating sites are not an exception. Statistics show us that these dating platforms allow people with mutual interests to connect from all over the planet.

The ratio of men and women on 420 friendly dating sites is approximately the same. Most of them are young people who are looking for partners to have fun, to smoke weed. Some are also willing to find their perfect match for romantic relations and even create a family.

The main advantages of 420 Dating

As is well known, there are still many stigmas and stereotyping about cannabis smoking out there. If you want to share your interests with a partner, you shouldn’t be afraid of condemnation. Most members of 420 dating sites are open-minded, unprejudiced, and cheerful individuals who will obviously support you.

Where to find an 420 Dating?

Plenty of dating sites are appearing every year. How to choose the right one? Firstly, you need to decide what exactly you are looking for. If finding a partner or a friend to smash with is your strong desire, you should pay attention to 420 dating apps and sites. Many of them are quite popular, so there is no problem to find them and join in.

How to choose the best 420 Dating?

Before you sign in to a certain 420 dating community, make sure its member base is big enough. Otherwise, there is a risk that you won’t meet a match in your area.

One more important thing to consider is data security. There are absolutely free 420 dating sites along with paid ones. The free subscription on a dating site seems to be quite an attractive offer. Though, when choosing between paid and free dating sites, it is better to give preference to paid ones, as they can guarantee more security of your data, and usually, they contain a fewer number of fake profiles.

Usually, dating sites reviews contain all the necessary information to make the right choice.

What’s the best dating app or website for 420 Dating?

If you doubt what exactly 420 dating apps or websites are worth joining, you may study different reviews and researches of more experienced users.

Moreover, it will be useful to decide whether you are looking for a romantic relationship or just for hookups. Or, maybe you want to find a soulmate to smoke some joints together.

There are dating services that have not very large member bases and offer their members such additional features as forums, blogs, chatrooms, news, etc. These sites are the perfect choice for those who are looking for communication with like-minded people to share.

Other dating platforms vice versa have quite a big member base and have a goal to connect soulmates into couples.

The Best 420 Dating for a Wild Time?

While pastime with joint or bong gains popularity in the whole world, the dating sites don’t lag behind. Some mainstream dating platforms are considered to be 420 friendly dating sites and those websites that were designed exclusively for stoners.


My420Mate is one of the most popular 420 friendly dating sites. It was launched in the year 2010 exclusively for people whose passion is smoking weed. This website has a large member base, and there are always online users. It is welcoming for all individuals, regardless of their age, gender, and sexual preferences.

It will not cost anything to create a profile on My420Mate. However, you will be offered to buy a premium account to accept all features possible, like messaging, video chats, etc.

My420Mate offers its users not only a website version but also an application for iOS platforms, which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes. In addition, there is also an app for Android, which you can download from Google Play Store.

This website has a simple and attractive design and is quite plain to use. The basic search uses such criteria as gender, age, with photo only and online now.


StonerSingles is one more popular 420 dating site. It was created by stoners for stoners. It has a big and welcoming membership. The creators of this dating site are sure that there is no need to hide the fact you like to smoke marijuana. For this reason, they have designed a 420 friendly dating platform with an enjoyable atmosphere. StonerSingles welcomes everyone with straight, lesbian, or gay orientation.

Along with usual dating sites features, you will have a possibility to enter forums and chatrooms, look for interesting stoner events in your area, play fun games, etc.

It is a nice space to meet your stoner match.

The site is easy to navigate, and all the features are clear and available. Unluckily, the site still doesn’t provide its members with an application. Though, the popularity of this 420 dating site is increasing, so an app is likely to be launched along with the website.


420Singles is a dating platform that is also popular among those who enjoy smoking joints. It provides a large number of users, so you are likely to find your soulmate here. In contrast to other datings, there are a lot of interesting questions you are to answer while filling out your profile. It is also a dating site designed specifically for marijuana enthusiasts. On this dating platform, you will not face any censure. 420Singles is a safe and friendly space where you can find your soulmates, friends, or dearies to have fun or smash with.

420Singles offers its users an application both for Android and iOS platforms in addition to the website version.

This site has a clear and lovely interface and is simple to navigate. You should not pay anything for the registration. After you sign in, you may join chatrooms and share your thoughts with other members about the legalization of marijuana, ways of use, and other things and events related to this community.


HighThere! is a well-known cannabis-friendly dating site that resembles rather a social network than a dating platform. It has a modern and user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate. What is more, it has quick content loading, so you will not spend a long time waiting if the Internet connection is poor in your area.

HighThere! has a large base of members looking for serious relationships, long-lasting friendships, or just hookups. Most users seem to be pretty young, and it is not surprising while the platform is based around smoking weed. Moreover, this 420 dating site has a blog with several sections: Culture, Education, Medical. In each section, there is an unnumerous amount of articles related to cannabis and useful dating advice.

Just like Tinder, this dating site offers to swipe right and left to like or unlike other members. HighThere! is fun and easy to use, and it gives you a possibility to connect to other canna-enthusiast from around the world.


Date420Friendly is well-loved by cannabis enthusiasts for having a welcoming environment for their lifestyle and ways of spending their leisure time. Here you can feel at home because you have at least one thing in common with each member. You can enjoy communication with those who share your interests, playing fun games, share your thoughts, and look for relationships and friendships based on similar preferences.

The registration is free, but to access all the features of this platform, you should buy a premium account. Unfortunately, Date420Friendly doesn’t provide its users an application, so you may use only a website version.

Match is one of the most popular mainstream dating sites well-loved for having a great number of members. Its member base counts more than 30 million users, and most of them are active.

In contrast to 420 dating sites, it is not designed exclusively for stoner singles, but due to its searching algorithms, you are likely to meet your soulmates here. allows you to get super specific about yourself and your ideal partner.

It has a pretty clean interface and many useful features. is a paid dating site. You will not get access to many features without buying a subscription. However, there are certain advantages of paid subscription: less amount of fake accounts.

This platform is known for being a 420 friendly dating site with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone despite age, gender, and so on.

Along with the website version, has an application for iOS and Android platforms.

Do 420 Dating actually work?

The first 420 dating sites were launched more than 15 years ago. From that time, hundreds of happy couples have already shared their success stories with other users. Most dating sites have such a section as “Success stories” where you can get acquainted with the most interesting stories and make sure that these services actually work.

Are members on 420 Dating Real?

Most users of 420 dating sites are real people who are looking for their love, friendship, or just for fun. Some of them joined the community just to find a soulmate to have a good time together, smoking marijuana and talking about their worldviews.

Unluckily, none of us is 100% protected from fraud. Though there are things that can help minimize contacts with fake profiles.

What about security on 420 Dating?

There are some paid 420 dating sites, while others are free of charge. When you choose between paid and free dating sites, it is reasonable to give preference to paid ones because they can guarantee more security of your data. And besides, they usually contain less number of fake profiles.

Moreover, you should take care of your personal data by yourself: 420 dating sites, as well as the other dating services, can have some fake profiles. Unfortunately, no one is immune from fraud, so you do your best to disclose your financial data and other personal information until you understand that you can trust your partner.


There are numerous dating sites nowadays. You may even feel overwhelmed when visiting mainstream platforms with plenty of members. Fortunately, there are niche dating services that make the process of choosing much easier. When you are sure to be ready for new relationships with someone who likes smoking weed just like you, 420 dating sites are at your service!

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